Chapter 2: the boys

I sat on my bed thinking of Alec knowing my heart beats quicker every time just then I heard James outside my door. I opened the door up seeing James hand me roses. "AW! James you're so sweet." I took the roses not seeing Alec see James and me. I smiled and let James into my room and I closed the door and sat on my bed with James talking to him for a while till dinner was ready. I got up and walked to the dinner hall with James. I was about to sit down and Alec pulled me into a seat next to him .I sat down and saw James run to the other seat next to me and I sat in between both boys. I felt very odd about it and started to eat dinner as both boys just kept giving one another dirty looks as they ate. I didn't know why and when I finished desert I got up and darted to the elevator seeing James and Alec do the same. I was happy that the door closed before they got in and I looked around and went to the training center. I looked around and did every event once as everyone else came down. I went to try the camouflage station and tripped falling into some guy and James and Alec yelled and got worried sick. I looked at the guy and smiled.

"You're welcome Miss Ashley"

"Why thank you mystery guy" I smiled at him and got back to my station as James and Alec ran over to me making sure I was fine. I told them I was fine but they didn't listen and finished and I skipped off knowing I did every station about 10 times now. I got onto the elevator and rode it up to the 12th floor with the guy who caught me and we had a friendly chat. I waved bye to him and got off my floor after he got off 2 floors under me. I grabbed my IPod and danced to my room and danced inside seeing my mom on the other bed reading a book and I danced to the closet changing into a tank-top and really short shorts. I walked down to James room knowing he shared a room with my dad and walked in as my dad was watching TV. I got onto his bed and snuggled into my dad side as he wrapped his arm around me and smiled. I yawned tired of today and fell asleep as James walked in. My dad had picked me up and put me in my bed because the next morning I had woken up in my own bed. I walked downstairs in shorts and a tank-top after taking my shower and getting ready. I sat down being the first one at the table and started to take one little bite of my pancake as the rest came in.

"I'm telling you there's a cheat for Temple Run."

"No there's not!" I heard James yelled

" Ya there is" I said after taking a bite of my pancake and saw them both just look at me and shrugged smiling knowing I was a computer freak with everything that was like a computer. I just ate my breakfast like everyone else and I got bored and I walked upstairs. I came down with my guitar and sat on the couch in the dining hall playing "Payphone" by Maroon 5. I was in love with Maroon 5 and a guy name Tanner Patrick knowing he did covers of payphone, ours, pumped up kicks. I forgot everyone was eating breakfast and I sang the whole song out loud. When I finished and I blushed a deep red seeing everyone clap like they loved me singing it. I got up and bowed and smiled and sat down and heard someone yell out a song and I started to play and sing it and they all went quiet and ate and listen to me. I saw James and Alec just watch and listen to me. I rolled my eyes seeing how much they were in love with me and singing and playing the guitar. I finished and look a little bit tired and got up and walked upstairs seeing James and Alec followed me. I stopped and looked at them. "Guys I'm just going to go sleep before our interviews tonight okay? Stay here." I walked into the elevator and James and Alec looked at me then one another and I saw anger rising in them both. I rode up to the 12th floor and lied down on my bed and fell asleep till the interviews. I wish I had never woken up for them.