He first started to notice it when he went out to Gideon's show with Dipper and Mabel. That there was always a strong, dull, 'brutish man that did the heavy lifting' as he heard it.

It made Soos feel like he was just the Mystery Shack's grunt. The Police had a big guy to whack the prisoners around with when they got rough, the local Burger Joint even had a burly man for complainers.

It wasn't like he did anything that bad. He just lifted, moved stuff around, did the harder jobs. It wasn't bad money, at least when Stan made way on the paychecks.

Dipper and Mabel assured him that it wasn't so.

And maybe they were right. You never saw any 'Handyman/Brute/Heavy Lifter' with friends, they always intimidated people. But not Soos.

He was too innocent, and sweet. Even if he was a bit dull minded.

Soos held the watermelon tight in his hands, then loosened it to a throwing position. "Sure you wanna do this dude?" he asked Dipper, who was holding a bat in his hands.

"Of course! Come on, throw it!"

It went hurling through the air, and whack! The bat connected with the melon, but Dipper was too small for it to go anywhere, and it just split in his face.

"Aw, come on!"

Soos laughed, and Mabel giggled. "Watermelon Boy! Watermelon Boy!" They chanted. Dipper just ignored them, and tried to wipe it off.

"Whateve-" he got cut off when he slipped on a lone piece that was on the dirt, and caused him to lay flat on the ground, back first, thankfully.

More laughing to his dismay. "Come on, let's go get you cleaned up!" Mabel dragged Dipper in by his hand into the wooden door of the Mystery Shack.

Yep, Soos knew. He had friends, and good ones.