Authority Figure
Chapter One : Trimmer

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Mia sat on her favoured car as Brian stood beside her with a smile. Happy to see his girlfriend genuinly smile for the first time in days.

It had been weeks since the team had seen Dom when he had been arrested, but now... they were all to ready to welcome back their King of the LA Streets. The rest of the team were already back preparing for race night at the house and garage. Jesse, Leon, Rome, and Vince were working hard on setting the cars up to take to the strip tonight along with their new family member Trim. A stray they had offered a house to when Brian and Rome had run into her after a race night, finding that she had fallen in trouble with the wrong crowd. Not saying they were the best role models to be around either.

It had been nice having another girl around the house. Even if she was more like the guys than Mia thought imaginable. It was nice all the same. She seemed to bring a dark, witty humour and new blood to the quickly boring crowd at the house. Her only concern was how she would get along with Dom... the kid was a fire cracker waiting to malfunction. She could sense disaster if Dom came home and Trim wasn't use to having him around. Despite the freedom everyone favoured in the house. Everyone knew that when something went down in the house, Dom knew about it, and he had the final say.

She had to admit, things around the Toretto household were about to get a lot more interesting, but Mia knew her older brother. Eventually Trim would come around and find it in her to respect him... but until then, they would probably clash harder then anyone ever had before... but she would hold their family together, she always did.

Turning towards the small brick building, Mia grinned widely as her older brother, and last of her biological family Domonic Toretto walked out of the door and embraced her in a large hug... the grin evident on his usually intimidating expression. His tall, 6'5 frame towering over her own 5'10 frame as his buldging muscles held her tight.

"Mia..." he grinned as she chuckled slightly and sighed into his embrace, letting go as Dom hugged Brian and they headed towards his '69 Charger... by far Dom's greatest possession as he jumped in the driver's seat and Brian took to the seat in the back as Mia climbed in beside her older brother. "Looking prettier every day." he smiled.

"Good to have you back Dom..." Brian grined while patting his older friend's shoulder as they spun the tires and pulled out of the parking lot. Happy to finally be getting away from that hell hole of a place. With a smile, the three made the hour drive back to the Toretto household... old jokes and laughs making themselves known as the three grinned shaking their heads. Happy to have the old team starting to come back together finally.

It had been awhile since any sense of normality had graced the presence of the Toretto fort. From Letty leaving the year before, and Dom being sent off to jail only months later. Mia, Brian and the rest of the team were just happy they had their leader coming back to hopefully restore some peace and normality into their lives once more.

"What's going on Mia? You haven't said much the whole ride..." Dom asked as they pulled into the neighbourhood where everyone had resided to the household and garage the boys normally worked on.

"Just thinking..." she smiled as Dom nodded his head as they pulled into the driveway to see everyone waiting by the garage at the side of the house. This was Dom's big return, and he planned to spend it the best way possible. With his family at the races, a win in his back pocket, and a pretty looking racer chaser on his lap. Just like always. "Dom... before you go, I think there's something I need to tell you." Mia sighed as Dom reached for the handle to the door before stopping abrubtly and turning towards his sister. A small grin playing on her thin lips.

"What's going on Mia?" he asked suddenly, not exactly likely where this could be headed.

"Well about a week after you left, we picked up a girl at the races. She's young, just turned 20 I think..." Mia said as Dom nodded his head, not exactly sure as to why she would be so worried about telling him this. "The thing is Dom... I didn't really tell her much about you. And she's not the best with authority figures... dropped out of the army just before we found her... but something's off and we've been trying to figure it out for weeks..."

"And...?" Dom left off as Mia grinned slightly as Brian sighed and rubbed the obvious stubble growing on his face. Life had not been exactly easy since they ex-cop had dove into life with his new family... mind every day brought something new, and he loved more than anything the chance he got to spend with his true love Mia. "Come on Mia... don't leave me hanging here." he chuckled deeply as Brian took a deep breath and shared a look with Mia.

"She's just a kid Dom... but she doesn't exactly have the greatest past. And she races like no ones ever seen." Brian smirked slightly, remembering all to easy the crash course the team had put her through just weeks before when the kid had barely scraped out a win from behind. Brian had to admit, the kid had skill... but she was young, by no means innocent, and she didn't have the experiance or the cool to make it here at the moment.

"And that would concern me because...? Come on guys you make it out like she hates my guts already." Dom chuckled in his deep voice again as Mia and Brian shrugged their shoulders together.

"Just remember Dom... she's not the best with authority figures. You'll have to go pretty easy on her. She's not used to this life yet." Mia sighed as finally, they all exited the car and the guys in the garage came running over with grins on their faced making cat calls and wolf whistles as Dom raised his hands in the air with a triumphant smile.

"Daddy's home babydolls..." Dom yelled out as the guys gathered around him, exchanging high fives and hugs all around as Brian ran inside to grab everyone a drink, the smile still evident on his face.

Mia hung back, a grin plastered on her pretty face as she looked around trying to find her newest stray Antrim O'Neil... and catching her still hidden in the house garage as she tinkered with her own racer, cleaning out the gas tank as she filled the oil and checked her steering and breaks. Ready to hit the roads tonight for a ride when it was her turn to race. When, Mia wasn't sure yet. Ever since Dom had left, she had been covering for Brian's spot while he raced in Dom's usual spots... now that Dom was back, they hadn't really thought of how to fit her into the races yet.

"Mia... come have a drink with your brother. I haven't seen you for weeks. Get the new kid and lets celebrate." Dom grinned, taking a swig of his drink as the boys cheered and filed out through the house to the back deck as Vince lit up the barbeque and through some food onto the grill with lits of encouragement from his brothers. Laughing as Jesse turned the radio on and everyone took a seat.

"Sounds good Dom... but I think Trim's got some tuning up she's still finishing." Mia grinned as Brian snaked his strong arms around her waist and took a drink from his bottle, grinning as he snatched it back with a laugh. The others joining in as Mia crawled out from under Brian's grasp and grabbed another drink, headed towards the garage.

"Where do you think you're taking that Mia?" Dom asked with a slight chuckle in his deep voice as Mia turned to him with a grin.

"I'm going to go see if Trimmer wants to get ready to go soon. I figured she could use a drink since shes been out there for hours working on her car." Mia offered as she continued towards the back gate of the yard.

"Oh I don't think so... you said she's only twenty... and we're not her parents. No drinking on this property, or anywhere else for that matter before a race. Especially for her." Dom stated boldly as Mia scoffed shaking her head.

"Come on Dom... you and I know everyone here was way into this stuff before they were legal drinking age. Besides, it's only one." Mia tried to offer as Dom stood up and walked towards her.

"She's not drinking Dom... and that's final." he said, taking the extra drink from her hand as Mia sighed and headed towards the garage again.

"How long do you think it'll last?" Jesse asked, taking another drink as Rome and Vince turned to him with a questioning look as he laughed.

"What'll last?" Leon asked as Vince layed the food down on the table before the men.

"Before Trimmer has a go at Dom?"

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