Spencer has been missing for a week, he was taken during a case where men and woman have been taking and forced into taking some kind of new fertility drug and then they are raped in hopes they will conceive then when the due date is only a week away they sliced them open and take the baby away killing the mothers and selling the new born for as much as they can. When they found Spencer he was changed to the floor from his neck to his ankles he lay on a mattes curled up into a ball shaking, he had been beaten bruised batted and raped, when Morgan reach out to touch him Spencer curled even tighter on himself until he heard Morgan's voice and he looked up at him, one of Spencer's eye was blood shot his whole body covered in bruise, his lip bleeding the chain around his neck and ankle cut into his skin like the marks on his wrists, they took the changes off and covered him in a blanket and they picked him up and carried him outside.

A week later Reid was still in Hospital and he had gotten new that Reid was terrified about, Morgan walks into the hospital room to find Spencer sat there looking at the plate of food, his eyes red and puffy from hours of carrying "Hey Reid you know the food wouldn't jump into your mouth by itself." He smiled at him

"I'm trying to think if this will kill me if I eat it." He mumbled

"Still don't feel like eating urrh." Spencer shook his head

"I feel like I am going to be sick very time I do, but that's half the problem now isn't it." He said looking way from the food

"Reid if you don't eat your never going to feel better, it's a start just think of it like that a start to get things better."

"Morgan they drugged me with a new experimental fertility and then raped me, with this new drug there is a 80% chance that I could get pregnant and guess what I am." He hissed pushing his plat way "I need a burger." He mumbled

"Reid looks at me." Spencer looked up at him with his brown eyes, it made Morgan melt "Whatever you want to do I am here for you, you know that I care for you I will do anything to help you." he said Spencer smiled and let Morgan wiped way the tears off his face

"I want to go home." he said softly

"Ummm no I don't think it's a good idea to leave you by yourself, I would like it if I came a stayed with you for a while." He asked

"I can't ask you to do that." He mumbled

"It's fine, I know you Spencer you will have nightmare all the nurses have said how you're not sleeping, let me help you." he said taking his hand

"Are you aware you called me Spencer?"

"Yep I am aware." He said smiling at him as he tucked his hair behind his ears "I always going to be here to help you if you need me, I love you." he said

"I know D…Derek and I love you to."