Chapter 7

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Alan didn't look back and he didn't stop running, even as the footsteps seemed to lighten up behind him. He had no idea why he was being chased and he didn't want to know why. Coming up to a gap between buildings he turned and hid behind a large garbage can hoping to stay out of sight. Not hearing footsteps he stuck his head around the dumpster to see if the coast was clear. He didn't see anyone coming; good he finally shook them off. Taking a step away he saw a man drop down from the roof above. He was tall, slicked back hair, and in a suit that looked just like the one he was wearing only he was in a plain tie instead of a bolo one. Turning he tried to go the other way only to see it was a dead end. Facing the man he stepped back until his back was up against the wall.
"Who are you? What do you want with me?"
Seeing the man stumble he watched him fall to the ground.
"Alan! This way!"
Another man, this one in plain clothes stood behind the one that had been chasing him reaching out for his hand. He didn't know this guy either, and he had a bad feeling about him. Who carried a giant saw with them?
"How do you know my name?"

Eric stood there slightly stunned by hearing Alan ask him how he knew his name. He must not remember anything as well. Did he get any of memories back though?
"Please, Alan, just trust me. We have to get out of here. People are going after us. Once we are safe we can talk." He could tell Alan was hesitating but he took his outreached hand and ran for it. Saying nothing they ran hand in hand making sure no one else was following them. This was insane, why were they going after Alan? The one in black back at Ron's said Alan had done nothing, he was the sole murderer so then why had Alan been running from someone? Had they thought it was him instead?

"Pl….please, we have to stop." Alan was having trouble breathing feeling his chest constricting his lungs. Feeling the man he was with slowing down they went inside a café and sat in the back away from the windows.
"Alan, are you alright. Here have some water." Alan saw the man push a glass of water closer to him while he tried to catch his breath. Drinking half he put it back down and took a deep breath.
"I am alright. Sorry. I don't know why but my chest hurts."
"It's fine, so long as you're alright." A waitress showed up seeing if they needed anything only to be sent off but the other man.
"So. Who are you? How do you know my name?"
"Alan. So you lost your memories too then?"
"What? But how did you know about that?"
"Look, Alan, I don't know too much more but I do know that something happened to us that caused us to forget everything prior to a certain point. But I know I had to find you, something told me that you were out there and that we had to get together again."
"Who are you? And why should I trust any of this?"
"Alan, I'm E," Both jumped from their seats as a long pole came between them. Meeting Eric's gaze they both ran for it. Separating they ran in opposite directions hoping to lose the man that was after them. How did he find them so quickly? He was out cold once he was hit.

Eric lost sight of Alan as he took a back exit out of the building. Knowing Alan took the back exit he took the front and ran down the street. He had to get this guy off Alan; he wasn't the target he could tell that. Losing sight of him he looked as a shadow came over head before he saw two more. Seeing the three shadows vanish, he saw the three of them drop in front of him. Barely able to stop he just missed Grell's chainsaw come at him.
"Will my darling, it's just like the old times isn't it."
"Please shut up."
So that was the new guys name, Will, he was the one chasing Alan earlier.
"What do you want with us?"
"Eric Slingby, you are charged with the murderer of nine hundred ninety-nine souls and one reaper."
"Fine. But why bring Alan down with me?"
"Alan Humphries is dead to the Dispatch, whatever force brought him back, he is their responsibility now."
Dodging Will's blade Eric went after the man in black trying to get him off his back while avoiding Grell's chainsaw. He was outmatched and outnumbered; there was no way he could win here. He couldn't leave Alan alone though, not when he still knew nothing. He may not either, his past may still be a fog but he couldn't leave Alan alone in this world, he didn't deserve it. That is something he knew as fact.
"Duck now!" Doing as he was told he saw the second blade he had found in Ronald's closet swing over his head hitting Grell in his shoulder. Turning behind him he saw Alan behind him bringing his weapon back to a standard ready position. He seemed confused by how the weapon arrived in his hands but looked grateful he got it when it did.

Together they went after the three that were after Eric. Alan refused to let them have him. The man he had just met he felt some sort of connection to, he had known him in his past at one point and he wasn't ready to let him go. Back to back both tried to catch their breath, neither could keep this up much longer.
"Alan, you need to get out of here."
"No, not without you. You still owe me answers, remember."
Eric could hear the smile on Alan's face.
"That's right, sorry, I had forgotten."
"You do have memories problems don't you?" Dodging the attacks Alan rolled to the side allowing his blade to come up and lock with his opponent's blade. Eric went after Will having a feeling that taking him down would end up saving them both a lot of trouble later. He seemed to be the one barking orders at Grell all the time as it was. That's when he realized something, they were only fighting two people. Where was the third? Turning towards Alan that was when he saw it, a long sickle coming at Alan from the roof of the building next to him.
"Alan!" Pushing off he got between him and the blade as he felt it pierce his back and go through him.
"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Alan screamed as he saw a long sickle pierce Eric, who was now bleeding over him.
"A, Alan, are you alright?"
"You idiot! Why would you do that?! I'm not worth any of this, there is no way."
Feeling the sickle come out of his body as the Undertaker dropped down beside Will, Eric reached for Alan's cheek as he tried to stay at least on all fours. His vision was already getting blurry. It wouldn't be long before death took him. The conversation at Ron's must have been a lie, he was meant to die after all. Alan ripped his jacket off him to wrap it around Eric hoping to slow some of the bleeding.
"Al, Alan, you're wrong. See, I, I remember you, Alan. And this is what I always wanted for you. I wanted you to live. Remember Alan, please. Try and remember, look past the fog." Coughing up blood he could feel his life slipping.
"Eric. Oh God, Eric!" This was Eric, the one from the visions he could see him clearly now. He was the one he with over the flames, he was the one he saw inside the house in the picture frame. And it was he who was dying in front of him, the one that took a death blow for him.
"Oh Eric, you're such an idiot." Feeling tears start to fall from his eyes he held him on his lap and brought their lips together. Alan pulled away only when he felt Eric's lifeless body fall deeper into him.
"ERIIIICCCC!" Shouting his name he felt hot tears fall down his face. He shouldn't have died for him; things shouldn't have happened like this, answers weren't worth this.

Light blinded his eyes and as his sight regained focus Alan found himself standing in a large room in front of the judge of worlds. Looking beside him he saw Eric there, he was alive and in one piece, not a scratch on him.
"Eric!" Throwing his arms around his neck he felt Eric's taller body lift him off the ground.
"You're alive, oh thank you. I thought I would never see you again."
"I'm alright. And beyond glad to see you Alan. I love you."
"I love you too." Both separated realizing something, they had all their memories back. From their first meeting, to their first dates, and work missions, to learning Eric was killing women for their souls and even going back to Earth remembering nothing of their former selves.
"Eric Slingby." Both turned from each other keeping their hands together to face the judge. Both were worried over what his sentence would be, but no matter what Alan was not leaving Eric's side, not again.
"Eric, you have been accused for the murder of nine hundred and ninety-nine women and the murder of fellow reaper Alan Humphries. You have been tested to prove that you're actions, while heinous were for an attempt to save Alan Humphries life from the Thorns of Death. Do you have any last words to say in your defense before you're ruling?"
Looking over at Alan and feeling him squeeze his hand he looked back at the judge and said, "no your honor."
"Very well. Eric Slingby you have passed the trial, your feelings for Alan Humphries are true and sincere. You are allowed to pass on the next world with Alan Humphries." Eric stood there in shock while Alan wrapped his hands around his neck to get himself closer to him.
"Did you hear that Eric, you passed! I knew you would! I told you no matter we would meet again and you would prove that you loved me. We are soul mates; they were destined to be together forever in any world." Kissing his neck he felt Eric wrap his arm around his lower back to hold him close.
"Thank you your honor. I can't thank you enough for this. Alan I am going to be with you. You won't have to face eternity alone." Changing how Alan faced him he brought their lips back together. Now he never had to say good-bye to those lips again.
"We are done here. Enjoy the afterlife." With that the judge brought down his gavel and a doorway opened for them. Standing side by side, hand in hand they stepped through the portal and into paradise, together.


Ronald's eyes opened to see himself in bed in his London home. What happened? He seemed to have a really strange dream. He had been reaping only to come across Eric, only this Eric had no memories of anyone or of anything. And how did he get here? He rarely stayed in the city when he wasn't on assignment. Getting out of bed he opened the closet to see Eric and Alan's death scythes missing. That was odd; he could have sworn he kept them here. Taking a coat out and slipping on his shoes he left the house. Going over a few blocks to another house he had access too he opened the front door and stepped inside. Something about the dream seemed so real to him, though he knew it wasn't possible since he had been told Eric had been killed, as had Alan. Everything seemed to be as he remembered. Going upstairs he stopped as he looked into the master bedroom. At the foot of the bed, leaning against it were Eric and Alan's scythes. They were forming an x, they must be together then. Good, that was all they wanted anyway, to spend forever together.
"Enjoy yourself you guys. Just remember some of us have paperwork and a job still." Turning around to leave Ronald went back downstairs and left the house. He wasn't feeling in the mood to do anything with it today. Maybe tomorrow, he had forever, he could take his time.

"Close your eyes." Eric stood behind Alan covering his eyes.
"Why do I have to close my eyes if you're going to cover them anyway."
"So you can't peak. Now close them."
"Alright, alright. There, they are closed."
"Okay, you can open them in five," He had Alan take a step closer, "Four, three, two, okay open your eyes." Moving his hands Alan opened his eyes to see the inside of their new house finally completed.
"Oh Eric."
"What do you think?"
"What do I think? It's amazing!"
"I'm glad you like it." Leaning to rest his chin on Alan's shoulder he watched his face of amazement as he looked around. "I know the living room, from here looks like our old place but I liked the layout of our old place."
"Yea. Me to."
Eric saw the look of sadness quickly pass over Alan's face. It happened whenever they talked or mentioned something from their old lives.
"He is doing fine Alan. Ronald is a strong kid."
"I know. Just feels strange you know. Knowing we will never see him again."
"Don't talk like that. I'm sure we could check on him from time to time. Maybe haunt him a little." Seeing Alan roll his eyes at him he smiled a little.
"Oh come on haunting him could be a lot of fun and you know it."
"You're terrible." Pushing him they both started laughing. Wrapping his arms around Alan he brought him closer.
"I can't believe you're now realizing this. But enough of this. I have one more surprise for you."
"What?" Letting go of him Eric took his hand and brought him upstairs to where their bedroom laid.
"I thought you weren't going to touch our bedroom."
"I didn't." Opening the door he showed Alan the two scythes that rested against the foot of the bed.
"Er…Eric, but how?" Taking a step closer Alan wanted to reach out and touch it.
"It's obviously not the real thing but I was able to duplicate it. So I did. I know how much you miss yours even if you're no longer reaping. I figured we could spar again with them, like before. You know, me kicking your ass."
"Pssh, your memory must still be screwed up because the way I remember it was you who always ended up losing. But really, Eric, thank you for this. All of this, it means so much to me."
"You're welcome Alan. Anything for you, really. Nothing makes me happier than knowing you are happy." Reaching for his own scythe he realized how much his body missed just holding it.
"Come on, let's go outside and see how well they work."
"Okay." Grabbing his scythe they walked out one behind the other for a little afternoon spar. It was true then; the afterlife really was paradise then, especially when they had each other forever.


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