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Chapter 4:

First Contact

In the year 2012, and all the countries got together for an emergency World Conference that had been called together by America, England, and some other country none of them could remember. Even the mirconations- even Sealand- was told to come, so the usual meeting building couldn't be used. Instead, they went to their official World Crisis meeting place out in the back country of America (they were everywhere, but this was requested).

In the rather convention-like room, America, England, and Canada stood silently in front of a curtain. Whispers of guesses about that unusual curtain flew around the room than hyper, rapid-fire Italian. They heard a microphone whine momentarily to gather their attention. It went silent. America spoke unnaturally seriously for his personality.

"Welcome, nations, micronations, Sealand-" an excited 'HE MENTIONED MY NAME!' was heard, "We have a secret."

Canada took over, "None of you know our secret. It is an important secret that will change some of you forever."

England spoke last, "This started about a hundred years ago. We would like you to all meet, Mar!"

The curtain fell. A young boy who was about an inch shorter than Italy stood there in a hoodie, jeans, and a pair of sporty sneakers. He ran a hand through his dirty-blond hair and whistled, blue eyes quickly growing larger. A signature curl stuck out of his head, incredibly like Canada's curl. He held a hand toward England for the microphone.

Every country in that room had similar thoughts whilst examining the boy. He's a country, most definitely. Can I rule him/ Is he independent/ Is he a colony?

"So… hi." The boy awkwardly said in the microphone. His voice wasn't very deep, and was actually more high-pitched like Italy's, "I'm Mar, the country of Saphira. Uhm, America and Canada are my brothers, and England is my Papa, and I am an Island nation. I was kept a secret because of how easy it would've been to take over me around the time I was born, because my people did not have cars, or electricity, or stores. My country is on an active volcanic island. So uhm, Hi!"

Silence. Then suddenly everyone was up and pushing to get to Mar, to make alliances, to make friends, to know his weaknesses. The uproar scared the four nations at the front. Mar and England grabbed each other's hands and began practically screaming in another language. There was seemingly no change in the room, if the countries didn't hit the new invisible barrier.

"I thought you guys were joking that they would come after me!" Mar screeched, terrified.

"We weren't!" America laughed as the countries on the other side got angry.

Mar face palmed. "Well, Papa, can you get the rest of the G8 and anyone else particularly important so the few of us can discuss my being known?"

Another quick incantation and Germany, Italy, Japan, France, China, Russia, Romano, and Prussia were with them.

"Bro, where's the small room where we can hide?!" Mar asked America.

"Heros don't hide!" America proclaimed, "But follow me!"


Marcia couldn't believe she was doing this. Posing as a male…?! What was she THINKING?! She sighed in the silent, slightly shaken room of countries. She had pulled her I-Pod out a while ago to calm her frazzled nerves. Simple, classical piano pieces played in her ears, in her thoughts.

Until her earbuds were ripped out.

"HEY!" She cried. Now back to being 'Mar' "he" blindly grabbed for his earbuds. He grumbled when he noticed England had taken them and began to pout a little.

"W all need to talk, love." England handed him back his stuff, and turned to the group, "Do any of you have any questions for Mar or do you just want to talk with her?"

Italy raised a hand. "Ve~! Mar, do you like Pasta~?"

Mar gasped, "I LOVE PASTA!" He cried. He and Italy had matching giant smiles on.

"KESESESESESESESESE! Do you like beer, Mar?" Prussia loudly asked.

"Ew. No. I'm 19, I can't drink alcohol." He answered, gagging a bit. This earned stares. Germany spoke up.

"But I thought they said you were hidden for like 100 years?"

"Yes, but my body began to age slower when it hit 30 years- I aged 1 year for every two- so when I was biologically 15. Now I age like, a year every 15 years. I live in America, and so it is illegal for me to drink anyways."

Everyone nodded. No more questions were asked, so they all just chatted about all sorts of things. Mar told of his love of foreign things, and how he studied different languages and histories. He had a conversation in fluent Japanese, Italian, and French, had a simple conversation in German, which he recently took up, and told the few Russian words he knew. They eventually came up with a game of trivia on each other's histories. Mar knew America's history by heart, and would call out the answer to some of the questions, the first-handed accounts being told to everyone. In general, Mar had brought them together. Only Romano sat out of most of it. Mar repeatedly would call out to Romano in Italian and say, "Please come here and play with us," or "C'mon, come talk with us."

After about 3 hours of their general calmness, Mar turned to Germany.

"Hey, I have something important to ask you." He said.

"What do you want to know?" Germany asked.

"Can I… I-I mean, May I, uhm, t-t-train with you and Italy and Japan?" Mar asked shyly, "It would work out because I've always wanted to go to Europe and I need training in how to run my country since I can't do much. My people keep doing everything themselves and they always need help that I can't give and stuff. So, please?"

Germany thought for a moment. Italy, Japan, and Germany got in a sort of football huddle and quietly discussed it for a minute, before turning back.

"We would love to have you train with us." Germany gave a small smile for a moment as Mar's face lit up with absolute happiness.

"THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU!" He cried, shaking their hands and jumping excitedly.



And that is how Marcia's first World meeting ended.

With Marcia jumping out the first-floor window and hijacking a random car to get home.

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