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I didn't move to Forks to find it. But it's something unavoidable. No matter how far you go, it's sure to find you. No matter how defiant you are. And the more opposed you are to it, the more likely it is to affect you. It's just the way things work. It's just the way love works.


Bella looked down and spotted dark swirling grey clouds just under the plane's wing. The plane lowered under the clouds, and heavy raindrops splattered the windows, causing her to frown. The rain made her unhappy simply because she hated every kind of precipitation. She'd been raised for most of her life in dry, sunny Phoenix, Arizona, based on her dislike of the cold and precipitation.

Bella was actually born in Forks, Washington, where her father, Charlie, still currently resided. And back to Forks was exactly where she was headed. Ever since Renee and Charlie had divorced, she had lived with her mother, only visiting Charlie once or twice year.

It wasn't because Bella disliked Charlie that she visited so scarcely; she loved him as much as she loved her mother. She only disliked the unfortunate town that her father resided in. So ever since a few years back, Bella had asked Charlie to come visit her in Phoenix instead. He didn't mind in the least. He deserved to see the dazzling sun, which rarely made an appearance in Forks.

Forks, Washington could be described as the rainiest town in the state of Washington, if not in all of the United States. So one would ask, 'Why was Bella going to visit Forks if she despised it so much?' Well actually Bella was not only visiting, but also moving to the town. The main reason: because her mother, Renee, had met and married Minor League Baseball player, Phil Dwyer.

Bella liked Phil; she thought he would be good for her mother. She believed that moving to live with Charlie would give her mother and Phil the privacy a newly married couple deserved. Bella was a selfless person, and always cared for the feelings of others more than she did for herself.

She stared out the window for what felt like endless amount of time, when really, she was due to land in Port Angeles in a few minute's time. She sighed, wondering if it really was best for her to have moved back to Forks. She decided that Charlie deserved company, and she needed a change for once in her life.

A man, who looked merely a few years older than Bella, turned in his seat and stared at her. She stared back, wondering if her sigh had annoyed him. However that thought was soon dismissed as he smiled and turned back around.

She was left confused, annoyed and slightly dazzled. Dazzled because she hadn't expected to be met with anything like the features he had. His bronze hair was messy, but in a pleasant way that suited him. His face was phenomenal: angular, with a chiseled jaw. His lips and eyebrows made him look serious, until you saw him smile, because his features brightened and you were left with a broken train of thought and an erratic heartbeat. But what had taken her most by surprise were his eyes. They were the most beautiful kind of emerald green she had ever seen, and were fringed with long, thick eyelashes a shade darker than his hair.

Bella composed herself as she sat in Charlie's police cruiser as they drove towards the house from her childhood. Trying hard not to think of the face of the guy on the plane, she strained to distract herself by thinking of many different conversations she could start with Charlie. The car ride was quiet, which was expected because Charlie wasn't the type of man who started conversations. Since Bella was as awkward as Charlie was, the silence remained for about another half-hour.

"Pity the weather didn't improve for your arrival." Said Charlie, catching Bella off-guard. "Uh, um yeah." She replied detachedly, wondering if she should continue the conversation. There was no need, however, as Charlie made another attempt. "So I've already enrolled you to start in Forks High School." He said, glancing over at her as if to make sure it was alright. She nodded. "Thanks." She replied, biting her lip because she'd said another conversation stopping word.

"I saved up a bit of money so I can buy a car." She said, not wanting to arrive on her first day in Charlie's attention grabbing police cruiser. Charlie looked startled. "Oh that's okay, you didn't have to." He replied, smiling at her. She smiled back. "Why not? I wouldn't want you to spend your money on a car for me." She said, because another one of her dislikes was when people spent large amounts of money on her. "Well, I was supposed to keep it a surprise, but I got you a car as a homecoming gift." Charlie said, grinning guiltily as she stared at him incredulously.

"Dad! Thank you, but you know I don't like it when people spend money on me. I'll pay you back for it, I promise." She said, shaking her head at him, but feeling pleased because he'd done something so nice. Charlie chuckled and shook his head back. "Look, a gift is a gift, you don't have to pay me back. I bought it from a friend for a pretty good price, so it's yours." He replied simply.

Bella tried to consider it. "What's the model?" She asked, investigating to see if he was telling the truth. "It's a red Chevy pickup truck." He replied. Bella liked the sound of it, like something she would be interested in. "What's the year?" She asked, still unsure.

Charlie wouldn't meet her curious gaze. He was suddenly very interested in the road ahead. Bella asked again a little louder, now not sure if he'd heard her. "Well it's kind of old." He replied after a while. Bella just stared at him, wondering why he was acting so strange. "How old?" She persisted. Charlie pulled on his collar hotly. "Well it was old even Billy bought it." He said, still not replying with a straight answer.

Bella frowned. "When did he buy it?" She asked. "In 1983." He muttered. Bella couldn't tell if it was a bad thing. "Really, when was it made? I can handle it." She promised, smiling reassuringly. Charlie caved. "It was made somewhere in the 1960's." It was old. And before she could get a word in, Charlie was defending the car, saying it was running perfectly, and a whole lot of other facts about the car that Bella couldn't understand.

However, she didn't mind. A car was a car, and at least she didn't have to ride in Charlie's cruiser. He stared at her with an unsure look on his face. He was done protesting and defending, and was obviously waiting for a reaction. Bella simply smiled at him. "Okay. Thank you again Charlie. It'll be perfect." She reassured him, as they finally pulled up to the house after the hour-long drive.

In front of the house was the huge red beat-up pickup truck. It was a little rusty and faded, and definitely looked aged, but as Bella ran up the driveway to admire the car, she noticed the interior had new clean leather, and even all the mirrors and headlights and the windshield looked new as well. Bella stared at the truck happily, and then was startled as a deep voice sounded from behind her.

Standing about 2 feet away was a boy who looked a year or two younger than her. He was tall and lanky with a russet skin-tone and dark eyes which looked warm and inviting. Bella stared at him. "D'you like it?" He asked again, smiling at her. She looked at him, confused. "Who are you?" She asked, blurting the words out as soon as they'd come to her mind.

He chuckled. "Jacob Black." He said, and the name had a familiar ring to it, but Bella couldn't remember where she'd heard the name before. A man in a wheelchair who had the same russet skin and dark eyes, wheeled up the driveway with Charlie, the two of them grinning and chatting heartily. They stopped close to where Bella and Jacob were standing. "Like it?" Charlie asked. Bella nodded. "Love it." The man in the wheelchair chuckled. "Well thank you for getting it out of our way. Since I'm unable to drive and Jake's too young, it was nice of you guys to buy it. I'm glad you like it." He said. So that was Billy.

Bella smiled at him kindly. "Thank you. You made life a whole lot easier for me."

Billy laughed, a knowing twinkle in his eye. "Don't want to get caught coming out of the cruiser, right?" He nodded his head in the direction of Charlie's police-mobile. "Might scare away the boys."

Bella turned pink with embarrassment but laughed nonetheless. "More like I'm not one for attention. But now that you mentioned scaring the boys away, going in the cruiser doesn't sound so bad." She replied, smiling.

Billy looked at Charlie as if to say 'See? You've got nothing to worry about.' Bella raised an eyebrow questioningly.

Charlie chuckled, looking sheepish. "I was a little worried, with you being a teenage girl and all. I mean there are boys and parties and stuff. But it looks as if I don't have to worry too much."

Bella smiled at her father in agreement, praying that he was right.


Jacob and his father hadn't stayed for long. Charlie dropped them off at their house on the reserve since they had no transportation to get back home. This gave Bella some time to be alone with her thoughts, and for that she was grateful.

She dragged her bags up to her room, which looked just as she'd remembered it. Except the bed had gotten larger over time and her father had added a new desk, computer and phone (of course all the wires were safely stapled away since Bella was cursed with the awful fate of being a klutz).

But the pale yellow walls, the white window curtains and the faded blue window seat were still the same. Bella's small bookshelf was unmoved and full of battered old copies of her favourite classics. Her old wooden dresser and vanity were untouched and the rocking chair in the corner of the room was still intact. Bella reminisced the times when Charlie would hold her on his lap and read her a story, or rock her to sleep, leaving her feeling safe and sound in his arms.

Bella heard the sound of a throat clearing in the doorway and quickly turned to see Charlie standing in the doorway, an identical reminiscent look on his face. "Hope you enjoy it here, Bells. I tried to make it as comfortable for you as I could. I'll be downstairs if you need me." He said, retreating from the room before she could get the chance to thank him.

Bella sat on her bed, trying to prevent her tears from overflowing. Charlie was being so kind and helpful, yet she was still feeling out of place. The weather was miserable, the surrounding area was too green and she missed her mother.

Bella loved Charlie, but as much as she loved him, she did not want to be there.


Bella spent the night tossing and turning, listening to the sound of the rain pounding on her window and hoping Charlie couldn't hear her crying.

He was leaving for work when she appeared at the top of the stairs. He looked up, observed her miserable appearance, opened his mouth to say something but thought better of it and decided not to speak.

"Morning." Bella greeted him, forcing a smile on her face. "Good morning." He replied, scratching his head nervously.

Bella opened the fridge to discover it was nearly empty. She turned to look at Charlie curiously. He was grinning sheepishly again. "I usually go out to eat, or have dinner at Sue's or Billy's." He explained.

Bella smiled. "I'll go buy groceries tonight. Renee let me take cooking classes. I can cook us dinner from now on." She told him. This would be her own little way of reciprocating Charlie's kindness.

"If it's not a bother to you, that would be great. But I was thinking we could go out for dinner tonight. To uh, celebrate your return." He said, shrugging embarrassedly.

Bella nodded, grateful for his kindness. "That would be lovely, dad. And I love cooking, so just as long as you stay out of my way in the kitchen, we've got a deal." She replied, stretching out her hand.

Charlie shook it, chuckling. "Just as long as you don't cook like your mother." He said, prompting laughter from Bella. "I cooked for Renee and Phil, too." She said, before realizing her mistake in mentioning her mother's new husband.

Charlie looked a little sad before he cleared his throat and grabbed his coat from the rack beside the door. "I might be a little late coming home from work. Is it okay if we meet at the diner at around 7?" He asked.

Bella nodded.

"The directions are on the fridge. I'll see you later. Have a good day at school, kiddo." Charlie said, giving her one last smile before leaving for work.

Bella grabbed a deep red apple from the fruit bowl and grabbed her backpack from its place on one of the kitchen chairs. She decided that it was time for her to stop feeling sorry for herself, and actually try to make the most out of her new life in Forks.


Bella pulled up the hood of her black windbreaker, glad that the dark jacket made her blend in with the student body. All throughout the morning she'd been approached by almost everyone in her grade.

Everyone was curious about the new girl. Apparently when you're from Arizona you're supposed to have light hair, bright eyes and tanned skin. They couldn't be any more far off as Bella had plain brown hair, chocolate brown eyes and was so pale, she liked to joke that she was part albino.

"Hey Isabella! New girl!" Bella didn't have to turn around to know that it was the voice of overly friendly Mike Newton, who made it his business to be in Bella's business.

He had blue eyes, gelled spiky blonde hair and a baby face. He was annoying, but very helpful; if it weren't for him, Bella wouldn't have made it to most of her morning classes.

"Hey Mike." Bella greeted him, trying to be enthusiastic.

"I was wondering if you wanted to eat lunch with us right now." He said, smiling. By us he was referring to Eric Yorkie, Tyler Crowley, Jessica Stanley, Lauren Mallory, Angela Weber and Ben Cheney. All of them had been in Bella's previous classes, and they had been pretty friendly for the most part.

Bella nodded and followed them down to the cafeteria.

When they reached the cafeteria, Bella scanned the room, taking in the obvious separation between different 'cliques'. She bought a bottle of lemonade and a sandwich before settling down at the table in between Angela and Mike. Bella enjoyed Angela's quiet company, and felt safest beside her.

Mike was currently ogling and talking to Jessica's chest. She had sat next to him, and on other side of her was Lauren, sitting with one leg over the other and studying her nails with boredom. Beside Lauren was Tyler (who Bella had noticed wore a football jersey but was not sitting at the table obviously meant for jocks). Then beside Tyler was a guy named Eric Yorkie (who kept sneaking peeks at Bella every so often), and in between Eric and Angela sat a quiet boy named Ben Cheney.

The table sat 8 people and was circular, so everyone could see each other.

Bella turned to Angela. "Why isn't Tyler sitting with that table?" Bella asked quietly, gesturing to the loudest table in the room. There was a bunch of big teenage boys in football jerseys, laughing and cheering as another football jersey-clad guy looked as if he were trying to swallow a hamburger whole.

"Oh. Well, those guys are much more rowdy than Tyler. Despite his initial appearance and 'jock status', he's actually a nice, smart guy." Angela replied, smiling. Bella nodded understandingly.

She turned her head slightly to notice Jessica glaring at her, before Jessica turned her attention back to Mike. Bella turned back to Angela. "What's wrong with her?" She asked, careful to keep her voice extremely low. Although, it wasn't as if Jessica could hear her voice over the noise of the cafeteria. For a small school, the people made an incredible amount of noise.

"Well…" Angela trailed off awkwardly. Bella stared at her, willing her to continue speaking. "Well, you see, as the new girl you attract a lot of attention right? And well, Mike is giving you a lot of attention. More than he's giving Jessica."

Bella highly doubted that, as she spied Mike still having a staring competition with Jessica's chest.

"And Jessica really likes Mike, so I guess she- she feels threatened by you, or something. Really, many girls must feel threatened by you. You're something new, something… different." Bella tried to protest against Angela's words. She didn't regard herself as the type of girl that other girls should feel threatened by.

"No way. If Jessica wants to be with him, she can. I don't want to get involved with anyone. I didn't come here to steal anyone's boyfriends or anything." Bella whispered furiously, feeling outraged that people were thinking that.

"I know, Bella. But you couldn't help it even if you tried." Angela said quietly, looking sympathetic. She turned back to her book and continued to read silently.

Bella sunk in her seat, distracting herself by staring at the scratches in the surface of the table. She couldn't wait to get out of the cafeteria and to her Biology class. In Phoenix, Bella took AP Biology because she loved the subject immensely. She tried to remember the name of the Forks High Biology teacher, but was unsuccessful. All she remembered was that it was an old name, so the teacher was probably old and boring. Nevertheless, she was convinced she was going to enjoy the class.

The lunch bell finally rang, and Bella practically jumped out of her seat to rush to Biology. She quickly walked down the halls to find the room, forgetting that Mike wanted to walk there with her since he was going to be in that class as well. She got lost twice, but managed to find the room, just seconds before the start of class bell.

Bella sat at an empty lab table; all the students were already paired up with partners and since the class had an odd number of people, she was left to work alone.

She waited patiently for their teacher to walk in. He was running about 5 minutes late. She craned her neck to the back of the class to stare at the clock on the wall. When she turned back around to look at the front, the teacher was there, smiling at the class.

Bella's hands began to sweat with her nervousness. He was not the old man she had pictured.

He caught her eyes and smiled a beautiful crooked smile, making her heart skip a beat.

This was not good.

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