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Faith let out a groan of content as she stretched out on the bed. She felt her joints crack and her muscles pull as she reached her arms over her head and stretched her legs out, feeling the sheets pull against her. She let out a sigh.

"Stop it," Willow mumbled against her, "I'm still sleeping."

It had been five months since the battle in Sunnydale. They had left quite a bit of destruction, not only with the fully collapsed school, but The First's power had left the area all around cracked and partially caved in. It was quite the site.

When they had defeated The First, its power had disintegrated, destroying every last demon in the area and leaving the Hellmouth nothing more than a hole in the ground buried deep under the debris of the school.

Faith liked to tease Buffy. The girl just couldn't stop destroying things. And that school had been re-built too, not even a full year old before Buffy had demolished it.

Buffy liked to remind her that it was not her that had destroyed the school, but it was the same thing in Faith's mind.

She stretched again happily before tucking one arm under her head and draping the other over Willow's bare shoulders.

"It is hard to sleep when my pillow keeps moving," Willow muttered, head resting against Faith shoulder.

"Sorry," she said easily, letting a hand run through Willow's red locks. "Just feel good."

Willow shifted, rolling onto her stomach so she could lift her head and peer sleepily at Faith. "Feel good later, when it isn't sleep time."

"We need to be up soon."

Willow huffed and settled back down, head going right back to its spot against Faith. "The sun isn't even up yet," she yawned.

"Red, sunrise was a few hours ago."

"I can pretend, can't I?" she giggled.

Faith smirked, "Sure thing."

They lay quietly together for a little while, Willow dozing and Faith content to close her eyes and bask in the peacefulness. Eventually though, as was habit, Willow's brain, now that it was awake, began whirling even if her body was still half asleep.

"So," Willow said, sounding more awake. "You feel good? You keep stretching. That was what woke me up."

"Mmm," Faith agreed. "A little sore. But I feel good."

"Buffy wore you out at training yesterday?"

"No," Faith barked out, "More like you wore me out last night."

She could practically hear Willow's smirk. "But aren't you the one with the Slayer stamina?" she asked innocently.

"Shut up," Faith laughed, tugging Willow close and then rolling them, so she was draped over top of the witch. Faith's dark hair hung down, brushing against Willow's pale shoulders. "Hey."

"Hey, yourself," Willow smiled.

Faith dipped her head down to kiss Willow's forehead and then her nose, simply happy to enjoy the feeling of Willow's skin against hers.

"What, no good morning kiss?"

Faith rolled her eyes before lifting a hand, cupping Willow's face and bringing their lips together for a lazy good morning kiss, just like Willow asked for each morning.

With the Hellmouth officially devoid of any demon life and Sunnydale still in the works of rebuilding itself, the Scoobies and their band of new Slayers had relocated. As per Giles' insistence, they were now in Cleveland, watching over a another Hellmouth and training the new girls. Properly this time, not quick and rushed like they had in the Summers' backyard.

The mansion was massive. Since Giles was now one of the few remaining members of the Council, since most had either been killed by the Bringers or by Caleb when he'd blown up the headquarters, he had taken charge. He had stepped in to begin repairing and rebuilding the Council, and that meant he had a hell of a lot of cash on hand.

Faith had been living in a fucking dingy-ass motel just a few short years ago, while the Council members were practically rolling in money.

Dawn had been the one to pick out the mansion, insisting it was close enough to the Hellmouth for them to keep a close watch on it, but far enough away from the nearest houses that they would have a little privacy. The fact that the property that went with the house was enormous didn't hurt.

It was slow goings. They were still working on getting it the way they wanted it, with Buffy's goal of it becoming a kind of school, where they could teach all the girls Willow had awoken how to use their powers properly and for good and all that.

The fact that it had a gym the size of the now demolished Sunnydale High School, and indoor-outdoor pool, and that she and Willow had their own room at the end of the hall were all that Faith really cared about.

And the kitchen. They had a very nice kitchen. Sure, Andrew had taken over as their resident chef until they found someone proper, but she had to hand it to the guy, he sure could cook.

She let her tongue brush against Willow's, enjoying the feeling of Willow's hand running through her hair. Only when she heard Willow let out a moan did she pull back, kissing her lips quickly once more before dropping back down to lay next to the redhead.

Willow's hand continued to play with her hair, threading the dark strands through her fingers.

"Red?" Faith asked after a moment.


"I can hear those wheels in your head turning, you know. What's up?"

Willow giggled, "Nothing, it's nothing. I've just been wondering something lately."

Faith sighed and shook her head when Willow didn't elaborate, "Yeah? And, what is it?"

"It's about you and your sister."

Faith smiled, rolling so she was on her side, propped up on her elbow. She smiled down at the redhead, "Okay, shoot."

"I've been wondering it for a while lately, since Sunnydale. But I didn't really know how to ask and it never really came up on its own, so I didn't know if I should ask you or not."

Faith gave an easy smile, letting her foot rub gently up and down Willow's calf. "Okay."

"Well," Willow began, and Faith just knew this was going to turn into a babble. "You two are twins, right?" Faith nodded. "So, twins are usually similar in everything. And you are, I mean clearly you look alike. But, well, Daniela and Faith." She frowned a little bit, "They don't exactly, well, they don't really go together, as far as twin names go. How did your mother come up with them?"

Faith let her leg still, not expecting the redhead's question at all. She never really talked about her name with people. Hell, she never really talked about her mother with people. Dawn was good at prying things out of her, and she talked with Willow sometimes, late at night in the dark when Willow couldn't see the pain on her face, only hear it in her voice.

She looked at Willow, who was waiting patiently for an answer. She sighed, offering, "Daniela Hope, that's Dani's full name."

Then she dropped back down, tugging Willow against her so they were back the way they normally lay, Faith flat on her back with an arm around the other girl, Willow curled up against her with her head on Faith's shoulder.

Willow stayed quiet a moment longer, and Faith assumed what she'd said had satisfied her enough. She listened to Willow's even breathing, the slight slip of the sheets when one of them shifted, and was content to doze until they really needed to get up – when Buffy began banging on their door, yelling about them sleeping in.

"Faith is your middle name?" Willow asked after a long moment, curiosity evident in her voice.

"Yep," Faith replied.

When it was clear Faith wasn't going to offer any more, Willow asked, "Well, what's your first name?"


Willow giggled, "Faith, tell me, please."

"Nope," Faith said, holding back a smile, "No way."

Willow poked her in the side, laughing as Faith squirmed, "Faith."

"Willow," she said, batting the witch's hand away, "No."

"Come on."


"Why?" Willow laughed, snuggling further into her, wrapping an arm around Faith's middle.

Faith sighed, knowing she was going to give in. Even if she couldn't see the redhead's Resolve Face, Faith was hopeless when Willow wanted something.

She would not admit to Dawn that she was whipped, no matter what the younger brunette insisted.

"My mother called me by that," she said slowly. "By my full name. Only her. I didn't… I hated it." She sighed, "I hated the way she said my name. Dani, she always called me by my middle name, so after our mother… it just stuck."

Willow snuggled closer, her voice gentle, "I'm not asking because I want to call you by it," she said after a moment, "I just want to know."


"I love you. You can trust me," Willow said, beginning to draw patterns on the skin of Faith's stomach, fully healed from the battle months ago.

Jesus, she knows exactly what to say, Faith though, feeling her heart melt a little bit.

Faith lay still for a long while, letting her mind wander with thoughts of the redhead. She did trust Willow, she trusted Willow with everything she had and every night, when Willow fell asleep in her arms, Faith knew trusting her was the right thing.

"Isabel," she answered, head tipped to watch Willow's reaction.

"Hmm?" Willow mumbled, obviously slipping back into slumber when Faith didn't answer fast enough.

"Isabel Faith, that's my full name."

Willow shifted in her arms, moving so she could kiss the skin she had been leaning on. She felt Willow smile against her as she worked her way up to Faith's lips, kissing them for a long moment. "That's nice," she said, pulling back and smiling at her. "I'd say pretty, but I'm afraid you'd pinch me."

Faith laughed, arm quickly moving to pinch the redhead's side anyway.

"Faith!" Willow squealed, swatting her hands away. "That wasn't an invitation, you know," she said sternly.

Faith smirked, "Yeah. I know."

Willow just rolled her eyes in response. But her face became somber when she spoke again, her voice serious, "You aren't her, okay? Just because she called you that, doesn't mean she can define who you are."

"Yeah," Faith said half-heartedly.

Willow leaned over to kiss her temple, "I like Faith better," she said, kissing down along her neck before sighing happily and getting comfy again.

"Yeah?" Faith repeated, this time curious.

Willow nodded against her. "Mmm, yes. Faith. You're hard, sharp some of the time." She giggled softly, "Most of the time. But there's still a softness," she explained, arm draping back over Faith's stomach. "There's still…"

She paused, and Faith waited patiently until Willow sorted her thoughts and continued. "Isabel is just… just a name you have. But Faith is who you are. Strength. Courage. Trust. Those words don't just define the word faith, they define you."

Faith kissed Willow's hair as she continued, "Faith. It means confidence or trust in a person, belief in something not based on proof. Loyalty to something. That's you. For me, that's you."

Faith felt her heart squeeze inside her chest with Willows words, with the knowledge that Willow saw her that way. "Damn, you're perfect, Red," Faith laughed. "You're such a sap, but you're prefect."

Willow giggled, hugging Faith around her middle, "I love you, too."


"Hmm," she yawned, "Maybe I'll tell Dawnie about this Isabel business."

"You're evil."

"I'm a badass, Faith, badass."

"I'm wearing off on you."


"Knew I shouldn't have said anything."

"You just can't resist my feminine wiles."

"If you say so, Red."

"I do say so. That's why I said it."

"Go back to sleep until Buffy comes and yells at us."