I looked at him, ever since he came along it was horrible to be on my own. I had Ridley in my arms, she had fallen asleep in the car, he looked at me and carefully took her out of my arms.
"I had it."
"I know. I just wanted to put her to bed." I nodded. Like I said he was amazing, he had changed everything. He took Ridley up to her room and put her to bed. I sat on the couch, he cared so much for Ridley, but she wasn't even his. He knew this, but he still cared for her like she was.
"She's in bed. Still fast asleep." I nodded
"Thank you." he sat next to me on the couch.
"No problem, she's a sweetheart." I laughed
"She really is."
"It's a shame her father was a- I better be going."
"I know what you were going to say. I know it's a shame. Wanna know why I kept her?"
"There isn't a reason i can see to why you wouldn't." he replied.
"I kept her because I love her. Even if her father was a piece of shit. I love her, and I can see you care for her too."
"She's adorable. It's amazing how someone so innocent and pure can come from a monster like him."
"Well we don't have to worry about him. He's behind bars and doesn't even know he has a child."
"What happens when they release him?"
"I don't think they will. " I whispered. The only reason I have a little girl at the age of 21 is because when I was I7 was raped. Her father is a murderer, a criminal, a rapist. When my foster parents found out they we're enraged. They fought to see justice, but when I told them I was pregnant, they wanted to get rid of the child. I wouldn't let them, it was wrong to get rid of her, even if her father was a murderer she should still have a chance to live. It's not fun walking around your high school pregnant, you get looks. I was never one for attention, so I defiantly didn't like the attention I had gotten. My friends left me, I was utterly alone. It was some time into my pregnancy when Alexander came along. He was in a few of my classes, he was one of those guys who was always with the pretty girls and the football and basketball teams. He was a star basketball player and on the football team. He had no reason to help me, but he did. It's hard for a 6 month pregnant teen to pick her notebooks up off the floor after someone knocks them over. He came over to me and picked up my notebooks and handed them to me. He looked me in the eyes as he asked if I was ok. I nodded, he was in school with me when I was younger. He moved away in 4th grade and came back sophomore year. I didn't know him much in elementary school, when he came back sophomore year looked like he didn't know me much in elementary school either.
"You're Kim Thompson right?"
"I knew you looked familiar. It's Alexander Whrite. We were in elementary together." I gave a small smile
"Ya, I remember that."
"Do you need any help, getting to your next class I mean."
"I don't need any help but you're welcome to come along if you'd like."
"Ya sure, here let me carry that." he took my binder and text book from me and carried it.
"No problem. Hey can I ask you something?" I hesitated.
"It might seem insensitive. I never pegged you as one of those girls who'd get pregnant at 16. I always thought you had a mind of your own. You're smart. How'd you end up pregnant? Well I mean I know how it happens I mean like-"
"I know what you mean. 1. I'm 17 2. I'm not a slut, if that's what you're thinking. And 3. I was... I was, I was taken hostage if that's the right word I'm looking for. Not really though, um, I was kidnapped by a serial killer." I couldn't finish my sentences, I kept flashing back.
"Kim, were you raped?" I bit my lip and nodded
"Ya, I'm just lucky the police came when they did. Within the next 5 minutes or so I would've- I wouldn't be here now."
"I'm sorry I asked, that was stupid of me."
"At least you know the truth. Everyone else just thinks I'm a slut."
"I don't think they-"
"I'm not an idiot, I hear what they whisper when I walk past. My class is just around the corner."
"Is it really that bad? I know."
"Ya, it's terrible, the things they say. How do you know what class I have next?"
"We have the same class this period."
"Oh, right."
His next words brought me back from my memories.