OCS from and belong to:

Xelainatx: Belle and Elaina Adeline

McflyGoonieFaxFan: Kaiya Sushika

The Goddess of Darkness: Elizabeth Omirou

Silentrose4: Aiko Kichida

Princessmelodina / hunnylover: Maria Tanaka-Martinez

Tracey4t: Mark Timily, or Kira

"Ah I can't stand this anymore!" said Maria starting to get impatient over not being able to find Belle.

"Well you know Belle is rather responsible. It's not like she can't meet up with us later," said Aiko.

"But why did she walk off on us?" asked Maria.

"Maybe she saw something else she wanted to look at," said Aiko.

"Still though, couldn't she had said something, or meet up with us by now?" said Maria, "It makes me wonder if she just didn't want to be around us, and if that was the case why did she agree to come with us in the first place?"

"Maybe she didn't want to hurt your feelings," said Aiko.

"I wouldn't have been hurt if she said no. All of the other girls did," said Maria.

"Yeah but they all had a legitimist excuse. Three had dates and one was stuck baby-sitting," said Aiko, "Look Maria, Belle's not your sister. She's a responsible young woman who can get herself home and not make stupid decisions. If we meet up with her again we'll meet up with her again. If not, her loss."

"Alright," said Maria.

"How about we go find a shop you want to look at. We haven't gotten a chance to yet," said Aiko.

"Alright," said Maria as the two started to walk off.

"Come on Takashi, I think I saw another ice cream shop down this way," said Hunny running down the side walk. Mori did his best to keep up.

"This place is so great!" said Hunny, "All these cute shops, the beautiful ocean. It's almost something out of a movie."

"Yeah," Mori agreed.

"You know what the one thing that we need though, don't you?" said Hunny.

"Yeah," said Mori, "Dates."

"You said it, not me," said Hunny giggling as he walked on.

"Oh pretty," said Maria looking in a window at big fake blue bird, "It sort of reminds me of a pet bird my mother got for my abuela one year, which was probity eaten two days later when my brother let the cat into the house."

"Ewe," said Aiko, "So I'm curious, how did you mother and father ever met up if he's from a commoner family?"

"My mom went to Equator for a research trip and she went a tour by my dad's family tour group and my mom being the carefree person she is accidentally got herself stuck on a rock and my dad had to save her," said Maria. Aiko giggled.

"That's sounds cute. At least she got to marry someone she loved, not like my mother," said Aiko, "My grandmother had engaged to some loser when she was 15 and my poor mom had her first kid by the time she was 18. The doctor thinks that may have had something do with her bad health now."

"Oh that's too bad. Hey wait, you said she was engaged to some loser. Are you actually talking about your father?" asked Maria.

"Yep," said Aiko, "I have no respect for that, that!" Maria was starting to get a little bit upset over hearing Aiko's voice starting to have a British accent again.

"Hey look an ice cream shop!" she said quickly trying to distract her.

"Oh yea!" said Aiko happily running to the ice cream shop.

"Aiko wait up," said Maria as she hurried after her smaller class mate.

"Oh I hope they have strawberry!" Hunny and Aiko both shouted right as both came to the front door. Both stopped when they happen to notice the other.



"What are you doing here?" both asked at the same time.

"Aiko you really shouldn't run off like that!" said Maria.

"You shouldn't run off like that Mitsukuni," said Mori as both caught up to their friends. Maria gulped when she suddenly realized she was standing next to her.

"Oh, he hello Mori," she said.

"Hello Maria," said Mori.

"I'm, I'm a little surprise to see you here," said Maria timidly.

"Yes you too," said Mori.

"Well I'm happy you're here Aiko-Cham," said Hunny excitedly.

"Oh why?" asked Aiko.

"I made a pack with Takashi here the next time I saw you, I'd ask you out," said Hunny.

"Oh?" said Aiko surprised.

"So, since we're both here, how would you like to turn this into a date?" asked Hunny. Aiko could feel her heart jumping with joy.

"Yes!" she said.

"Yea!" said Hunny, offering her his arm, "Shall we go in together?" Aiko giggled and took it. The two were about to walk in when Hunny stopped.

"Oh wait," he said looking back at Mori and Maria, "Takashi don't you have something to ask Mari-Chan?"

"Huh?" said Maria looking over at Mori. Mori looked over at her.

"Maria would you like to go on a date with me?" he asked.

"A, A, A, Date?" said Maria as her head started to spin.

"Maria, are you alright?" asked Aiko.

"I'm, I'm feeling a little bit light headed," said Maria.

"You know what would make you feel better? Some ice cream," said Hunny.

"Or at the very least some water," said Aiko.

"Uh no, no I'm fine," said Maria.

"Do you want to walk around a little bit before we go get our ice cream?" asked Aiko.

"Sure," said Maria timidly. She could feel Mori's arm around her shoulder.

"So I can help support you," he said.

"Uh sure," said Maria as she started walking.

'This is either the scariest or greatest moment of my life!' she thought.

"So have you been to any other ice cream shops yet Aiko-Chan?" asked Hunny as the two of them followed after the two.

"No, not really," said Aiko.

"Well we'll have to fix that won't we?" said Hunny, "Especially since we're now on a date." Aiko giggled. She couldn't believe her good luck to actually be on a date right now with one of the cutest boys in the school.

'Nothing can spoil this moment,' she thought happily, 'Not even my sister Hana walking into a strip joint!'

"Aiko-Chan are you alright?" asked Hunny when he suddenly realized she was looking across the street from the water front to some of the more sleazy shops around the area including a seedy looking strip club. Both Mori and Maria turned around and looked at them.

"Everything okay?" asked Maria.

"Uh, well um," said Aiko still looking at the strip club she believed she just saw her sister walking into.

'That couldn't have been Hana. It just couldn't have been!' she thought, 'But then again.'

"I um have to go take care of something real fast! I'll meet you back at the ice cream shop!" she said as she started to take off.

"Aiko?" said Hunny as he watched her walk off across the street.

"Should we follow her?" asked Maria.

"I guess we could," said Hunny as the three upperclassmen started to follow the freshman.

Aiko wondered around the strip club not sure what to do next.

"Hey no minors here!" said the guard at the door.

"Uh well I um have to go in," said Aiko.

"I said no minors!" said the guard again pushing her away.

"Hey did you just push her?" asked Hunny as he ran up next to her.

"So what if I did? No minors means no minors!" said the guard.

"But we really need to get in!" said Hunny. He looked over at Aiko, "Right?"

"Yeah that's right," said Aiko.

"Well too bad, you're not getting in!" said the guard.

"Excuse me," said Mori walking up behind Hunny and Aiko with Maria.

"Uh," said the guard a little bit intimidate.

"Veamos en plese!" said Maria.

Uh okay, okay," said the guard as he moved aside for the four.

"Why did we come in here?" asked Hunny once they were in.

"Uh, I honestly don't know," said Aiko looking around the terrible place. There was no way this was her sister would be in a place like this. "I'm starting to think this was a bad idea. Let's just go."


Nearly all of the men started to cheer.

"Huh?" said Aiko looking towards the main stage. Out came her sister in a pink bunny costume, high heels and bunny ears.

"Hi boys," she said, "Ready to see me hop?" The men all started to cheer even louder.

"Oh my god!" said Aiko as she watched her sister begin to strip her bunny costume to show her in a pink bikini and start poll dancing.

"Aiko-Chan do you know her?" asked Hunny.

"She looks sort of like you," said Maria.

"I, I got to get out of here!" said Aiko as she turned and ran out of the club.

'I can't believe it!' she thought, 'Here we're struggling to make ends meet because of Grandmother and here she is making s special of herself! How could she!'