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CH7: Hurricane Irene Strikes Back From a… What?

The next night, Morticia intruded in on the devious plan. It was a major interference with Abigail and Caitlynne. About ten minutes later, Gomez breaks through the window, and begins a sword fight with Tully. Tully slashed Gomez's hand. Caitlynne threw a knife, aiming at Gomez's back, but he somehow, caught it.

"I've had enough with you, Addams," Caitlynne said, "You'll never stand a chance against me. Caitlynne won because Abigail threatened to shoot Gomez.

"Get to the vault, and if you're not back in an hour," Abigail and Caitlynne smirked, "I displace her. Gordon, go with him." Abigail held the gun towards Morticia. Caitlynne let out a devious laugh.

"What? He can go alone," Gordon said.

"Shut up," Abigail screamed, "You're a useless sniveling baby. You disgust me. I should have left you where I found you!"

"All those times I've beaten you senseless, when I had a bi-polar rage," Caitlynne flared her insults, "I lies when I said I never meant to hurt you. Well, I meant to give you a concussion. I've hated you Gordon. Mother is mine. You're just adopted. I'm her real family. Not you, you fat ass baby!"

Gomez went to pull the book Greed.

"No trick, Gomez," Gordon said, "That's the wrong book." Gordon held a book titled Hurricane Irene: Terror From Above. Gordon faced Tully, Caitlynne, and Abigail. He opened the book and quickly closed it.

"Put the book down, Gordon," Tully said, "You don't know what it can do. It's not just literature."

"Gordon, I had to be strict with you because I cared," Abigail said. Gordon started sniveling again.

"Knock it off you sniveling baby be a man," Caitlynne lashed, "That's why I beat you senseless. You need to be a man." Caitlynne quickly ran for cover.

"What about the doubloons," Tully asked.

"They're not yours, Tully, so back off," Gordon flared. He opened the book. Caitlynne grabbed her mother's arm and pulled her to safety.

"Mother," Caitlynne let out a blood curdling shriek. Abigail and Caitlynne watched Tully get thrown from the window, and land in a coffin in front of a grave with his name inscribed on the tombstone.

"Is he dead," Pugsley asked.

"Does it matter," came Wednesday's answer.

Abigail and Caitlynne went to a correctional facility on $10,000 bail. They both planned on getting back at the Addams family, but how? Caitlynne would figure it out. She was always the smart one. A year later, she had a plan once she saw an ad in the paper for three private baby-sitters. Caitlynne's devious smile came yet again.

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