Chapter 4

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Eric walked back downstairs from a shower and getting dressed to see Ronald was still here. He was still sitting where he left him, guess he wasn't a thief.
"So, you know me."
"I did, yea. You really don't remember me do you?"
"Not at all. Your face doesn't ring a bell or anything."
"What happened to you?"
"How the hell should I know? I woke up in Cambridge with nothing but the clothes I was wearing and my wallet. I don't remember anything before that." Watching Ronald get up he saw him take a photo off the mantle and move towards him.
"Do you remember him?"
"This one here." He pointed to the man next to him in the picture, the one he had his arm around.
"No clue. I figure we were close though."
"You could say that." Sitting next to him he stared at the photo. "You were his mentor, and his best friend at the very least. He meant everything to you."
"Where he is now?"
"Who knows. Last I heard you killed him. I had heard you were dead too though so now I have no idea as to where he is, if he is really dead."
"Why would I kill him if we were close?"
"That's what I would like to know. We had gone after you but when we found you, you both were dead."

Alan woke up feeling exhausted. That dream had haunted him all night. Why did it keep coming back, what did it mean? Who was the one he was with? Why were they just above flames that were ready to consume them? Why were they covered in blood? Needing fresh air he left the bedroom to shower and then went out for a walk. He needed to move, to get away from that horrible nightmare. The city wasn't that bad, it was huge and he was scared to get lost but it wasn't bad. Seeing the sky getting dark from looking ready to rain he headed back to the apartment. Just getting in the door he heard the phone ringing. Checking the caller id he saw it was the number Dylan had written down for him so he would know when he was calling.
"Alan? Hey, listen I got access to search deeper for your information. Can you come to the precinct?"
Writing down the address and how to get there he grabbed a jacket with a hood and headed back out. He hoped something would be found out, if nothing else he just wanted to know where he was from. Arriving at the address he walked in and with the help of an employee he was lead in the back.
"Alan! Hey you made it! Did you have any trouble?"
"No it was fine."
"Great! Follow me. Let's do this."

Eric walked London with Ronald next to him. So far he learned all about the society and how he used to work for them and what he had done to make them go after him. Nothing was ringing any bells; actually his mind was only becoming cloudier. He could feel a headache coming on, this couldn't be good. So far the two times he had a headache it led to that horrible dream. Both stopped at the corner as ambulances sped by. As they drove by Eric stumbled back, his head was pounding, not now, not here. Falling to his knees he could barely hear Ronald next to him asking what was wrong. Fire was everywhere, hell, that was hell under them. Someone was above them threatening to send them both if the smaller one he was with didn't let him go.
"I'm not worth going to hell for. You deserve peace, you deserve heaven."
"No! I'm not going without you! I don't care if I go to hell so long as we are together."
"Damn it Alan!" Eric sprang up in bed, covered in sweat and trying to catch his breath. Looking around he saw he wasn't on the street anymore. How did he get here? And where was here, this was not his bedroom.
"Eric? What the hell happened to you, are you alright?"
Seeing Ronald next to him he tried to get his body to calm down. What was with those dreams?
"Where am I?"
"My place, well my house in London anyway. I wouldn't risk taking to my actual house."
"Are we all loaded enough to own two houses?"
"Two houses is standard, for when we have to keep our eyes on someone. You really remember nothing do you?"
"No, I don't. And every time I try to seek out what I lost I have this strange vision where I am holding someone, Alan, I am holding Alan, and we are standing over hell." Wiping his forehead he tried to get some of the sweat off him. Still covered in sweat he took his shirt off only to feel a cold chill.
"You were with Alan? Are you sure?"
"Yea. I have been having the same vision, I am with someone and we are over fire. Sometimes I see a little more but it's basically the same thing." Ronald stood up and went into his closet to pull out a shirt and give it to Eric. "I wonder, they say that when we die we are seen by a judge, if you will, our records are played for him."

Alan stood behind Dylan as he typed in his name.
"Woah, they are more names in here than I thought."
"Is that bad? I know nothing more about myself to tell you."
"Everyone in this data base has a pictured attached, so I'll just scroll down until I find yours."
"Oh, okay." He waited patiently as Dylan slowly went down the list on the screen. So far none of these people looked like him. What if he was right, what if his name really wasn't Alan? Than they would never be able to locate his past.
"Found you!"
"Really?!" Leaning over closer he noticed that face on the picture did look like him.
"Let me pull up the file." Both waited as the information loaded the page. Once it did Alan looked it over, he couldn't wait to figure out who he was, where he was from.
"Hold on, something isn't right here." Hearing Dylan, Alan moved his head back to see him better. What was he talking about?
"According to this you live in London, but your birthday is listed as March fourteenth eighteen-sixty-two. That would make you one-hundred and fifty years old."
"Maybe we pulled up a file on your great-grandfather. This system doesn't' get cleaned up all that often. And while computers weren't around back then when we got this it is possible we stuck everyone's file in here." Going back they went back to scrolling the page of names.

Alan, that was who he was with, and they were over the fires of hell. But why? What had he done? And was Ronald telling the truth, had he killed him? And where was Alan now? No one had seen him since they found him dead. Ronald said he would look into it but deep down he knew he had to find him and find him soon. That was what his heart was telling him, he had to find Alan and soon. He could be anywhere though, he may not even be in England.
"Think me think; I have to have known of a place he could go to."
Walking around Ronald's house he tried to think, tried to find something he could use to help his search. If they had been so close then how come he couldn't even think of his favorite places or how much he meant to him? What if Alan was suffering somewhere? Hurt, lost, he needed to find him. *Alan, where are you? Are you even here?*


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