HPxYu-gi-oh Crossover

By: Sayaalv

A/N I don't own and this will be a FEM!Harry Motherly!Ishizu and Nice!Yamis minus the pharaoh cuz I can't stand him. Major AU and OOCness plus some FEMSLASH and Bashing

A tall Egyptian woman with black hair, dark brown eyes, and a nice tanned figure sighed as she stood up and got ready to open the museum in Domino City, one of seven of the Millennium items catching the light as she did so. This womans name was Ishizu and she was roughly twenty years old, give or take a few months, and was the keeper of the Millennium Necklace. Ishizu wiped the tears from her eyes as she looked at a single picture on her desk. The picture was of a fifteen year old Ishizu lying in a hospital bed exhausted and with a small pink bundle in her arms. The bundle was a beautiful baby girl with a small tuft of black hair and bright brown eyes and was obviously born recently. The girl was Ishizus daughter Hotaru Hikari, the by-product of being raped on the way home from the Egyptian tombs one night, and this was the only picture the Egyptian woman had of her now five year old child. Right after the baby was born and the picture was taken the few hours old child had been kidnapped from her arms by a strange old man in weird clothes that had knocked her out with a curious red light emitting from a stick.

"Today would be her fifth birthday." Ishizu murmured quietly, not seeing her younger brother, Malik, and his darkness, Marik, sneaking up behind her, despite the fact that the spirit shared the same body as her brother and was now floating behind him eerily.

"Whose fifth birthday is today?" Malik asks curiously and making Ishizu jump…as much as she could jump anyways. That basically meant that she tensed as if prepared to fight for her life or run for it as she spun around only to see her brother and his darkness grinning at her like twin lunatics.

"Marik! Malik! What have I told you two about sneaking up behind me like that?" Ishizu questioned relaxing when she saw her brothers (who she often referred to as twins whenever Marik was out in his own body) standing behind her and crossing her arms over her chest sternly.

"Not to but you didn't answer his question. Whose fifth birthday is today?" Marik said shrugging the first part off easily before looking curious about the second part, Malik doing the same.

"That's right. You weren't there that day and you don't know." Ishizu said her eyes softening as she realized they truly didn't know about her daughter.

"Don't know what sister?" Malik asks looking at his older sister and mother figure curiously. Ishizu picked the picture up off of her desk gently and showed it to her younger brothers.

"Sister you…had a baby?" Malik asks looking up at his sister curiously and shocked, he had a niece and didn't know it?

"Yes. Her name, the one I had given her before she was kidnapped by the old man, was Hotaru Hikari. Strange name I know but it just seemed to fit her for some reason. You didn't know because you weren't here at the time and I didn't really consent when she was conceived." Ishizu said sitting down in her chair and smiling down at the picture of her daughter, a few tear making their way to the corners of her eyes.

"You were…raped? Who did it? I'll garrote them for ever coming anywhere near my big sister with ill intent!" Malik said glaring at nothing in particular as he snarled at the thought of something like that occurring to his older sister and the only mother like figure he ever had.

"I don't know who did it. I was knocked out cold beforehand and only woke up hours later, and by that time he was long gone. It's alright now. I don't dwell on it much anymore. I'm more focused on worrying over you two idiots and trying to locate my baby girl." Ishizu said smiling reassuringly at her two brothers.

"Today would be her fifth birthday but come on. We have a museum to run." Ishizu said trying to take her mind off of the child that had been kidnapped and trying to keep her brothers from dwelling on it as well. What Ishizu didn't know was that she would soon find her baby girl but she would not like the circumstances surrounding the five year olds reappearance.

Five year old Harry Potter, otherwise known as Hotaru Hikari or 'Freak', was laying in her cupboard under the stairs staring up at the ceiling and just thinking about whatever came to her mind. Oh yes, the small child knew that 'he' was really a she. What she didn't know was how or why. Just two weeks ago and she looked like a boy with maybe a little bit of girly appearance but now she really looked like a girl with no boyish appearance. The only one other than her to know was her 'Aunt' Petunia who adored the young girl when her 'Uncle' and 'Cousin' weren't around.

The tiny five year old Egyptian was many things but dumb was not one of them. She could read books that left high school students scratching their heads in confusion and often would sneak off to the library to read loads of different books. For some reason she hadn't known before now, the young girl had been extremely in anything relating to Egypt or its past. This included Duel Monsters and Monster World. Monster World appealed to her because it seemed like a fun adventure while Duel Monsters was because she could see the obvious resemblance between several different monsters and the pictures of monsters on ancient Egyptian tablets that had been uncovered.

This fascination with Duel Monsters had led the young child into learning all the rules and how to play the only thing she didn't have was a deck and that had been quickly and easily rectified. Ever since her so called cousin, who now that she thought about it could not be her real cousin as he had no Egyptian blood in him whatsoever while she appeared to be at least half Egyptian at the very least, had gotten fascinated with Duel Monsters he had gotten his parents to buy him loads of cards. He used only the strongest of the cards he found to build his own deck while the rest were to be thrown away, Aunt Petunia was only able to salvage a couple of cards and give them to Hotaru. Luckily, Hotaru was an expert thief and had managed to save each and every last card that her aunt missed and used them to build her own decks, one deck for every theme that appealed to her.

She had at least four decks and another one in the making now. One deck was based purely on Egyptian cards, another was based on Darkness, one on light, and the fourth currently made was based on the Occult. She was currently making a deck that was Charmer themed as well since everyone assumed them to be weak and hardly ever used them. Boy, wouldn't that be a surprise? A small five year old girl having four decks with varying themes and another based on the type of cards many assumed to be too weak to use in a deck. The thought almost made the Egyptian girl smirk, especially when she considered how her 'relatives' would react to her having so many cards while their 'precious Dudders' barely kept enough cards for one full deck. Aunt Petunia would probably act furious when Vernon and Dudders were around but then laugh her head off and congratulate the young girl when they weren't.

"Freak! Get in here!" The sudden voice of her supposed uncle startled her so much that a flicker of surprise crossed her face for the briefest of moments before it was hidden by her stoic façade. The young girl many still assumed to be a boy calmly and quietly walked out of her cupboard and into the living room where her 'relatives' were waiting.

"We are going to Japan for a tournament that Dudley is going to enter." Vernon began once the girl he still saw as a boy, mainly thanks to the baggy old castoffs she was forced to wear hiding her now feminine body, stood in front of him with her stoic mask in place. The only time the mask was dropped was when she was alone or only around her Aunt Petunia.

"We were originally going to leave you with Mrs. Figgs or someone else but no one is available so you have to come with us. But I'll warn you now boy. One freakish thing happens and you won't live to see England again. Understand me?" Vernon threatened, his face turning a fascinating shade of purple when the young Egyptian merely nodded and showed no emotion at all. Hotaru mentally noted to see how it was possible for the large fatmans face to turn that shade of puce even as her heart gave a huge leap in her chest. Japan! The libraries there would be several times larger than the one here not to mention all the different museums and such dedicated to Egypt and its past!

This would also be a wonderful time to put her decks to the test as she knew the tournament to be one where anyone could enter by paying a small amount of money, and she had swiped more than enough money from her 'uncle' and others that degraded her just for existing. Although she did mainly swipe money so as to buy food for herself and her hidden pet snake, a zoo snake that had gotten loose three months ago and she had found the Egyptian Asp in the garden when she was tending to the flowers!, some food since her 'uncle' refused to feed her, Aunt Petunia often snuck the young girl some food when her husband and son weren't around or paying attention, and would probably kill her if they ever found out about the full grown Egyptian Asp that liked to curl around her waist, underneath her shirt of course, so as to protect the child it saw as her 'hatchling' as the snake had taken to calling her once they learned she could actually hear the snake talking and could talk back to it!

She had looked up that little trick and found out about the Egyptian legends about the snake god Apeps and how he and several chosen descendants could speak the tongue of the serpents. She also found out by accident that if she gave a snake an order in its native tongue that the snake would always do as ordered or asked! That had helped tremendously with keeping the rodents out of her garden over the three years she had been working in it. Her aunt was surprised when she found out about this but then shrugged it off since strange things often happened around Hotaru. The shadows would always help her when she needed it, the plants could talk to her and often talked the nearby apple and orange trees into giving her some of their fruit if she was hungry, the animals saw her as one of their own and often protected her when she was being chased by her overweight cousin and his small group of friends, the wind would sometimes lift her up and let her fly around or give her a cool breeze if it were too hot outside, and sometimes her Duel Monsters would come out of their cards to talk to her or play with her if she wanted to play. So her being able to talk to not only snakes but also all of the animals wasn't that much of a stretch from the normal, or what classified as normal with her around.

"Vernon." Petunia began, drawing the young Tomb Keeper from her thoughts. When the young girl looked at her aunt, a half a minute faster than Vernon did and therefore seeing the wink said aunt had given her. Hotaru grinned behind her mask; she now knew her aunt had something to do with her going along for the trip.

"We can't take him to Japan looking like that. Why don't I go out and buy that small Egyptian womans outfit I saw in London the other day and we can get him a weak deck of his own? That way we can enter him in the tournament with Dudders and watch as he loses to our precious Duddykins, which would not only prove Duddy a better Dueler than him but also make it seem as if we are saints for putting up with a cross dresser." Petunia said smirking when her husband looked at her as if she were a genius.

"Wonderful idea Pet. That's what we'll do. We'll let the freak have his own weak little deck to show that Dudders is better and then when he loses we can humiliate him and make us look better when he appears to be a cross dresser on television where it will be seen around the world. Yes, that'll work perfectly. You'll take him to London immediately then?" Vernon asks grinning at Hotaru as if he thought this would be a horrible punishment to the young girl.

"Of course, we only have three hours before our plane leavees. I'll need to borrow the car and some money first, though it'll be a small price to pay to see the looks on everyones faces. The dress was relatively cheap just like some weak cards at that old game shop in the mall." Petunia said, adding the last part when Vernon grumbled slightly.

"Yes, you're right. Here ya go then. This'll be enough to cover the cards and dress I suppose?" Vernon asks handing his wife several twenty pound notes as well as the car keys.

"Yes, this should cover them both just fine dear. Come along girl." Petunia said smirking at Hotaru, knowing that this would only amuse the child while it seemed cruel to her husband.

"Good idea Pet. We can claim we always thought she was a he therefor making us look better in the eyes of the neighbors." Vernon said just as Petunia and Hotaru walked out the door and got in the car. Once they were parked in the mall parking lot somewhere in London the two females finally looked at one another and broke out in laughter.

"Thanks auntie." Hotaru said allowing her emotions to show as her eyes went from bright green to clear blue with a hint of silver to them and her skin got slightly darker, giving her more of a tan complexion than a pasty white one.

"Ow ow ow. Laughing to hard. You're welcome dear. I thought you might like to visit Japan and show off some of your cards while getting an outfit that actually suits you." Petunia said as she turned off the car and began to get out, Hotaru following her lead quickly and quietly.

"Hello? I'm here for an Egyptian dress for my niece." Petunia said walking into the dress shop where she saw the Egyptian piece, causing two of the helpers to fawn over the young girl immediately upon seeing her 'absolutely gorgeous and intriguing' eyes. Hotaru merely blinked at them for a moment before tilting her head to the side slightly.

"Why are they acting so strangely?" Hotaru asks gently tugging on her Aunts hand that was holding her much smaller one.

"It's because you're an absolute cutie, dear." Petunia said smiling down at her niece fondly before looking at the two workers.

"Can we get her fitted for her new dress now? We are kind of in a hurry since we have a flight to catch in just three hours and still need to get her some more cards for her deck." Petunia asks the two women who immediately nod and begin measuring Hotaru before cutting the fabric to and making the dress to fit her perfectly.

"Are you going to that tournament in Japan then deary?" One woman asks keeping the small child entertained while her co-worker worked on the detail and designs on the dress.

"Yes ma'am. I like Dueling and my cousin is going too but he didn't want a new outfit so Auntie Petunia decided to bring me to get a new dress just for the occasion. She said I could have an Egyptian dress since I like Egypt and the Egyptian based cards. Did you know that historian found an Egyptian tablet with a drawing of a man on it that looks like the Dark Magician? It's really cool!" Hotaru says for once acting like the little child she had yet gotten to be.

"Really? I didn't know that. Are all the Duel Monster cards based on Ancient Egyptian things?" The worker asks smiling as she listened to the girl excitedly ramble on about Egypt and the cards that were based on what people have found on Ancient Egyptian tablets and such.

"And there are three really rare cards based on three of Egypt's gods. There's the Winged Dragon of Ra, which is based off of the Egyptian God of the Sun, who happens to be called Ra, there's Obelisk the Tormentor, who is based off of the God of the Dead, Osiris, and Silfer the Sky Dragon, who is based off of both the God of Destruction, Sekhmet, and the God of Justice, Ma'at. Those three cards are some of the powerfullest ones out there and are nigh unbeatable unless they are taken out by a trap, spell, or another monsters special effect." Hotaru says near the end of her small tirade, leaving the two workers and her aunt staring at her in shock and surprise.

"My my. I've never met someone who knows so much about Egyptian gods or the cards that were based off of them." A man in a black coat holding an Ankh says as he steps into the shop in time to hear the ending of Hotarus small monologue.

"He-he. I really like Duel Monsters and anything related to Egypt so I read a lot of books at the library." Hotaru says making her aunt snort at this in amusement.

"If the call I got from one of the librarians was anything to go by, you've read every book that even mentions something Egyptian or Duel Monster related and then at least half of the rest of the library." Petunia said smirking in amusement when a rare blush colored her nieces cheeks for the briefest of moments.

"Well seeing as how you like Egypt and all things related to it so much why don't I give you a small gift from Egypt itself?" The man asks bending down to be on eye-level with the young girl who immediately looked at him excitedly and happily.

"Really? A gift from Egypt!" The young girl asks literally bouncing in place at the thought of getting an honest to god gift from someone other than Aunt Petunia, let alone a gift right from Egypt.

"Yes. Two in fact. One is for your Duel Monsters deck and another is one that I think you would really like." The man, who would later turn out to be named Shadi, said smiling at the young girls' excitement while Petunia was looking at him warily and the workers were smiling at the generosity of the man.

"Here. This is a special necklace that I feel would fit you perfectly." Shadi said reaching into one of his robe pockets and pulling out a Millennium necklace that was, ironically, a smaller version of the one Ishizu wore all the way in Japan.

"Really! Thank you Mister! This looks just like the Millennium Necklace that was carved into one of the tablets at the Museum!" Hotaru said happily and excitedly, forgetting all thoughts or feelings of caution or suspicion she may have had earlier as she flung her arms around the man's neck in a hug.

"That's because this is a smaller version of the real Millennium Necklace that is currently being worn by a woman in Japan who looks quite a bit like you now that I think about it. This necklace chose you as its wielder for some reason which means that you're destined for some great things in the future, little one. Besides, if you liked that gift then you're going to love this one but I want you to promise me that you'll put these into your deck and use them instead of selling them or letting them collect dust. Can you do that young Seer?" Shadi asks smiling slightly at the hug he got from the child that looked almost like a miniature Ishizu as he held out about five Duel Monster cards with their pictures facing the ground.

"Duel Monster cards? I promise mister. I'll put them in whichever one of my decks they'll fit into!" Hotaru said bouncing up and down, wondering what cards the man was giving her that was so important.

"Good. I've had these cards for many years and now it's time for me to pass them on to someone else who will use them wisely. Take good care of these cards child." Shadi said smiling as he heard the truth in the girls' words and handed the small child the cards when she nodded seriously. The small girl took one look at the top card and nearly dropped them all in surprise and shock.

"Horakhti! Isn't she supposed to be a myth?" Hotaru asks holding the card reverently before noticing another picture that caught her eye and gasped again as she got a good look at all five of the cards in her hands.

"The Winged Dragon of Ra, Obelisk the Tormentor, Silfer the Sky Dragon, The Pharaohs' Name-Atem, Egyptian Desert, and The Creator of Light, Horakhti? You're giving me the five rarest and most powerful cards in existence?" Hotaru said looking at the man in wide eyed shock and awe.

"Yes child. I stopped Dueling long ago and cannot bear to see these cards go unused so I decided to give them to the one who was chosen by the smaller Millennium Necklace. Seeing as how you know what the cards are, and most likely what they can do if used correctly, I know I made the right choice in giving them to you. Use them wisely and treat them well child, and they will return the favor." Shadi said before pulling a disappearing act, leaving the four stunned females behind with the smallest one of them holding the most powerful cards in existence.