Teiko Middle School

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Summary- Kuroko is a girl, but things aren't easy for her. There's 5 people that are going to make her life harder.

Kise- Handsome, but...

Midorima- Smart, but...

Aomine- Good at basketball but...

Murusakibara- Tall, but...

Akashi- Stratergic, but...

Kuroko sighed as she walked towards Teiko Middle school. This was her first day of school, even though she missed the first two days of school with an illness. She knew this day will be a normal day like back then, she will to school unnoticed, went back home and then the process started all over again.

As she walked into the school, she saw a blonde making out with a girlfriend, a green haired boy reading and a tall purple haired boy munching on chips. She walked into the classroom, sat on the back and read a book while enjoying her vanilla milkshake.

Soon, the bell started to ring and everyone came to sit down.

The teacher started calling names, until it reached, "Kuroko Tetsuya"

Everyone waited for the "Here," but it didn't come.

The teacher sighed mumbling, "Not here for three days".

"I'm here sensei," Kuroko said beside the teacher drinking her vanilla milkshake.

"Whaaa!" The teacher exclaimed as she stared at the girl who had appeared out of nowhere. Everyone else in the room was surprised by her sudden outburst as well.

"When did she get here?" Someone whispered.

"More importantly, how did he get there?" Another said.

"Kuroko... would you mind telling me why you were late for this class?" she questioned the quiet girl.

"I was here the entire time." Kuroko said simply.

The entire class just stared at her.

"That's impossible, we didn't see you at all." One boy said standing up.

"How'd you get to sensei's desk?" a girl asked her this time.

"I walked." Kuroko said with her simple phrases as they all sweatdropped at its simplicity.

"Man, that girl has no presence whatsoever."

"Where were you sitting, Kuroko?" she asked her.

Kuroko then pointed to the back of the class where her things were currently sitting.

"I see. Then I'm sorry Kuroko, you may take your seat but next time, please speak up when I call your name okay?" the sensei said. "Wait, why do you have a drink with you?"

"It's my vanilla milkshake," Kuroko simply said and then nodded to the other question and headed to her seat, not noticing five stares that was sent to him.

'Nothing but a short brat' the green haired boy thought.

'Can't believe I opened my eyes just to watch the scene. I should have known it would bore me' the tanned boy thought.

'My next prey' a certain blonde thought.

'How...interesting' a boy with red hair thought.

The tall boy with purple hair didn't care much about the scene. He watched Kuroko went to her seat and stared hungrily at the vanilla milkshake.

Once the bell rang, students went out of their classrooms for break time.

One foot out of the classroom, Kuroko felt someone holding on to her collar. The blue haired girl looked up to see a tall giant with purple hair. Before she could say anything, the tall boy snatched her vanilla milkshake away.

'My milkshake!' Kuroko sadly thought as she watched the giant drinking her milkshake.

Kise walked up to her pink haired girlfriend.

"Hey Momoi," Kise smiled.

"Hi Kise," Momoi smiled.

"Look, we need to break up. It's not me, I mean I'm Kise Ryota the model, it's definitely not me, but it's you. So, bye," Kise explained as he turned to walk away.

Momoi had tears in her eyes, but then looked at Kise angrily, "This always happen, doesn't it? I bet it's the girl that just showed up today. You always have a relationship, then break it off. I was told this info from the internet. Anyways, fine. Get away from me, you player."

Kise turned around. "I used you well enough in three days, don't you think?"

Noticing the anger from Momoi's face, he just shrugged and walked away.

"That wasn't nice," a voice said behind Kise.

"Ahhhh!" Kise yelled. Once he realized it was Kuroko, he smiled, "That wasn't nice either, you cutie".

Kise watched as the blue haired girl didn't say anything and continued, "Anyways, why don't you and me go on a little date tonight".

"No," she replied and walked away.

Kise watched the girl walked away. She had just rejected Kise Ryota! This wasn't good for Kise's relationship profile, because this was his first time rejected.

'I'll make you love me and then I'll break your little heart into pieces," Kise angrily thought.

During class, a sensei asked Kuroko, "Do you know the answer to this equation?"

Kuroko looked at the board, "35?"

"Wrong," the sensei said.

Kuroko could hear the person she's sitting next to, a green haired boy gave her a sneer.

"Who could answer this?" the sensei asked.

The blue haired girl watched the boy with green hair and glasses raise his hand, "It's 25, Sensei"

"Correct," the sensei said and turned to write something on the board.

Kuroko stared at the board when he saw a note.

'Idiot' Kuroko read quietly.

Who would sent her this? She looked at the green haired boy, who gave her a cold smile.

The bell rang signaling it was time for lunch when Kuroko accidently bumped into someone.

"Sorry," Kuroko apologized.

"Watch where you're going!" The person growled out.

"Look, I told you it was an accident," Kuroko said, looking at the person she bumped.

What she saw was surprising. The person had fiery red hair, but what was most surprising was the heterochromatic eyes, one was red while the other was yellow.

"You need to learn your lesson," the boy said grabbing a pair of scissors.

Kuroko knew what she had to do...run!

"Hey captain, can I join the basketball team. I wasn't here for the first two days," Kuroko explained. She kind of hated the fact that there was no girls basketball team, so she had to try out of boys.

"Sure, why don't you play 1 on 1 with Aomine," the captain said.

Soon it was a one on one match, but Kuroko lost 0-10

"You're in the third string team," the captain said.

"Thanks," Kuroko said and walked towards her third string teammates.

When it was time to go, Kuroko got hit on the jaw.

She looked at the person who hit her and saw a tanned boy with blue hair, but darker than hers.

"I don't like weaklings, so do us a favor and quit," warned Aomine.

"No. I love basketball," Kuroko said determination.

"Too bad," Aomine said and hit Kuroko in the face.

She watched as Aomine continued to punch Kuroko until she was on the floor whimpering.

"Quit the basketball team, if you know what's good for you," Aomine warned.

Aomine left and Kuroko was lying on the ground in pain. Today wasn't a normal day to Kuroko, it was far, far worse.

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