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Patrick and the magic lamp (based on the 1992 Disney Movie 'Aladdin')

Aladdin = Patrick Jane (Patrick)
Genie = Rigsby and Cho (Wayne and Kimball, the Genies)
Jafar = (Red) John
Princess Jasmine = Lisbon (Princess Teresa)
Abu = Van Pelt (Grace)
Iago = Timothy Carter (Timothy)
The Sultan = Minelli (Sultan Minelli)

Ah, hello and good evening to you, my worthy friend.

Please, please, come closer, and give this boring, long introduction a chance. I promise you, I won't disappoint you. After all, you're the one that read the summary of this story and decided to read it! No one can blame me.

There. You're settled?

Then welcome to Sacrabah! City of mystery, of enchantment, and the finest stories you could ever imagine. Lots of people have lots of backgrounds here, you know.

Want to hear one?

Oh, I don't know, I'm not sure if I'll-

Alright fine! I'll tell you, put down the gun! Just need to get the lamp and then we can start!


What do you say? Just a lamp? Why, but stranger, this isn't just a lamp! It once changed the course of a young man's life!

A young man who liked this lamp was more than what he seemed. A diamond in the rough.

I know, I know, kind of cryptic, but it was in the script. I needed to say it in order for you to understand where I'm going with this.

But you're hooked? Interested?

Good! It begins on a dark night, where a dark man waits, with a dark purpose...

- Patrick and the magic lamp -

"But Boss, what if this idiot messes up? I genuinely want the money you promised m-"

John cut the imbecile off by pushing one hand over his mouth. Fortunately, their idiot didn't hear him, since he had not joined the two of them yet. If he did, John's stupid apprentice would die an unfortunate death here in the desert, and nobody would find out that he wasn't with the living anymore.

"Shut your mouth, Timothy, or you can whistle for your money, but you won't ever get it," John hissed, and the older man nodded, panic in his eyes.
"I'm sorry, Master," he whispered.

John rolled his eyes.

The petty thief arrived at their discussed location, and an evil grin spread on John's face. The thief looked sinister enough to be one of John's men, yet John knew this moron could never join his team.

"You are late," he hissed, and the thief bowed down.
"A thousand apologies."

"You have it?" John asked, and the thief nodded. He reached into his pockets, and grabbed the wanted item out of it.

"I do, my Master. I had to slit a few throats on my way, but I have it," the man said. John's evil smile spread, and he was about to take the treasure from the man, when the thief pulled back his arm and shook his head.

"First, my reward," he said. During their conversation, Timothy had moved to the other side of the man, and when the man pulled his hands behind his back, Timothy grabbed the treasure, and ran to John's side to give it. The thief stood there, confused. He hadn't expected John and his disciples to be so... sneaky.

"Trust me," John said, while reaching into his cloak to get what belonged with the just-earned treasure, "you'll get what I promised you."

He put them together, and at just that moment, the pieces floated into the air, only to sink down in the sand.

The trio looked at it with wonder.

Not long after that, a tiger face jumped up out of the sand, causing the three men to jump backwards.

John's mouth was wide open, but the corners of his lips were curved in a satisfying smile.

"Finally... The Cave of Wonders," he whispered.

John regained his composure really quick, and grabbed the thief at the collar of his shirt.

"Bring me the lamp," John ordered, and the man nodded.

He turned around, and took big reassuring steps towards the cave. Timothy looked at his Master, then at the thief and then at his Master again.

"But Boss-" he started, but found that John would not reply.

The thief entered the cave, and just when he was a few steps down, the cave made of sand suddenly collapsed, covering the thief and swallowing him into the depths of the desert.

John cursed, but suddenly, a voice that sounded much louder than any voice the duo had ever heard spoke to them.

"Only one can enter the cave. Bring me the Diamond in the Rough," the voice said, and the cave disappeared, as did the loud voice.

"I can't believe it! I just can't believe it! I told you so, Boss. We will never get the treasure, not in a life time, and certainly not mine," Timothy rambled, his already high-pitched voice higher than ever before, while fetching the two treasure that had reappeared on the surface of the desert, "I told you so, yet you always ignore me as if I'm some beggar on the street."

"Patience, Timothy, patience. I only have to find this... Diamond in the Rough."

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