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Takes place before Mufasa shows Simba the kingdom

Back In Time

Chapter 3: Love at first sight

"Hey guys" yelled Nala as she and Kiara ran over to the watering hole

"Hi Nala" said a dark brown lioness cub with green eyes

"Hey Kula" said Nala head-butting her friend

"Who's that?" a golden orange cub with black ear tufts, a black head tuft, and reddish brown eyes

"This is Kiara, she's going to be here for a while" explained Nala

Then three other cubs came running over.

"Hi I'm Kula" said the dark brown lioness cub

"I'm Malka" said the orange golden cub

"I'm Tojo" said a dark golden brown cub with blue eyes

"The name's Chumvi" said a dark brown colorless paws cub with reddish brown eyes

"And I'm Tama, Malka's girlfriend" said a tannish-cream colored fur with an orange tint and a tuft of hair over her head with orange eyes

"Nice to meet you, I'm Kiara" said Kiara

"You know you look just like our friend Simba" said Malka

"Speaking of Simba, where is that trouble making prince at?" said Kula

"I heard that" yelled a voice

The cubs turned and saw a golden brown cub with a golden tuff on his head and reddish brown eyes.

"Hey Simba" said Nala head butting the new cub

When Simba turn to his other friends and his eyes landed on Kiara his words was caught in his throat.

"Hhhhi, I'm Sssssimba" the golden cub sturred

Kiara giggled and said "Kiara"

Simba smiled and the cubs all sang "Simba and Kiara sitting in a tree, K.I.S.S.I.N.G…"

"Shut up" Simba playful growled

The cubs started to laugh and they went and played a game of tag. As the game was going Kiara was it and she went after Simba. Kiara pounced and the two heirs rolled until Kiara manage to pin Simba. Simba was in another world as he glazed into Kiara's eyes that mirror his own. Simba was in love, but he doesn't know that he had just fell for his daughter.

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