OCS from and belong to:

Xelainatx: Belle and Elaina Adeline

McflyGoonieFaxFan: Kaiya Sushika

The Goddess of Darkness: Elizabeth Omirou

Silentrose4: Aiko Kichida

Princessmelodina / hunnylover: Maria Tanaka-Martinez

Tracey4t: Mark Timily, or Kira

When Haruhi got back to the hostess club the next day she was surprised to see she was the last to arrive.

"You know it's not really good leadership for the president to show up late," said Kaiya.

"Uh huh," said Haruhi. She looked around the room and saw that each of the girls were looking extremely happy for some reason. Then again it seemed like they had all been extra happy all day.

"So how was everyone's day yesterday?" asked Haruhi as she walked around the different girls.

"Great!" said Elaina blushing.

"Quite interesting," said Belle.

"Amusing," said Kaiya.

"Exciting," said Elizabeth.

"Sweet!" said Aiko followed by a giggle.

"Surprising," said Maria.

"Well that's good I guess," said Haruhi.

"Enough chitchat," said Belle. She stood up and thrust Haruhi a bundle of clothes, "Here."

"What's this?" asked Haruhi.

"Your costume," said Belle, "Didn't you remember that today was our first cos play?"

"That's today?!" asked Haruhi.

"Boy Pres you're really on top of things aren't you?" asked Kaiya, "I demand a recall election!"

"Shut-up Kaiya," said Haruhi.

"Oh I've never been more insulted!" said Kaiya in a mocking tone.

"Kaiya," said Belle as she walked up to Kaiya and dumped a bundle of clothes into her hands, "The president told you to be quite so please do so and go change as well."

"Fine fine," said Kaiya.

"Everyone else please come and get your costumes," said Belle. Aiko, Maria and Elizabeth all quickly walked over to claim the costumes.

"Oh this is so exciting!" said Aiko, "I can't wait to see what animal I wind up looking like!"

"Where did you find these?" asked Elizabeth.

"From the Hitachiins of course," said Belle.

"Did they really?" asked Haruhi.

"Oh don't worry I made sure they were compensated for this," said Belle.

"Compensated?" said Haruhi.

"You can thank me for it later Miss President," said Belle.

"Uh sure," said Haruhi.

"How did they get our measurements?" asked Elizabeth.

"They're pros at these sorts of things," said Elaina.

"And I remembered to take notes of our measurements of when we went and got our dresses for the opening ball," said Belle.

"Well how did you know some of us didn't put on some pounds since then," said Kaiya patting Belle's belly.

"Don't ever touch me like that again," said Belle.

"Sorry," said Kaiya.

"I'm sure they'll fit just fine," said Belle, "Now please go and change."

"Elaina, do you need any help getting into your costume?" Maria asked.

"Well maybe," said Elaina.

"If we require any help we shall let you know Maria-Sempi," said Belle. She guided her sister to one of the dressing rooms and started to change.

"Belle can you help me zip up at all?" asked Elaina.

"Huh, oh sure," said Belle zipping her sister's clothes.

"Yo!" they suddenly heard Kaiya pounding at the door, "Come on come on! We got to get going the guests are about to break open the door.

The doors opened to the hostess club to show a big group of different animals.

"Welcome," they all said.

"Wow," was the boys' reaction to seeing the twins as two calico kittens, Kaiya as a puppy dog, Aiko as a bunny, Maria as a beautiful parrot with many colors, Elizabeth as a black panther and Haruhi as a Tanuki.

"So Haruhi you're a tanuki huh?" stated one of her guests as they all say around her.

"Yeah, I was told I always looked like one," said Haruhi.

"A real cute one," said another guest.

"Thanks," said Haruhi.

"So kittens huh?" said one of Elaina and Belle's guests.

"Yes that would be correct," said Elaina.

"So just out of curiosity what makes you purr loudest?" asked one of the guests.

"Mmm that's easy," said Belle as she rubbed her head up against Elaina, "When I'm all curled up sleeping with my precious sister all warm and cozy."

"Awe," said the guests.

"Belle, don't talk about that around our gusts," said Elaina.

"Oh sorry Elaina," said Belle making sure to rub Elaina underneath her chin, "But you're so fluffy and warm and the cute little meowing noise you make when I'm close to you. Should I try to make you go meow right now?"

"Yes do it! Do it!" chanted the boys.

"Woof!" Both Elaina and Belle jumped and looked behind them to see Kaiya walking past them holding a tray with tea cups.

"Kaiya do you mind?" asked Belle and Elaina.

"No I'm a dog, and in case you haven't noticed we dogs aren't too found of you cats," said Kaiya.

"Kaiya please go see to your own guests," said Belle.

"Fine," said Kaiya, "Grr." She walked over to her group and put her tray down on the table.

"So Kaiya what made you decide to be a dog?" asked one of her guests.

"They knew my bark was as bad as my bite," said Kaiya.

"So if I were to throw a ball would you fetch it?" asked another boy.

"Do you even have the balls?" Kaiya asked. She growled at him some more.

"What if we were to rub you behind the ears?" asked another boy.

"If you're feeling bold enough go right ahead," said Kaiya.

"Mmm!" said one of the boys, "She makes me want to take her on but at the same time I want to oh I don't know!" Kaiya laughed.

"I'm just too much for you boys to handle aren't I?" she asked. She stopped when she noticed Ken walking into the club room. He stopped when he noticed Kaiya.

"Oh hi Kaiya, It's easy to recognize a bitch," he said.

"You want to see this bitch bite?!" asked Kaiya, "I thought you said you weren't going to request me after yesterday."

"Who said I was requesting you?" asked Ken. He walked over towards Aiko's table and sat down. "Cute bunny costume," he said.

"Uh thanks," said Aiko.

"You look utterly adorable Aiko!" said one of the other boys.

"Thank you," said Aiko, "I always found something innocent and sweet about bunnies. They mean no harm to anyone really."

"Yeah, they're so sweet," said Ken putting his hand on her leg. Aiko looked down at it uncomfortable when suddenly out of no where came a loud, "BARK!" Ken jumped and said Kaiya behind him.

"Don't pet the animals got it!" she said. Ken quickly took his hand off of Aiko.

'Hmm,' thought Haruhi watching the scene, 'I think Kaiya's getting a little bit too much into character.'

"Aiko, do you need me to come and sit with you?" asked Maria walking over to her.

"No I'm okay," said Aiko.

"Okay, I will be nearby if you need me though," said Maria before walking back towards her group.

"So sorry to have to leave you men for a little bit like that gentlemen," she said in Spanish as usual. The boys just sighed happily.

"You speak such beautiful Spanish," said one.

"Gracias," said Maria.

"And I think you make a lovely little bird," said another.

"Gracias," said Maria, "I love the idea of flying past the sun and seeing wild and free filling the sky with rainbows with my wonderful wings." The boys looked at her dreamily.

"What do you think she said?" asked one in a trance.

"Who cares?" said another.

"So are you suppose to be a cat too Elizabeth?" asked one of her guests.

"Ha, me a mere cat?" she said, "No I am the mysterious black panther. You know that panthers are so strong they can pull their pray up to the trees with them?" She rubbed her hand underneath one of her guests' chins and guided him to his feet. "They are quite the mysterious and dangerous creatures wouldn't you say? You wouldn't want to mess with a panther now would you?"

"No Ma'am," said the boy who was standing. Elizabeth smiled before looking at her other guests.

"Anyone else want to take on the black panther?" she asked seductively. All of her guests looked intrigued and at the same time a bit scared over the idea of taking her on in her costume.

"So Belle how good did we do?" asked Haruhi after the club was over.

"I think we should consider doing more cos play in the future," said Belle, "by the way Haruhi what would you say to the idea of doing combined days with the host club?"

"Fine that sounds great," said Haruhi.

"Wonderful," said Belle, "I shall inform Kyoya-Sempi."

"Inform me of what?" asked Kyoya walking into the club room along with the rest of the host club.

"Haruhi green lighted the idea of us doing a combined day," said Belle.

"Excellent," said Kyoya, "I think that would be an excellent opportunity for our two clubs." The two of them started writing in their journals together.

"Your sister never really wears glasses does she?" asked Kaoru sitting down next to Elaina.

"No, except when she reads," said Elaina. She smiled at Kaoru. Kaoru returned the smiled just as brightly.

"So I take it your first cos play day was a success?" asked Tamaki walking up to Haruhi, "Why are you a Tanuki?"

"Ask one of them," said Haruhi looking at Hikaru and Kaoru. Hikaru looked like he was trying to sulk off by himself but for some reason he chose to put himself near Kaiya. Kaiya looked like she was trying not to notice but every now and then she cast a glance at Hikaru and smiled at him. Haruhi also noticed the other club members seemed to be at least drawn towards each other, if not right next to each other. Hunny went and immediately sat down next to Aiko and gave her a small peck on the cheek. Aiko giggled and blushed. Mark went and sat down next to Elizabeth and whispered something into her ear. Elizabeth giggled and to Haruhi's surprise kissed him right on his lips. She also noticed that Mori was standing next to the table Maria was at and Maria for once didn't look like she wanted to run away in fear. She still looked intimidated but not so much as she had in the past.

"Hmm," said Haruhi, "Um Tamaki, can I talk to you alone for a moment?"

"Huh oh sure," said Tamaki as Haruhi led him off towards a more secluded spot of the club, "So what's on your mind Haruhi?" Haruhi responded by reaching up and kissing him on his lips. "What was that for?" Tamaki asked.

"I don't think we've done that enough since we've really became a couple," said Haruhi giving her boyfriend another kiss.

"Oh well thank you for that," said Tamaki. Haruhi gently laid her head on Tamaki's chest.

"You know I'm glad all of this happened with the hostess club," she said, "Not only are these girls really great and really great to be around, but I think we've helped make them and the guys a little bit happier at the same time."

"You noticed that too huh?" said Tamaki holding her close, "Yeah I like seeing people coming together like that."

"Hmm, I know you do," said Haruhi, "That's what I like about you." The two looked backed out of the sea of couples or possible couples. Both knew that even if each others' club members had somehow someway found themselves a potential love interest these people had made a bid impact on their lives for a long time and would hopefully continue for a long time to come.

Author's Note: So this is the end of this particular story. But please do not despair, there will be a sort of second volume of this one with the return of all new O.C.'s in some brand new adventures. Hopefully it'll be a big improvement over this last one. So in the immortal words of the Host Club, "We'll See You Then!" J

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