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'I have to do this, I just have to,' Haruhi thought to herself as she made her way to the club room. 'I have to do this if Sempi and I are going to become a real couple.' She paused in the front of the club room doors, thinking about what it was she was about to ask the guys. She wondered if they would be supportive or unsupportive in her decisions in this matter. But this was what she wanted more then anything. She waned to let everyone know she was a girl.

This decision was mainly due the fact about what had happen at the school fair when she went racing after Tamaki to stop him from going to France with Lady Éclair. She realized now what it was that had driven her to do something so reckless. She was in love with Tamaki Suoh and the only way she could really be with him was if she finally came out that she was a girl. There were no ifs and or buts in the matter. This was what she had to do for love and it was what she was going to do.

Haruhi took a deep breath and slowly opened the door. As she did she could hear talking from inside. She looked in and saw that the guys were all in the room already having some sort of meeting.

"And you're sure her debts are all cleared?" asked Tamaki.

"Yes, she's now completely debt free," said Kyoya.

"Then I can say this with confidence. Haruhi is no longer a member of this club!" said Tamaki sounding happy at the idea.

"Are you sure about this Boss?" asked Kaoru.

"Yes, this is only way we can be together, for you see I've realized something. When I saw Haruhi starting to fall from the bridge and all I could think of was saving her, I realized I'm in love with Haruhi Fujioka!" said Tamaki.

"Seriously Boss?" said Hikaru.

"Yes, I'm in love with her and I want to be with her. And the only real way to do that is to fully reveal she's a girl, and that also means she can't be in the club anymore," said Tamaki.

"Are you really willing to let her go like that Tama-Chan?" asked Hunny.

"Yes," said Tamaki.

"What if she still wants to be a part of the club?" asked Hunny.

"That I don't know," said Tamaki.

"Well let's just see what Haruhi thinks about you making her quit the club first," said Kyoya.

"I say I'll do it," said Haruhi finally showing herself to the guys.

"Haru-Chan!" said Hunny happy to see her.

"Have you been there the whole time?" asked the twins.

"Pretty much, enough to hear about Sempi's plan," said Haruhi as she walked over to the group

"You heard what I said?" asked Tamaki.

"Yes and be honest I wanted to talk to you about that too Sempi. You see the thing is, I also love you," said Haruhi. There was an awkward pause throughout the room.

"HARUHI!" Tamaki finally shouted as he ran to her and twirled her around. "Oh Haruhi I knew one day you'd return my affection!"

"Yeah I'm sure!" said Haruhi as she managed to get out of his grasp.

"Then does that mean you're willing to let yourself be reveled as a girl?" asked Hikaru.

"Yes, it does," said Haruhi.

"And quit the club?" asked Kaoru. Haruhi sigh and sat down.

"Yeah that too, I really don't want to though. I'd really like to be a part of the club at least somewhat similar to this," said Haruhi.

"Oh really?" said Tamaki. He started to think and snapped his fingers.

"I got it! A hostess club!"

"A what?" asked the twins.

"We are going to form a hostess club with my beloved Haruhi as the president!" said Tamaki.

"A hostess club?" asked Haruhi, "Won't that mean me entertaining men?"

"Any more then me entertaining girls. I'm sure a natural girl can be just as popular as a natural boy," said Tamaki, "So what do you think?"

"Well who would I have be a part of the club with me?" asked Haruhi.

"Huh?" asked Tamaki.

"Who could I have be part of the club with me? It's not like I can do the club on my own," said Haruhi.

"Oh right good point," said Tamaki.

"You're lucky you have other charms you know that," said Haruhi as she leaned over and kissed his cheek. Tamaki looked like he was going to explode.

"What if we had some sort of try out or interview?" asked Hunny.

"Try outs?" asked Haruhi.

"Yeah we have try outs all the time for our dojos. What if we hold try outs? Have the girls come in and see if they can charm us. If they can they can be in the club as well," said Hunny.

"Yeah," said Mori.

"Hey that sounds like a good idea," said Hikaru.

"We can also ask them a lot of questions to see how well they respond to them," said Kaoru. Haruhi could tell they were all ready thinking of some embarrassing questions for the girls.

"That's sound fine and all, but can I ask one thing?" asked Haruhi.

"Any thing Haruhi," said Tamaki.

"I get the final say in the girls that come into the club," said Haruhi.

"Of course you can!" said Tamaki.

"Also, I want my spot replace with a real guy," said Haruhi.

"What?" asked the hosts.

"I think you should keep seven guys in the club, make it odd so you guys can always have an easy way to split up votes or disagreements and things like that," said Haruhi.

"You have a point," said Kyoya, "Am I correct in assuming that you'd like to have at least six new girls then?"

"Yes I would," said Haruhi.

"Very well then," said Kyoya, "We shall send the word out tomorrow for both the new male for the host club and the new girls for the hostess club."

"Thank you Kyoya-Sempi," said Haruhi.

"Of course," said Kyoya. He shifted his eyes in between her and Tamaki.

"Why don't we give them a moment alone real fast," he said.

"What?" asked the other four.

"Well they did declare their love for each other a short time ago, we should let them have some time alone," said Kyoya.

"Fine," said the twins as they got up.

"You two have fun all right," said Hunny giggling.

As soon as they were alone, Haruhi and Tamaki both looked at each other.

"So, now that we both know we're in love with each other, what do we do?" asked Haruhi.

"Well I suppose we can do this," said Tamaki, giving her a kiss.

"Yeah I'd like that," said Haruhi blushing, "Do you think it'll work out between us?"

"I really hope so Haruhi. You are without a doubt one of the greatest women I've ever known," said Tamaki kissing her again.

"And you're a really great guy Sempi," said Haruhi.

"Haruhi can you do me one favor?" asked Tamaki.

"Sure," said Haruhi.

"Don't call me Sempi when we're together like this," said Tamaki.

"Sure, Tamaki," said Haruhi.

"Make sure they're up all over," said Kyoya handing his men the flyers for the new hostess club and the host club to have hang up around the school. He thought about what the reaction the girls would have to this and what one would want to audition. Then he also thought about the new boy they would be getting to replace Haruhi. Would he fit in? Would he make the host club even better? All he knew for sure was things were about to get a lot more interesting from here on out, and he liked that.