Kim's side.

It was a week, maybe two before they finally called me back. They wanted me to go in in a few days to get the gist of things. Then they would give me my schedule. I had the bag of trash in hand walking out of the house. I saw Alex get out of a blondes car, I had a pain in my chest. I was feeling... Jealous. For a reason I didn't really know. He leaned into her window when I saw them kiss. There was that pain again. I threw the trash in the garbage bin walked back inside and slammed the door. He had a key, I know he did. So he could get in the house when I couldn't answer the door for an odd reason. I heard the door open as I put a trash bag in the now empty trash can.

"Kim are you ok?" I guess he heard all the banging and crashing noises I was making in the kitchen.

"Peachy." I grumbled through clenched teeth.

"What's wrong you seem mad."

"Nothing's wrong. I'd just like to know who you're gunna be with when you come over here."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean I'd would like to know who you're going out with for the sake of my 4 year old. You know my child who thinks of you as a father!"

"What are you talking about? I'm not going out with anyone!"

"Really is that what you would tell Ridley if she saw you kissing a blonde outside the house! What would I tell her then? You know the little girl who questions everything and thinks you should be her father! What do I tell her when she asks why you leave us for someone else? Alex what will she think?!"

"Is this really about Ridley or is it about you?"

"What's that suppose to mean?!"

"It means you can't spy on me through the window!"

"I wasn't! I was taking out the trash! Obviously I took out the wrong trash!" I shouted. That pain in my chest hurt more. I didn't understand why.

"Maybe you should stop and think before you accuse! You should know who the blonde in the car was considering she was your friend from elementary school! I wouldn't know what happened to make you forget her! Or are you gunna blame me for that too!" we were both yelling at each other now.

"Why should I blame you for kissing her? Obviously you didn't mind, even if your- my daughter was in the house!"

"Mommy. Why are you and daddy yelling?" I froze for a minute, she had heard. Well we weren't exactly quiet.

"It's a grown up problem baby. Here let me tuck you into bed." I picked her up and headed towards the stairs.

"I'm not through talking to you Alex" I shot over my shoulder. I set her down in her bed and kissed her forehead.

"Mommy why are you and daddy yelling?"

"It's a problem between me and Alex ok baby."

"Don't you love Alex mommy?" she grabbed my left hand looking for a ring. She frowned, what was she frowning about? She shouldn't think Alex gave me a ring. Unless he'd told her something. I dismissed the thought, I'm still mad at him.

"Of course I love Alex, I always loved Alex. But Alex and I are fighting, sometimes that happens. Sometimes grown ups fight."

"Everything will be better. Right mommy?"

"Hopefully baby. Hopefully."

"Goodnight mommy."

"Goodnight baby." I closed her door, and walked back downstairs. He was leaning against the wall, staring out the window.

"Are you going to tell me what happened between you and Rose, and Dominic?"

"Are you going to tell me why you kissed Rose?"

"I think I asked you a question first." he looked at me, hurt in his eyes.

"middle school. Rose left me behind for some girls who had money, and makeup and designer clothes. I didn't wear makeup, and I didn't wear designer clothes. Those girls were mean and thought they had everyone at their fingertips. Except me, and they resented me because I didn't bow down to them. Soon Rose started acting like them, leaving me behind, and she bashed on other girls. Girls who use to be our friends. Dominic, well we never really talked much to begin with, he was more of your friend then mine."

"I never imagined you as one of those girls who make fun of others."

"Because I never was."

"I didn't kiss Rose."

"Looked like you did."

"She kissed me."

"Is there really a difference?"

"I didn't kiss her, and after she kissed me I told her nothing was going to happen between us. I already had someone."






"Sophomore year."




"What about you?"

"when you moved back."




"I asked you first."

"Is Ridley ok?"

"Don't change the subject. Yes she's fine."

"I'm not changing the subject, I'm just curious as to how our- Ridley feels."

"Did you call her 'our' daughter."

"You called her mine earlier."

"She's fine, she just asked why we were fighting."

"What'd you tell her?"

"That sometimes grown ups fight."

"And she accepted that answer?"

"For the most part."

"What do you mean. 'For the most part'?"

"She asked a few questions."

"Like what?"

"Nothing important."

"She asked if you love me, didn't she." I hesitated, that gave him the clue to his answer.


"What did you tell her?"

"Does it matter?"

"A little yes." I heard footsteps and jerked my head in the direction.

"Mommy said yes. That she always love you. Don't fight, please?" he picked her up and she rested on his hip.

"We're not fighting anymore. Everything is fine sweetheart."

"It doesn't sound like you two are doned fighting."

"We are baby." I told her.

"Can I sleep with you and daddy?" he looked at me.

"It's up to Alex. Ok baby?"

"You can if mommy is fine with the extra body heat." I raised an eyebrow.

"Yes you can baby." We headed upstairs, and he placed her in the bed as I went to brush my teeth. He walked in behind me.

"Extra body heat?" I told him.

"In other words. This is the second time we'll be in the same bed instead of two different houses."

"I don't see why you don't move in." I froze, did I really just say that? It just came out, how?

"Excuse me?"

"She obviously thinks you live here already. Why don't you just move in, you practically live here anyway." I couldn't keep my mouth shut.

"When, will this arrangement occur?"

"I don't know." I headed back out and laid next to Ridley. She curled up into my side and sighed.

"I love you mommy."

"I love you too baby." she fell asleep quickly and Alex was passed out as soon as he laid down. It took me maybe an hour to fall asleep.

I was outside my older sisters dorm building. I had just told her goodnight, and was headed to my car to drive home. Michayla was my real sister, they separated us when they sent us to the foster homes. We kept in touch though. I went to open my car door, when I inhaled whatever was placed over my nose. I woke up in a dark room. My body hurt, and I couldn't see straight. All I had on was my tank top and underwear. Where was my jeans, and my rockband T-shirt, and jacket. It was cold, and dark and humid. I heard screaming, and cries of pain. It was always a girls voice, it was haunting and horrible. I saw him head my way and I was knocked out again. It was my turn to scream in pain as he cut my skin. As he grabbed my hair, choked me, and hit me. It was horrible, I woke up screaming. I quickly quieted myself, remembering Ridley and Alex. My breathing was shallow and my heart hammered in my chest. I was sweating, I climbed out of bed and headed for the bathroom. I turned on the shower and waited for the water to warm up. I felt arms around my waist and I froze. No, he can't be here! He's behind bars! I turned and gasped as I saw Alex, my heart beat slowed a bit. He'd scared me senseless. He kissed my neck.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"Being with you."

"Are you half asleep or something? It's 3 in the morning."

"What are you doing up so early." he kissed my neck again.

"I had a nightmare."

"About what?"

"My, my kidnapping." he kissed my temple.

"It was just a dream. You'll be okay Kim. It's just a dream. You'll wake up."

"I'm going to take a shower. Go back to bed."

"Maybe I could take one with you." he kissed from the crook of my neck to my ear.

"Ridleys in the bedroom. I don't think that's best."

"We'll be quiet." my heart was hammering in my chest.

"No, Alex." he kissed me on the lips.

"I'll be in the room with Ridley." he told me. After he left I jumped into the shower. When I got out I dressed back in my pajamas and laid back down next to Ridley.

In the morning Ridley and Alex were gone. I assumed they were downstairs. My assumptions were correct. They were sitting on the couch watching cartoons. I walked into the kitchen for a glass of milk and Alex followed.

"Do you remember anything from 3 this morning?" I asked, he gave me a shy look.

"Most of it."

"Were you half asleep or sleep walking or something?"

"Or something."

"So you remember what you said to me?" I didn't know it was possible for guys to blush, but Alex did.

"Ya, about that."

"It's fine, you were half asleep or something. Just, just forget about it." I stammered out.

"Your nightmare. It was about your kidnapping?" I nodded.

"What happened when you were kidnapped?"

"I left my sisters dorm building. I was worried about her after the 3 college girl disappearances. I guess it was a stupid thing to do, considering I was the next victim. I woke up in a small dark room, the last thing I remembered was my car. I had called Brittney when he drugged me. He was careless enough to toss my phone and clothes in the upstairs of the house. Someone in the house had called from my phone. That was the only way they found me in time."

"I visited you in the hospital."


"I always unfortunately managed to visit you when you were asleep. After your heart gave out that one time, I couldn't go back. I was afraid you would really go. That it would be the last time I saw you. "

"But it wasn't."


I had to work, I had managed to get hours that were after Alex's so if something happened someone was with Ridley.

"I'm taking Ridley to Brittney's."

"I can get off work to take care of her."

"This will only be one day. After today I'll get hours that don't collide with yours and she'll have one of us with her at all times."

"Why your parents house?"

"That's the only other option I have Alex."

"What about my parents."

"Your parents don't like me."

"That's not true." I gave him a look that said 'think about your answer first'

"Ok, maybe they're not exactly fond of you."

"They think I'm a whore."

"They do not!"

"Think about it. They think I'm a whore and that the only reason you're here is because I'm a manipulative whore."

"Kim! You are not a whore!" I saw Ridley walk up to us.

"Watch your language." I warned

"You said it first." he grumbled.

"Hey baby. I'm going to take you to granny's house for a little while ok?"

"Ok." I picked her up and she rested on my hip. I left the house and buckled Ridley into her car seat. I turned around and Alex was right behind me.

"If you don't stop giving me heart attacks Alexander Whrite, you are not gunna be a happy guy." I warned

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to scare you.. Again." he smiled, he kissed me softly before he headed to his car. I got in and turned on the engine.

"Mommy why do you get scared so easy?"

"I don't know I just do." shes to young to know.

"Do you like scary movies?"

"When I was a little girl yes."

"Why don't you like them now mommy?"

"I don't know." she's too young, she wouldn't understand. When we got to my parents house, I unbuckled Ridley. We walked up to the front door and it opened.

"Riddles! Come to granny!" Ridley ran up to Brittney and hugged her. She picked Ridley up and held her.

"Kim, after work go straight home and sleep. You'll need it."

"I have to pick Ridley up after work."

"I'll call Alexander. So he can pick her up."

"If he's not able to you NEED to call me. She's not staying here longer then necessary."

"Yes, yes. Go." I kissed her cheek and whispered low enough only she would hear.

"She doesn't need to know certain things. If you tell her things I don't want her to know yet, this will be her last visit here."

"Ok Kim off you go."

Alex's side

I got the call before I had clocked in for work.


"Alexander, it's Brittney."

"Hello Mrs. Thompson, is there anything wrong?"

"No, nothing's wrong. I told Kim, after work she needs to go straight home to sleep."

"So you want me to pick Ridley up after I get off work."

"I don't mind keeping Ridley here. But if it helps Kim sleep better."

"Ok, I'll come after work."

"Thank you, darling."

After work I drove to the Thompson's house. It was a familiar drive considering I'd taken this route sometime since high school. I knocked on the door.

"Hello Alexander! Ridleys in the other room." she invited me in, Ridley was in the kitchen drawing.

"Daddy!" she ran over and hugged me. I picked her up and she rested on my hip. Brittney's phone rang, and she walked to answer it.


"Oh, Kimmy! Yes, yes calm down. Alexander and Ridley are here. He just got here calm down." she paused and frowned

"Don't you mother me Kimberly Anastasia Thompson! No calm down. They'll be home soon, and stick with a name honey. Call me Brittney or call me mother quit switching." she paused again, her next sentence I almost didn't catch because it was whispered.

"Kimberly, just keep in mind what I said." she grew louder

"Ok, buh-bye Kim." she hung up the phone and smiled at me and Ridley.

"Just remember Alex, make her sleep. She'll be tired from today."

"Yes ma'am."

When we got home, the house was quiet. I heard Ridley giggle from the living room. I looked at her, she had a smile on her face.

"Mommy's asleep on the couch." she whispered. Kim was past asleep curled up in a ball on the couch.

"Common, head to bed sweetheart. I'll bring mommy upstairs after you go to bed." she nodded and ran up the stairs. She tucked herself in and looked at me. I gave her, her little stuffed animal and she closed her eyes. I kissed her forehead, and closed her door behind me. I headed back downstairs and Kim was still past out on the couch. I picked her up, she's a lot lighter then she looks. I carried her upstairs and placed her on her bed. I was about to close her door when I heard her speak.

"Alex." I paused and looked at her, she was still asleep.

"Alex." she was talking in her sleep. I sat next to her on the bed. She turned a little and whispered Ridleys name. Her breathing grew ragged, and she bolted up right screaming. I jumped, and tried to calm her down.

"Kim, Kim it's just me. It's Alex, Kim calm down. It's just a bad dream, calm down." she began crying, and I wrapped my arms around her.

"Oh, Alex. It was horrible."

"It's ok Kim. It was just a dream, you just need to wake up."

"I'm tired of nightmares!" she cried.

"I know, I know."

"He had Ridley this time, I watched her die! Alex, he killed her!"

"It was just a dream. She's asleep in her room, she's ok." she nodded.

"Everything is ok, I promise."

"Nobody was there to help her, to help me."

"You were calling for me."

"How do you know?"

"You were talking in your sleep. You were saying my name, and before you woke up screaming you whispered Ridleys name."

"No one came." she started crying again.

"It's going to be ok. He will never hurt you again, he won't even touch you or Ridley. He won't even be near you two ever. I promise, I'll protect you."