Find Me

Chapter 3

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Eric stepped off the train in London and took a moment to see if anything rang a bell to him. According to his driver's license he lived here. Slowly making his way to his house he tried to figure out something that was familiar to him, something that told him he made the right choice by coming back here. Apparently he remembered the way to his house though since that didn't take him all that long and he didn't get lost. How did this memory loss work exactly? Why could he remember certain things but everything revolving him and people he knew he came out blank? Finding the right key for his house he stood in the doorway in shock over the size of his house. This was bigger than he was expecting. Three stories, all nice sized rooms, well furnished and decorated. He was loaded and not afraid to show it, everything he owned was pricey. Walking the house he saw every room in full detail, looking for something that told him more about himself. Like what he did for a living, or what he used to do at least. Opening a filing cabinet he saw a folder of statements and dropped his jaw at how much he had put away. Pictures lay scattered across the walls and mantle in his living room, all of people he didn't remember, one he had an arm around that must mean he was close to them. Changing clothes and taking a nice shower he headed out to explore London. He found his home and nothing new was really learned but that didn't mean this city wouldn't help him somehow.

Alan wanted out of this hospital in the worst way. He was done dealing with doctors and being told they had no idea why he had no memories of what happened before the park. At least his police officer friend, Officer Beckett visited every night after his shift and they would talk until visiting hours ended. He still wanted him to stay with him until something else could be found or figured out so if he ever got the okay to leave he would do that. He was still a little hesitate but he had no other options but the street and maybe Dylan was right, maybe together they could find something, he was an officer after all and had access to things he didn't have.
"Hello Alan. I have good news for you."
Seeing Dylan walk in he closed the book he was reading and put it aside.
"Have you found anything out about me?"
"Well no, our records still hold nothing. But, I was told you can leave tomorrow which is great because tomorrow is my day off so I can help you get settled and show you around the city."
"I actually get to leave? That is great news. I feel foolish staying here since there is nothing physically wrong with me." Good, if he got to leave than he could maybe learn more about himself, his memories probably wouldn't come back from sitting here all day that he was certain about.
"I was wondering something; could I not be from around here? Could that be why I don't pop up in your systems?"
"I've thought about it, but if you were a citizen of the states you would come up. Do you think you're from overseas?"
"I have no idea, other than my name I can't think of anything involving myself. I may not even be who I say I am. Maybe Alan Humphries doesn't exist and that's why he can't be found."
"I'm sure that is your name. Don't go doubting things that you feel are certain, that won't help you with things." Perhaps Dylan was right, maybe if he believed in the knowledge he had when he woke up in the park things would be easier. Though, he didn't remember much when he woke up, just his name, no age, no nothing.

Eric walked the streets for what felt like hours with nothing so far. Not even a hint that this was familiar.
"Eric? Is that really you? What are you doing here?"
Hearing his name he looked around to see someone running up to him. How did he know this person?
"Eric, it's really you, but how, I was told, I saw you, you were dead."
"Excuse me?"
"Who the hell are you and what are you talking about?"
"Eric, it's me. Ronald, Ronald Knox, we worked together, we hung out all the time, you, me, and Alan. Where is Alan? He was with you. I was told you killed him."
"I think you need to get your head checked out. Excuse me." Moving past this strange person he heard them run up to him again and stop him.
"Eric. Wait, please let me help you somehow. If the society catches wind that you're alive they will come after you."
"What society? Look I don't know who you are or what you are talking about. Now leave me alone."
"What has gotten into you? How could you not know anything about this?"
"How the hell should I know? All I know is that I don't have any memories of you or this Alan person you speak of. I also know that I have no idea what the society is. Now go back to whatever world your from and leave me be."
He heard this person yell after him as he walked off. Well he learned that London held crazy people. Maybe that's why he lived here, maybe he fit right in.

Alan stepped into Dylan's apartment and took it in. It was small but gave off a cozy feeling.
"I know it's not much but its home and please make yourself comfortable."
"No I like it. And thank you."
"You can use the second bedroom, there isn't much in there but the bed is brand new it just came in yesterday. Bedroom is second door to your left."
Taking his time to the bedroom he looked out the window in the living room to see a street view of the city from here. Couldn't see anything else but buildings but at least it was better than the hospital view which was nothing. Going into the bedroom he noticed the walls where white and bare and the bed was big enough for one person, like the hospitals but the sheets were red as were the comforter. They seemed out of place in the room but yet they still seemed to draw him in.
"Do you like it? I figured red was better than white and the rest were light colors and I thought they were too feminine."
"The red is fine. Thank you so much for doing this for me. I really appreciate it."
"No problem. I'm glad I finally get to use the room. I had a roommate but he moved out as soon as he moved in. If you're up to it I was thinking of showing you the city, maybe getting you some new clothes. I figure you don't want to stay in that suit forever."
"I hate having you spend more money on me, but a tour does sound nice."

That weirdo really pissed him off, coming up to him, saying things that made no sense. He was alive and well so where did he get off saying he saw him dead. And then saying the society could come after him. He probably had the wrong guy but still his words messed with him. Grabbing a coffee he sat and saw the people walk by. He should probably call it a day, no point in staying here all night. He still wasn't sure he wanted to remember things, if he didn't want just start fresh. Maybe he would have to move then, if people knew him here than they could hound him to pick up where he left off. At least he didn't have a family here that was good. That meant he had less to deal with if he moved, he had less to figure out.

Alan walked around with Dylan looking at sites and what was around the apartment so he could go out on his own if he wanted. Stopping at store they picked him out a few days worth of clothes for him and some dinner before heading back for the night. Something still felt like it was missing, like someone was still looking for him. As much as he enjoyed having a place he knew he couldn't stay here forever. He had to keep searching for himself; he had to help the person looking for him by looking for them as well. After dinner he changed into his sleep pants and curled under the covers for the night. He had such a headache all of a sudden. A goodnights sleep was just what he needed.

Exhausted Eric collapsed on top of his covers in bed. Kicking off his shoes he took his shirt off and laid there. He wasn't sure why but he was so tired all of a sudden. It probably didn't help that he had a massive headache. He was fine and then while coming home from the coffee shop it hit him to the point he could barely think or see straight. Closing his eyes he let sleep come over him hoping the headache would be gone by morning.

Fire shot up under them, waiting to swallow them both. Holding on to the other they tried to let him go. They both didn't deserve this fate. Looking into the smaller ones eyes he saw blood covered his face, it dripped off him.

Alan woke up covered in sweat, seeing the red covering him he jumped out of bed and tried to get it off him. Calming down he saw it was just the sheets. What was happening to him? What was that? Leaving the bedroom he went into the bathroom to wash his face. He was covered in sweat; he couldn't stop shaking or get the pictures out of his mind. Slowly making his way back to the room he stripped the sheets off and flipped the covers before trying to close his eyes again. He was scared to fall asleep again, scared of the images that would come to mind, scared of the fire and the blood. The only peace he could find was of the one he was holding, they seemed to offer comfort to his mind and body even with so much darkness around him

Eric snapped awake by the scene in his mind, not again. What was happening to him, what was he seeing? Looking out the window he saw the sun was shining. Getting of be bed he headed to the shower only to hear to doorbell. Who the hell could that be? Taking his time to the door he hoped by the time he got there they would be gone. He wasn't really up to dealing with people right now, not after the dream he had. Opening the door he saw the one he met yesterday.
"How do you know where I live?"
"I told you I know you. I knew you at least. I used to come here all the time. Please, talk to me. We were friends; I want to know what happened to you. I want to know if I can help somehow."
"Alright. Come in. But I swear if you're lying I will not hesitate to kick you out."
Letting Ronald in he brought him to the living room.


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