Harry and Ron changed into their Hogwarts robes and uniforms at Hermione's insistence once Malfoy and his friends had moved on to another car. Harry and Ron were having a 'duel' with their licorice wands when the conductor announced that they were approaching Hogwarts. The boys stuffed their pockets with candy as the train came to a stop. "Oi, Little Twins!" Fred and George called knocking on the door to their compartment. They looked at Ron sitting next to Hermione. "Aaaw, already hitting on the Hogwarts ladies, are you, boys?" Ron turned purple as Harry laughed. "Well, just wanted to wish you good luck with the sorting!" Fred said grinning.

"Yeah, and remember, don't get troll boogers on you!" George said in a serious tone.

"Since we were twins, we took ol' Trollie on at the same time." Fred explained.

"Er - you're joking, right?" Ron asked turning a bit green. He looked over at Harry who shrugged.

"Nope!" Fred and George said in unison. "Minnie takes you into a side room and you firsties duke it out with the Hogwarts Troll." Harry, Ron, and Hermione exchanged worried glances with each other. "Right! See you at the Gryffindor table!" They cheered before walking down the compartment laughing.

"Firs' Years! This way!" Hermione gasped as a very tall built man with a giant beard came toward the train with a lantern.

"Who is that?" Hermione asked.

"Hagrid." Ron and Harry said. "Our brothers told us about him." Ron explained. "He's the gatekeeper. AAAAW RIGHT!" Ron cheered looking at the boats on the water. "Get in! Watch out for Squiddy!"

"Squiddy?" Hermione asked, her voice even higher.

"The giant squid." Harry said settling himself in the boat. "Perce said he'll finally stop Fred and George from taunting it this year now that he's prefect." The boats slowly propelled themselves toward Hogwarts. The three first years gasped as the castle came into view.

"This is just like the illustrations in the books!" Hermione gasped. "It's beautiful!"

"This is awesome!" Harry and Ron gasped. Harry grinned. He felt a warm feeling in his heart knowing he would soon walk where both sets of parents had walked before him. They crossed the lake with out incident and trooped up to the front entrance.

"Welcome, First years!" A stern looking woman said. She was tall wearing an emerald green robe and had her greyish brown hair pulled back in a bun. "My name is Professor Minverva McGonnogall. In just a few minutes you will be sorted into your respective houses." She explained about house points and then led them into a side room.

"I don't see it." Ron said. Harry stood on his tip-toes.

"Nope." Harry said. "Unless it's behind a curtain." Hermione was whispering spells under her breath. Quite a few first-years screamed as the Hogwarts ghosts floated through the walls and introduced themselves. Suddenly the doors at the end of the room opened and Professor McGonnogall told them to line up to enter the Great Hall.

"Look at the candles!" Hermione gasped, her face lighting up. "They're held up by magic! And the ceiling is bewitched, just like -"

"It says in Hogwarts a History." Ron muttered as Harry choked down a laugh.

"Welcome, First Years! Welcome!" Professor Dumbledore said standing up in his magnificent robes and addressing them. "Welcome to Hogwarts, your home for the next seven years! You will be sorted enter houses shortly with the help of the Sorting Hat!"

"I'm going to kill Fred and George!" Ron muttered. "Goin on about a troll!"

"We'll pay them back, Ron." Harry said grinning. Hermione looked relieved as well.

"Granger, Hermione!" Professor McGonnogall called. The boys watched as Hermione walked to the front of the stage and sat down with the sorting hat on her head.

"GRIFFYNDOR!" It called. Ron groaned. He and Harry had a running commentary about the sorting.

"She can help us with homework." Harry said. "She's not that bad, Ron. You just wait."

"Malfoy, Draco!" Malfoy strutted to the stage. The sorting hat barely touched his head before it shouted,


"Figures." Harry and Ron muttered.

"Harry Potter Weasley!" Harry gasped. They were only to the P's. He was planning on being sorted right before or after Ron.

"Go on, bro!" Ron whispered excitedly prodding his brother.

"See you!" Harry said before hurrying up to the stool. He heard the gasps and whispers break out across the hall before the hat was over his head.

"Hm. Tough one. A thirst to prove yourself, courage, bravery, a desire to be with your brothers, what do you think?" A voice said in his ear.

"The Weasleys are usually Griffyndors." Harry muttered.

"True. I can also see a bit of Slytherin in you as well." Harry shook his head. "Are you sure? Better be...GRIFFYNDOR!" Harry pulled the hat off and cheered as he went to join his brothers. Fred and George wrapped him a bear hug and Percy shook his hand.

"Aw c'mon, Perce, lighten up and hug your brother!" Fred chided. Percy wrapped his arms around Harry.

"Welcome home, bro." Percy said smiling. Ron was sorted into Griffyndor a short time later.

"YEAH!" Harry and Ron cheered and slapped fives. "EXCELLENT!" They listened to Dumbledore's speech before the feast appeared before them on the table. Harry and Ron laughed as Percy and Hermione immediately got into a discussion about homework, books, and their classes.

Dumbledore watched as Harry Potter Weasley was hugged by all his brothers before he even got to sit at the bench. He smiled as he watched the five Weasley boys chat with each other and the other Griffyndors. Living with the Weasleys gave Harry a sure solid foundation of love, and Dumbledore knew that power of love would help Harry defeat any darkness he encountered as he grew. "Harry Potter Weasley, you will go far, my boy." He said smiling.