Chapter One

It all started with a girl, a woman actually, at the young age of nineteen when the story started. It was a Monday day in late April when she met the two men. Now, to her eye the two men had no connection what's-so-ever, but whether it was fate or coincidence they did know each other. Well, actually, they were best friends from the ages of fifteen and seventeen. Now, five years later here they were still close as ever. Little did they know all it took to break there bond was a certain girl with long brown hair, a slender figure, dark coffee bean eyes, and a smile to die for to change that.

It was a Monday morning at the coffee shop she frequently attended too. It was her favorite place to be on Monday mornings, any morning actually, partly, because her boyfriend always worked on Mondays, asides today of course. That didn't stop her from coming in though. Monday mornings she had class, and continentally the coffee shop was on campus, only three blocks away to be exact. Sure, in the winter she would usually just bring her car, but on days like today in late April, where the sun was out and high and the warm weather hugged her body tightly, it would be a sin not to walk.

Now, of course everyone knew who she was in the small coffee shop. She has been coming there for the past year and half almost every day. She knew all the workers, she even had dinner with them a few times here and there, with her boyfriend of course. So when the sapphire eyed, square jawed, slightly messy brown haired boy asked what she wanted to drink, she knew he had to be new.

"You're new aren't you?" She smirked avoiding the question, gripping the handle of her beige over-the-shoulder bag.

"Yeah," He said unsteadily with a grin. "How'd you know?" his eyes glistened. "Am I doing that bad of a job already?" He added with a soft grin.

"No," She shook her head with a soft trail of giggles. "I come here a lot." She said briskly. "I would have recognized you." She said quickly. "I didn't know they were hiring." She said with almost a pout as she straightened her posture.

"Yeah," He shrugged. "Sorry, I'm assuming you wanted this job?"

"Well," Her voice trailed with a smile. "I practically live here anyway. And I'm a diehard coffee fan." She said with a even bigger smile, that showed off her dimples.

"Well, are you trying to get me fired?" He whispered with a smirk as he peered over her, to the line behind her, and then back at one of the workers who were glaring at him. "I think this is the part where I take your order." He leaned back, as he placed his hands on the counter tapping them nervously.

"I would never," She scoffed. "And oh yeah, well just black coffee. Tall."

"Right away miss." He said with a grin, halfway through turning around, he turned back to her. "I never caught your name."

"Spencer," She said innocently.

"Toby," He smiled warmly. "I guess I'll be seeing you around then?" All she did was return the smile and nod hesitantly. He wasn't flirting with her, he was simply just stating a fact and being friendly. When he returned with her coffee, their fingers brushed against each other. She felt a spark fly up her finger, up her arm, and through her body. Perhaps, it was just the hot coffee. Yeah,that was it.

She bidded him farewell, with another smile, and just as she began to walk away she heard her name being called through his smooth deep voice.

"Spencer," He said gripping the counter's ledge. She peered around her shoulder, dazzled, with knitted eyebrows.

"Maybe we could get a coffee together some time."

"Um," She mumbled unsteadily. She cupped the coffee cup with a more forceful grip. "I have a boyfriend." She said meekly. A rush of unreadable emotions passed through his face, before he spoke again.

"Oh," He mumbled. "Well it is just a coffee." He smiled sheepishly. "We could be friends."

"Uh," she mumbled shifting her eyes around the coffee shop. There was a woman in her late twenties dressed in a business suit, which reminded her of her mother, behind her was a man in a basketball shorts, and a worn out t-shirt. "Maybe." She said shakily with a small nervous laugh and a wave good bye. Then he continued taking the peoples orders, Spencer left the coffee shop with a sheepish grin on her face, which she couldn't deny that there was something about this Toby.

That wasn't the only new friend she made that day though.

After her dragging on of long hours of classes she had her own job to attend too. Well she didn't get paid for this job, so it was more like an intern ship at a nearby hospital. She started at the beginning of the semester, nearly four months ago. Which seemed far longer, but she was still defined by every one of the doctors, nurses, and even the receptionists as the intern. It amazed her, even coming from a not-to-far-away snobby, stuck up town of Rosewood, people treated her like chopped liver. That was, until today, when she was assigned to a new wing of the hospital with a new 'Mentor' as her teacher; Mr. Lampton called them. So far Spencer had two mentors, first was Francesca, who wore neon every day, and was just bizarre. She was a tad nicer than her second mentor though, which was Debra. Debra was a middle aged woman, who clearly needed to re dye her hair, with her gray roots popping out. She was cranky always, and didn't give Spencer any breaks. Constantly remarking 'you make one mistake, someone's dead.'

But today, the streak of crankiness and hot-heads would end. She would also meet the second half of the duo that changed her life.

"Intern!" Debra came pacing up to her in her puppy-patterned scrubs. Her facial expression was serious, and looked as if she thought she was wasting her time. "You have a new mentor that will have to deal with you," She spat.

"It's Spencer." She gritted through her teeth as polite as she could. This was only the umpteenth time she 'forgot' her name. It wasn't possible she didn't know her name by now, she's been working with her every single Monday and Wednesdays for the past two months.

"Well," Debra narrowed her eyes at the younger girl in front of her. Her wrinkles creasing, "Doesn't matter." She said briskly. "You're assigned to Wren Kingston now," She licked her lips, squinting her eyes, reading off the name on the clip board she was holding in front of her. She shifted her eyes from the clipboard, then back at Spencer. "Stay put, he should be here any minute." She said sternly. "This is his first year, and I don't know how reliable he is." She muttered before storming off back into the busy hospital hall way. Spencer watched her, and let out a sigh of relief, no one could be worse than Debra. She leaned against the wall as she scratched off some purple nail polish that was already half-way worn away.

Maybe Debra was right about her new mentor; Wren being un reliable, as twenty minutes passed by. She wondered if she should stop at the front desk, they already looked at her as if she wasn't capable of this internship. Which she fully was, she had a four point G.P.A. She pondered why that wasn't good enough.

"Sorry I'm late." His British accent threaded his words. "I had to help in the E.R. There was a fire," He said briskly looking up from his clip board for the first time. His hazelnut eyes lit up, as he held out his hand to greet the young woman in front of him.

"I'm Wren Kingston." He smiled. "Hopefully, you're Spencer Hastings." He chuckled "Or this would be more embarrassing, than it already is."

"Oh no," She scoffed pulling her hand away which seemed long overdue. "It's fine." She added with grin. She couldn't smack the smile off her face, she felt like the idiot. "Actually, I'm pretty sure you've been the only one in this entire hospital who hasn't addressed me as 'the help' or 'intern'." She rambled feeing foolish. "Everyone in this place seems…. nice" She said with a snicker.

"Well that's because you got paired up with Debra, over there." He chuckled under his breath . "I had to follow her around when I was interning here, she didn't like me much." His voice trailed.

"She hated me!" Spencer blurted. "She practically called me a pain in the ass, like seven times." She laughed.

"She's just jealous of the youth," He said starring off into the hall and then he turned his head back around at Spencer. "And your amazing beauty I'm sure." He said with a grin that came up all the way to his ears. Spencer just let out an awkward laugh, and nodded. "So," His voice trailed as he took once last glance at her before peering down at his clip board. "We have work to do," He raised an eyebrow. "And we better get started considering we're already behind." He added as he tucked away his clipboard his pocket.
"Well lets get going," He said as he began walking down the hall way. "Intern." He added with playful smirk, which resulted in her shaking her head and letting out a small giggle.

With Wren at her side, things seemed to go by faster, and more smoothly. They instantly connected, both being sarcastic, smart, witty, and hardworking, they got along well.

"Well," He said at the end of the shift. "I look forward to working with you," He said solemnly.

"I bet you say that to all your interns," She hummed with a smirk.

"Nope," He smacked his lips as he put his hands in his pockets sheepishly. Spencer nodded, and swallowed.

"Well, I'll see you on Wednesday." She said parting ways with him.

"Or sooner?" He said as he followed her down the white walled hallway. They passed a poster that was of a mother, putting a Band-Aid on her supposed-to-be son, who was wearing a soccer uniform. "Maybe we could go out some time."

"I-I have a boyfriend." She admitted sternly, as she stopped her in her footsteps.

"Oh," He nodded, his smile fading away. "Of course you do," He said softly. "The good ones always do." A pregnant paused passed the two, as Spencer shifted her feet awkwardly.

"Yeah," She said briskly. "So," She fluttered her eyes "See you soon."

"Right," He said with a tight smile as he watched her rush down the hall.

Spencer was in awe, it wasn't every day. Two gorgeous guys hit on you, she couldn't help but wonder why. Whether it was the new kind of perfume she was wearing, or maybe even the way she parted her hair today. They were just friends though, she had a devoted boyfriend. She wondered if Toby knew him, he had to, working at the coffee shop.

Spencer was good with temptations though, she could handle herself. She was determined and focused, and she wasn't going to let some guy tell her otherwise.

That same day the two best friends, the two roommates, the two who were practically brothers by now, would tell each other about this girl.

"Spencer?" Toby said astonished with a nervous laugh. "Wait," He mumbled. "That's the same girl I met today."

"What?" Wren chocked on his tea. "That's impossible."

"Yeah," Toby said awkwardly as he slumped back on the couch.

"So," Wren said. "She does have a boyfriend."

"Yeah," Toby stuttered shaking his head. "We're not going to let some girl," He scoffed. "Ruin our friendship, for some girl who already has a boyfriend."

"It would be foolish." Wren commented with a tight smile.

"Just plain dumb" Toby said with a toothless grin glancing at his friend who was on the other side of the room.

"Yeah," Wren mumbled as he stirred his tea.

"So we'll all just be friends then?" Toby said raising an eyebrow suspiciously at his friend. In the last five years, there was only one time a girl ever got in between the middle of these two. It was about three and years ago, and she was a catch. Toby was a senior, and Wren was in his second year of college. Toby was friends with her first; since seventh grade actually and even told her how he felt about her once, but she rejected him. Once meeting Wren, they clicked instantly. She caused many complications; Wren even started dating her secretly, without Toby's blessing. When Toby found out, he was beyond pissed.

It all smoothed over eventually, and the girl ended moving away after senior year. All Wren had told Toby is 'all's fair in love and war.' Wren was like that, he could be conceited, and self-absorbed, while Toby was forgiving and compassionate. After it all blew over, they both agreed they wouldn't let some girl get in the way again. Boy, they were wrong.

"Of course." Wren said smugly.

"Good." Toby said clamping his fists together. "Great." He mumbled to himself. But Wren wasn't the guy to quit, and neither was Toby.

Well then, all's fair in love and war.