Asleep, Link felt odd. His subconscious knew something was wrong, but he himself seemed alright. His mind pushed to the edges of his memory, trying to find something that would bring him back, and found himself awaken to the sound of quiet sobs. Zelda was leaning against the wall, sitting upright at the foot of the bed, away from Link. She was trying to keep quiet, attempting to calm herself down so he wouldn't hear her, but it hadn't worked. Link always had been able to feel it within him if something was upsetting her.

Understanding instantly what was worrying her, he pulled the covers off of himself and moved to sit next to Zelda with his legs crossed facing the wall, pulling her into his lap. She sat between his legs, hers draped over the side, resting her tired head in the space between his neck and chest.

"Hey," he whispered softly with a drowsy tone, "Shhh, it's okay, Love." She didn't reply. She tried not to, but she just cried harder. "It'll be okay, Zelda. You just let it all out, alright?" He put one arm around her waist and the other on the injured right side of her head, stroking her messy blonde locks as she wept.

"I'm sorry," she managed to say after a few moments. "I don't want you to go."

"I know," he murmured into her hair. "But, there's nothing we can do. I have to lead them."

"Can't you wait just one more day?" Zelda pleaded with him. "What if five days of training wasn't enough? One more day wouldn't hurt!"

"If we can attack tomorrow night, we can hopefully surprise them, and it can be all over as soon as possible, and we can return. You know I hate having to leave you, but you can't fight beside me. I won't let you, Zel."

"But I'm all healed! You know my bruise is better now, and I don't even need crutches anymore. I can at least hold a sword." She turned her head away from him, looking at the wall instead. He leaned down to look at her face-to-face.

"Zelda, the last time I left you alone in battle, you got hurt badly. I love you too much to allow that to happen to you again."

"…I love you too, Link."

After a moment, Link decided that they needed a change of subject, to get their minds off the morning trek.

"Hey, do you remember how we first met?" Link asked with a soft smile in his eyes. She turned back to him, her blurred, teary eyes glazed in memory.

"Sitting on the steps inside the Academy… We were five, but I remember." She calmed slightly.

"You were sitting with your knees to your chest, your cheek resting on them, and you were humming a song I didn't know yet."

"It was comforting."

"The Ballad of the Goddess. And I thought you were so pretty, Zelda."

"I was crying!" She exclaimed, a happy tone on her lips, clearing her mind.

"I still thought you were pretty." He pushed a lock of hair behind her pointed ear, revealing more of her lightening face. "It was my first day there, and I just moved into my room. I didn't know anyone, but I saw you and I was wondering why you were upset. I was alone, and I figured you were too. You were upset that-"

"That my dad couldn't catch bugs with me, because he was too busy."

"I still regret asking why your mom couldn't play with you instead."

"But then I grabbed your hand and we looked for bugs all afternoon!" Zelda started honestly laughing at the memory tugging at her mind, leaving her happy.

"We haven't left each other alone, since, Zelda, and for that, I'm grateful. I thank the Goddesses every day for you in my life." Link leaned in and kissed her forehead. "I don't know what I'd do without you."

"There isn't anyone else I would want to spend my life with."

Link's mind clicked on in that instant. He could propose to her now, in that moment. With her in his arms, and that affirmation, there's no way she would say no. On top of that, he was leaving for battle at noon, and couldn't risk losing a chance to do it if something happened to him – or worse, her – when he was away. He thought about the ring, sitting comfortably in the fireshield earrings box in his wardrobe. It wasn't the plan he wanted, but with war looming, he wasn't sure if he would even make it to the first snowfall.

Suddenly nervous, his heartbeat rose, jackhammering away in his chest. His body urged to move towards his wardrobe, but refused to let go of his Love.

"Do you mean that?"

"All I want to do is wake up next to you, fly around and explore with you, and then fall back to sleep with you. I wouldn't mind a life like that at all, as long as you're with me. I'll be happy wherever we end up, whether it's Skyloft, the Woods, or some other land."

Link compromised between his head and his heart, needing to reassure not only her, but himself, that a future was even possible.

"I'm going to promise you something, okay?"


"When I come back, when this war is over… not if, but when…" Link took a deep breath, steading himself. "I want to marry you."

"Link!" She was taken aback slightly, her eyes afire with passion and pure bliss at those words.

"I promise, Zelda, that I will come back when this is all over."

"Please, don't break this one."

"Never," Link said assuredly, but inside he knew the greater chance of this being his first, and possibly only, promise he will break to her.

Nothing else needed to be said. Zelda pushed herself up and kissed him whole, her mind wiped clean of any negative thoughts. He responded to her fully, sighing into her, returning the kiss with all his might. Reclining over her, he parted his lips to deepen the kiss. Countering his advances with her own, their tongues melded into each other's as their hands moved, exploring. Somehow, Link ended up once again shirtless, and Zelda's nightgown had risen to her chest, but they were content without continuing. Even with this sudden return to normalcy, a combat was on the horizon, and campaigns never go off without a hitch. The hero, and now leader of the Citizen's Army, needed his rest. Exhausted and out of breath, they returned to slumber one final time before his next meeting with chaos.