A/N: A little something I wrote on tumblr, and wanted to share because Borra feels.

After mulling things over for the past half hour or so, Korra decided to go against Pema's advice that she had given her earlier that day. Perhaps it worked on Tenzin, but she knew for certain that it wouldn't be the same for Mako. Pema was perfect; she was beautiful, charismatic, an embodiment of pure femininity. She however… She was the exact opposite of anything feminine. She was abrasive, rough around the edges, loud-mouthed, rude… the list went on.

She stared at the back of Mako's head, her feet moving closer of their own accord, and then Asami showed up, his face probably lit up, she imagined, as her arms wound up around his neck to kiss him on the lips passionately. She smiled bitterly, her hands digging into her pockets as she wondered off into the lonely street.

She couldn't tell what time it was, or how long she had been wandering, but it was dark out, she assumed it was after midnight. She found a lone bench to sit on, to think for a while before going back to Air Temple Island. Naga soundlessly crouched beside her, sensing her inner turmoil, she nuzzled into her hand, and The Avatar turned to look at her companion as she scratched behind her ears. The Polar Bear dog purred in contentment.

"We should go back before Tenzin sends out a search party," She grumbled, but made no intentions to leave immediately. Republic City really was breathtaking, especially after dark, when it wasn't so congested with people, cars, and street vendors. She could barely see the stars in the darkened sky from the light pollution, and suddenly she was beginning to feel homesick. She missed her parents, she missed her friends, the crunch of ice beneath her feet. She just wanted to go away, away from Republic City, away from the deranged Equalist who could take away bending.


She lifted her head slowly. "Bo?"

Bolin hesitated before sitting next to the Avatar, his hands folded over his lap. "You know, when you left, I thought-"

"Actually, I was getting some air-"

"No, it's okay. I could be annoying at times, I understand."

She held her knees closer to herself. "It's not that Bo. Just needed some air. I'm sorry I ran off like that."

"S'okay." He said with a smile, reaching out to take her hand. "Korra…"


He grasped her hand, turning to meet her gaze fully, a determined look crossing his features. "No matter what happens. No matter what happens between us, I will always protect you. No matter what."

"Bo," She whispered breathlessly.

He pressed his lips on her wrist tenderly, his thumb grazing the sensitive skin there. "And I will protect you from Amon. I'm not going to let anyone hurt you."

"Bo…" Her heart racing, cheeks blazed and heated. He leaned in towards her, and all she could do was sit there patiently, shutting her eyes immediately, tears prickling at the corner of her eyes as she waited in anticipation. When she couldn't wait any longer, she wound her arms around him, and crushed her lips against his. He stiffened against her immediately, and then returned the sudden affection. When they finally broke apart for air, he left a trail of kisses from her cheek to her neck, leaving in its wake, a trail of goose bumps. She shivered against him, pressing her face into his chest because she knew her face was red beet, and she hid her embarrassment.

"I meant what I said, Korra. I will always protect you," He whispered into her ear.

"I know, Bo… I know…" She smiled against him, nuzzling into his chest.