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"Ve~ Meow!"


"Scheisse… those cats are at it again." Ludwig muttered working over some strudel on the kitchen counter.

Could Ludwig really call them cats though? As he dared to peek out the window into his backyard, it was very clear what the source of the German's confusion was.

Yep, it was those cats again, their tails puffed out and ears pressed against their skulls. At first glance, they looked like normal human beings. But these men were very different from average humans. Their ears were always planted on top of their heads, tails swishing gently behind them.

The blond German sighed as he watched the olive skinned men stare at each other; one with hostility, the other with confusion.

The hostile cat was shirtless, exposing his slightly dirt covered chest to the world. His dark wash jeans clung tightly to his taut legs, which helped him crouch down on his bare feet, as if ready to pounce. His head of dark brown hair matched the fur color of his ears and tail perfectly; the hair curl that bounced freely from his hair, sticking out like a sore thumb, clung to the right side of his head. The hazel orbs that were his eyes were narrowed at the other feline-ish male.

This cat was shirtless like the other, but his faded jeans and torn up shoes made a relative difference to his appearance. His brown hair-which was a much lighter shade compared to the other cat's-matched the color of his ears and tail, ears pressed back in fear and tail between his legs. Brown eyes stared at the other cat-man in hurt and confusion, his curl on the left side of his head visibly drooping from the emotions he was experiencing.

"Ve?" The lighter haired cat-man mewed, taking a cautious step forward. The darker haired one just hissed at him once more before relaxing slightly and standing.

Ludwig was a tad bit aggravated at the show going on outside his window. How was a man supposed to live with this nonsense going on 24/7? He bent down and took off his shoe opening the window slowly.

Clutching his shoe tightly in his hand, he brought his arm back and started to aim at the "cats" outside. Before the tight spring that was the large muscle in his arm could snap forward and chuck the shoe, a voice behind him shouted, "Bruder! Where's that strudel you promised me?"

The heads of both cats outside snapped to look at the red faced Ludwig in alarm.



The cats yowled in unison before running off, leaping over the picket fence with ease in their hasty escape.

"Verdammt, Gilbert! I nearly had them!" Ludwig yelled, head darting to the left to glare at his shorter, albino brother. Blue eyes met crimson ones, which looked completely undeterred to Ludwig's outburst.

Gilbert let out a low chuckle, blowing his silvery hair out of his eyes. Well, if you're done abusing alley cats, you can finish my strudel right?" He reached up and tousled his younger brother's slicked back, blond hair.

Ludwig's eyes widened at the action, grabbing Gilbert's wrist and tossing it aside with a little too much force.

"Finish it yourself. You know how long it takes for me to do my hair." With that somewhat girly comment, he tore off his apron and stomped out of the kitchen, heading upstairs in the same fashion.

Upon entering his bathroom, he slammed the door shut and headed over to the porcelain sink, the container of hair gel sitting there like it always was. He stared at himself in the mirror as he got to work, putting each strand back into its uniform style. He had gotten comments on how his hair looks better when it's down. But he always disregarded these compliments, having the need to put his hair into its tamed, everyday fashion. Gilbert always said it was sort of OCD-ish of him to do that. Of course, it always ended up with a good bruising on his cheek. But that comment never failed to continue, nonetheless.

Ten minutes later, Ludwig stared at himself with satisfaction as he saw that his hair was in uniform condition, each golden strand tucked away were it should be. He turned around and headed for the door, hearing a slight POP from downstairs, but shook it off, thinking it was Gilbert swigging some more of his beer.

However, it seemed like too much of a coincidence that as soon as Ludwig's hand touched the doorknob, the smoke alarm went off. He sighed and opened the door quickly, coughing as smoke suddenly polluted his lungs.

"GILBERT! What in Gott's name did you do?" Ludwig yelled, bolting downstairs to where he left his brother unattended in the kitchen. There stood his older brother, trying to wave away the smoke in the air and coughing as he opened the microwave and took out something wrapped in tin foil. The microwave was in flames, which quickly spread to the wooden floor.

"I tried to microwave the strudel and it exploded!"

"Dummkopf! You don't put foil in the microwave!" Ludwig grabbed Gilbert's shoulder and pulled him out of the room, quickly grabbing his cellphone on the side table next to the couch before stepping outside.

By the time they stepped out of the house fire sirens could already be heard echoing in the air. As they both stood on the sidewalk, staring at the flames, Gilbert shook off Ludwig's grip and leaned on the mailbox labeled BEILSCHMIDT.

"Sorry bruder. My awesomeness burned down your house." Though he was trying to apologize, Gilbert couldn't help but grin at his statement. "EPIC! Your older bruder is an epic win, Luddy!"

Ludwig smacked the back of his brother's head before leaning on the white picket fence. As he did so, he realized the fire engines had finally arrived, extinguishing the fire before it could burn anything else.

"What a show." That British accent was instantly recognizable to Ludwig, who looked over his shoulder at his next door neighbor, Arthur Kirkland.

Arthur was a relatively short man-shorter than Ludwig at least-who's tell tale traits were hard to miss. Dirty blond hair just barely touched the thick eyebrows that sat above his emerald green eyes, which were usually hardened into a glare at the Germans. The Brit's blue white shirt and blue sweater vest was another stand out trait, framing his almost girlish figure well. Those light brown slacks were loose enough to provide comfort, but tight enough not to droop like a prisoner's.

"Say again Arthur?" Ludwig crossed his arms and looked up at Arthur's pet, who was growling at him like he normally did, despite his restraints.

Arthur lightly stroked his "dog's" ears, cooing, "Shush, Alfie. It's just big old Luddy."

Alfred looked like any other man, save the sunny blond ears on top of his head and the tail of the same shade that swished behind him. He was taller than his owner, only being held back from attacking Ludwig by a leash, which was attached to an American flag patterned collar. His hair matched his fur, slightly tousled by Arthur's affectionate gesture. Those ears pressed down on top of his head as he pushed his head towards Arthur's hand. Like the cat's Ludwig saw earlier, Alfred was shirtless, showing off his well toned chest and abs; just like a human's would look like. Only, instead of old, tattered shoes and dirty jeans, he had perfectly fitting light blue jeans, the bottom of their legs just overlapping a bit of his red Converse sneakers. The only flaw his jeans had was the hole his owner probably had to cut into them to allow his tail to wag freely like it was now.

"But Master! He's a Nazi German!" Alfred exclaimed. His left foot was thumping on the concrete in excitement, his golden tail wagging furiously behind him. "Let me attack just this once, please?"

"I said no, Alfred. Now be good and sit." Arthur ordered. His pet only grumbled to himself, pushing his glasses up his nose to frame his sky blue eyes before sitting behind his master, arms and legs crossed. "Good boy." Arthur smiled, giving Alfred one last scratch behind the ear before turning to look back at his neighbor.

Ludwig rolled his eyes at the display he just witnessed. "Why are you out here anyway? Don't you have better things to do?"

"I'll have you know I was about to take Alfie here for a stroll around the neighborhood when I realized your home was up in flames. You're lucky I bothered to call the fire department at all."

"Thanks for the concern, but we didn't need to be helped like we were in a charity. I would have done it myself."

"And by the time they would have arrived, you would be living in a cardboard box."

"Box?" Alfred's tail thumped on the ground at the mention of a box. Oh how he loved those things. He could imagine he was driving a racecar, piloting an airplane in World War Two or, even better, pretend to stick his head out the car window and let his tongue flap in the wind.

Quickly glaring down at his neighbor's mutt, Ludwig frowned harder. "You should train your animal more. Not only is he disrespectful, he gets into places he shouldn't be in." Though he was looking at Alfred, the comment was directed at his owner. Ludwig had plenty of experience with dogs; training them for Seeing Eye duties, bomb or drug sniffing, even to be common house pets. But this one was by far the worst case he had seen yet.

Arthur sighed as if in defeat. "I know. But dog training in PetSmart just doesn't work for him."

"Maybe because he's half man."

"You don't think I know that?"

"Here we go again…" Gilbert sighed in the background, shaking his head slowly. The remark earned him a glance from both Ludwig and Arthur, who had almost forgotten he was even there.

"I know my dog isn't well trained," Arthur said, bringing his attention back to the German in front of him with a good glare. "But he's loyal, protective and a good companion."

Ludwig's eyes were, at first, set on the Brit's. But soon they trailed elsewhere, eyes widening at what he was witnessing.

Arthur, however, just continued with his rant. "He's everything a dog needs to be. So I don't care whether or not you think he's disobedient. To me, he's as good as any Lassie or Rin Tin Tin out there, and that's that!"

Ludwig had completely tuned him out, still trying to process in his mind what in the world he was staring at. "Um…" He managed to say.

Almost as if he sensed the awkward situation, Gilbert turned around and instantly burst into laughter. He clutched his stomach from a cramp that suddenly developed, trying to find air. When he did, he finally exclaimed, "Oh my Gott! Artie, your 'pooch' is humping your leg!"

What a blunt yet true way to put it.

Arthur raised one thick eyebrow before looking down at Alfred. Sure enough, Gilbert couldn't have told the truth any better.

There was Alfred, suddenly on his knees, furiously crashing his groin onto Arthur's leg. He whimpered here and there, face flushed as he proceeded with his deed. Though it was awkward for Ludwig to realize it, there was a very prominent bulge in Alfred's jeans, which he used to basically assault his owner's leg.

"M-Master…" He groaned, glasses sliding down his nose as he continued on.

Arthur's face flushed to the same shade, if not darker, of red as Alfred's. "ALFRED! BAD DOG! Get off!" He tried to shake off his pet to no avail.

"But Iggy, I think I'm in heat!" Alfred whined, tongue lolling out as he panted desperately for air. "Please don't make me wait."

"I think you should hurry up and 'punish' your mutt before he does this again." Gilbert grinned, winking suggestively at Arthur, who blushed to no end at the comment.

"Alfred, we're going home." Arthur said sternly, dragging his pet behind him.

Alfred's ears perked up excitedly. "You mean you'll take care of my problem?" His owner didn't regard that question with an answer. So he took it as a yes and bolted to his house, turning the tables on poor Arthur as he dragged him along.

"Verdammt." Ludwig said, scratching the back of his head. He didn't think he'd ever witness that, nonetheless with his neighbor and his pet. At least not today. Gilbert, on the other hand, still found it hilarious, laughing all the way to the front door as the firemen left.

"Danke." Ludwig said politely to them. The fire chief nodded before mounting the truck and signaling it to move. With that, Ludwig slowly made his way to the door, shocked when he saw Gilbert suddenly out of his normal house wear and instead wearing clean dark washed jeans, a black T-Shirt and a sweater to match.

"Where are you going?" Ludwig asked.

"Out. Got to get groceries y'know?"

Ludwig eventually sighed, remembering how the kitchen just burnt down and how probably no food survived the level of heat they just endured. "You're right." He pinched the bridge of his nose, grabbing the house keys on the hook next to the door. "I might as go with you, make sure you stay out of trouble."

"Awesome! Luddy's going shopping with me for once! Let's go!" Gilbert literally jumped off the porch and bolted down the sidewalk, stopping at the corner as he waited for his younger brother.

Ludwig sighed and followed. "This is going to be a long day…"

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