Teiko Middle School

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Kise- Handsome, but...a player

Midorima- Smart, but...is insulting

Aomine- Good at basketball but...beat people up

Murasakibara- Tall, but...bullies people for food

Akashi- Stratergic, but...has anger issues


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Aomine was hating them. He hated how they made him look bad. He made him look bad in front of her. He wanted to hurt them so bad. 'No' the tanned boy thought. He wanted to kill them.

The tall tanned boy was too busy in his thoughts that he didn't notice that he bumped into someone.

"Watch where you're going!" the voice screamed.

"What a pain," Aomine grumbled to himself.

He looked down to see a pink haired girl on the ground.

'Tsk, that weak?' Aomine thought to himself.

Aomine grabbed the pink haired girl by the collar.

"Look, you need to learn your manners. So, you shouldn't be bumping into me" Aomine growled, causing the pink haired girl to flinch.

Suddenly a ball hit him in the head once again, causing him to drop the pink haired girl, who ran away in fear.

"Kuroko, let's go on a date!" Kise exclaimed, placing his hand around Kuroko's waist.

The blue haired girl sighed. She liked Kise's cheerful mood and his enthusiasm, but it was also extremely annoying.

"No thanks," she replied, walking away from Kise.

"Please, Kuroko!" begged Kise with tears in his eyes.

Suddenly Kise felt a sharp pain on his back. The blonde turned around to see a familiar red head with heterochromatic eyes. Right eye red and the other yellow and orange. Suddenly, Kise felt another pain, but this time on his left leg, causing him to fall down on the floor with a thump.

"So, come with me, Kuroko!" a familiar voice said.

Instead of following his order, the red haired captain watched Kuroko staring at Kise worried.

"Is he okay?" Kuroko asked him.

"Meh," Akashi shrugged, but in the inside, he was fuming, because of Kuroko not following his orders and the mere fact that she was worried about the idiotic blonde.

"We should take him to the nurse's office," she calmly said.

'You kidding me, him?'

"Nice joke Tetsuya. Now, let's go," Akashi said, losing his patience.

"No, I'm serious," she replied in a serious tone.

Akashi silently growled. The redhead walked past Kuroko, but before he left, he made sure to stomp on the unconscious blonde hard.

Kuroko sighed and stared at the blonde. Apparently his face was bleeding and she wondered why. She had to bring Kise to a nurse, but she couldn't carry Kise. She had thought of running to get Akashi to help her, but she had this feeling Akashi was angry and didn't want to be disturbed by her. She also couldn't leave Kise alone unconscious bleeding to death. There were also not that much people nearby. Out of the corner of her, she saw a familiar blue sticking out. The same dreaded blue that haunted her dreams. It was so similar to her's, but much more darker and evil.

She hated to do this, but she had to. After all, Kise saved her from a beating, so it was only fair that she would save him too.

So, she mustered all her courage to walk up to him. She tapped his shoulder and he turned around.

"What do you want?"

"Can you help me?" Kuroko asked, praying that he'll have the heart to help Kise.

"With what?" he grunted, but it seemed like the boy was interested and licking his fingers.

"Someone's on the ground unconscious," she replied with a slight plea in her voice.

With that said, the boy immediately lost his interest.

Before he'll turn to walk away, she added, "Please!"

He sighed and gave in. They walked toward the concision body.

"Can you please lift Kise to the nurse's office?"

Just like that, the boy's blood began to boil. 'Him? The person who tortured me yesterday. I'm not helping him if it's the last thing I do'

He pushed Kuroko out of the way and made sure to stomp on the blonde's face hard.

Kuroko sighed. She knew asking him was a bad idea. There was no way he was going to help her. She didn't know how, but it looked like the bleeding got worse. Suddenly, she saw Midorima walking proudly with his head up and back straight with sunglasses. She ran towards the green head figure, but he seemed to turn around to spot Kuroko.

"If you're wondering about the sunglasses, it's my lucky item," Midorima explained.

The teal haired girl nodded. "Anyways, can you help me?"

"Yeah. Come on idiot, we have classes soon," Midorima proudly said, walking away.

Midorima expected her to follow him, but was disappointed that after a minute of walking that she wasn't behind him at all.

She didn't like this. Not one bit. Here she was with Kise who was bleeding with nobody to help. Akashi left, Aomine went insane and Midorima was walking back to the classroom right now. She tried to poke Midorima's shoulder to tell him to turn around, but it seemed like after the poke, Midorima quickened his paste and didn't turn around at all. She tried several times, but then gave up on making him turn around.

Now here she was. She was with Kise who was bleeding pretty badly. She saw three girls talking near the lockers and decided to walk up towards them.

"Excuse me"


When their screams settled down, they saw a teal haired girl.

"Oh, sorry about that," one girl shyly admitted.

Kuroko gave a nod. "Can I ask you something?"

"What is it?" they all said at the same time.

"Can you help me send someone to the nurse's office?" she simply asked.

"Oh, all right," one of them said.

The other two agreed as well.

Kuroko immediately brightened. She felt so much better that there were three girls helping her carry Kise to the nurse's office.

When they walked towards the blonde, all three girls screamed and then quickly fled.

"How could you do this to Kise?"

"You evil witch!"

Once again, Kuroko was with Kise, desperately looking for someone to help her lift Kise to the nurse's office. She had absolutely no idea why they yelled at her and left her. She saw two boys talking to each other and decided to ask them for help.

"Can you help me?"


When the yells were settled down, the two boys saw a teal haired girl.

"Can you help me with something?"

"Sure," they both said, blushing a little.

"Can you help me send Kise to the nurse's office?"

The two boys were shocked, but it soon settled into frustration.

"It's always that stupid Kise! Getting all the hot girls. Go to hell!" the two boys angrily thought and began to start kicking the blonde.

The bell started to ring and it indicated that lunch was over.

Kuroko was pleased. Finally someone will help her and send Kise to the nurse's office.

"Everyone, please go to the assembly right now!"

The announcement was done and Kuroko was left in despair.

Kuroko was now sitting down on the locker with her head down. She tried so many times to send Kise to the nurse's office, but each attempt failed.

"Is that you Kuroko?"

The teal haired girl looked up to see someone tall towering over her with purple hair.

"Oh hey, Murasakibara"

"Why are you so down?" the tall giant asked.

Suddenly she remembered something.

"Did you see Kise?"


"Can you please send him to the nurse's office please," Kuroko begged with a puppy face that was irresistible.

"Alright," Murasakibara said, taking out a piece of gum.

"Really!?" Kuroko moving forward and surprised.

"Sure. Only if you give me something sweet tomorrow," Murasakibara said while chewing gum.

"Deal," Kuroko said.

Murasakibara carried Kise on his arms.

"You can go back to class"

"Okay," she simply said and walked back to class.

When Murasakibara arrived at the nurse's office, he realized that the door was locked.

'Whatever' Murasakibara thought and threw Kise to the ground.

Kise woke up with his head hurting and his body in pain.

'What happened?'

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