When I first started writing this fic, I never thought it would get to the point it is now. I had no idea what I was doing when I wrote this chapter. No plot set out, No oc's thought up, nothing. But now I've done twenty odd chapters, have a very vague plot set out in my head and even update every other day. At least four times a week. But anyway, I am now going through each of the chapters and cleaning them up, just like I said I would. So whether your reading this again, as several of you tell me you do, or just now starting, welcome to my fic and I hope you enjoy the read.

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Videl Satan, despite being only thirteen years old had a lot to boast about. Her father was the strongest man in the world. She was the strongest kid in the world. She was also a crime fighter despite her young age and held a record of beating down one hundred per cent of the baddies that she thought. So when Videl was walking calmly down the snow covered street, wrapped up warm in a large brown coat and scarf with a white woolly hat, and she heard a scream of "thief", she did not once hesitate to head straight towards it.

Arriving between an ally she immediately saw the cause of the commotion. Some wealthy looking lady dressed up in fake fur and clutching an expensive looking handbag was yelling at some kid with a hoody. The kid had their back to her and the hood was up, so Videl couldn't tell much about them other than they were about her height, and hence a kid.

"What's the problem here," asked Videl, approaching the two. The lady gave her a snarl. "Who the hell are you," She barked. "One of his delinquent fiends?"

'So it's a boy, figures,' thought Videl, catching the woman's use of the word 'he'. "No ma'am. My name is Videl Satan, the daughter of Hercule Satan."

Suddenly the hooded boy's head whipped round to face her. 'Oh, now you're afraid,' she thought.

She still couldn't make much out about the boy, as the hood fell far down his face, shielding his eyes from her view.

"Oh good," said the Lady, suddenly smiling and displaying her shiny white teeth and gums. "I've heard about you, you help out the police don't you. Then would you mind taking this little ruffian down to the police station. The little shit tried to steal my purse."

"I did no such thing," the boy suddenly rebutted back. "You dropped it, I picked it up. I was going to give it back to you but you suddenly started yelling at me."

"Oh what a convenient excuse," the woman snarled with her nostrils flaring. "Never mind my purse was in my handbag making it pretty much impossible to drop."

"Then clearly it wasn't" the Boy growled.

After hearing the little argument Videl decided on two things. One, she didn't like the lady very much. And two, even so the lady was right in that she couldn't drop her purse if it was in her handbag.

"You're going to have to come with me," Videl said to the boy.

"No I don't," he snapped back quickly. "I've done nothing wrong. And I'm late enough as it is. Besides the woman's already got her purse back and you don't even have any proof I've done anything."

Well that was true, but it was also true the boy snapped at her. She had been thinking about letting him go when the woman was out of earshot, but no one snaps at her and gets away with. So now Videl turned to give the kid a glare.

"If you'd done nothing wrong then you wouldn't mind accompanying me to the station for a statement would you," she hissed at him. Videl had been fully fully expecting the boy to back down from her glare, as even the adults do, but instead he held his ground seemingly not bothered by it. Weird, she thought. Mayve he can't see past his hood.

"I just said that I'm late for something. So if you don't mind I'm leaving."

The boy huffed before swivelling on his feet and moving to walk past Videl, who quickly moved in front of him. He was pissing her off now.

"You under arrest," she barked, going to grab him with her left hand while her other moved for the cuffs she kept on her just in case. But suddenly the boy was behind her. It was like he'd vanished from in front. Videl only realised where he'd gone when she heard a foot fall in the snow. She turned and sure enough there he was, heading towards the exit.

"Hey, get back here!" she yelled, running after the boy and leaving the lady, who decided she had had enough and promptly continued walking back down the other end of the ally.

"I said stop!" yelled Videl, grabbing the boys shoulder. Next thing she knew she was sailing through the air, before landing somewhat painfully on her back in the snow. She simply lied there stunned. He'd thown her. That she knew. What she didn't know is how he'd thrown her. It had happened so quickly she failed to even realize it until she was already in the air. People don't just throw her. She was supposed to be too good for that. She was the strongest kid in the world after all. She'd even won the world junior martial arts competition.

"Umm, are you okay?"

The Boy's voice brought her back to reality and she suddenly noticed the wet feeling seeping into her clothes as she laid there in the snow. She looked up to see the boy standing over her, a worried frown the only thing visible on his face. Videl nodded slowly, before trying to get back up. A little unsurely she managed to work her way back onto her feet.

"Sorry about that, it was a reflex action," the boy said, his right hand disappearing into the fold of his hood to scratch the back of his neck.

Videl regarded him for a second, looking him up and down. He didn't look like much, but then it was hard to tell under that baggy hoody he was wearing.

"Are you a martial artist," she asked him with a little suspicion in her voice.

"I dabble," he told her, moving his hand to his neck again. Videl frowned. Knowing that didn't make her feel any better about being thrown so easily.

"You're still under arrest," she told him. "If not for attempted theft then for assault."

For a second the boy went completely still as if shocked by her words. Then he simply burst out laughing.

"Ha ha ha, you just don't give up do you?" the boy said as his laughter died down. Videl scowled. She did not like people laughing at her.

"Just shut up and hold your hands out so I can cuff you," she spat at him, whilst levelling him with a glare that had made her father go weak at the knee's more than once. But instead of backing away in terror like she was used to she boy simply smiled at her.

"Why don't we play a game?" the boy said.


"A game. It's simple. You try to remove my hood. You're the daughter of Mr Satan so it should be easy for you right. If you can do that then you can arrest me. But if after ten minutes my hood is still on my head you'll give up on trying to arrest me."

Videl took in his offer. After half a minute she nodded her head.

"Deal," she said. After all how hard can it be to catch and de-hood one kid. Even one who can throw her like it's the easiest thing in the world.

The boy gave her a grin before pulling out a stop watch from his pocket. 'What does he do this a lot,' she thought.

"Time starts… NOW!"

The boy clicked the go button, but before Videl could go to grab him, the boy bolted.

"Hey, get back here no running!" Videl shouted after him.

"I never agreed to that!" the boy shouted over his shoulder as he rushed down the street at a rather incredible pace. Videl frowned before running after him. The boy smirked at her over his shoulder as he saw her following him. The two weaved in and out the crowds, both going at a pace beyond what should be normal for two kids. But after five solid minutes of running it was Videl who was feeling it the most.

'I'm not catching up and he's not slowing down,' she thought to herself. She was running flat out after the boy and her legs were starting to tire. She was not in the suitable attire for running and if you add that to the fact she was running in snow it was a miracle she hadn't fallen over yet. Scratch that, it was a miracle he hadn't fallen over yet.

'Who the hell is this guy?' she thought to herself. She was slowing down a bit now. The boy however was about to enter an ally. Suddenly she had an idea. Veering left, she entered a different ally, running past the heaps of trash that littered the floor, running past several intersections.

'You'll regret coming this way.'

When he next looked over his shoulder, Videl was no longer following him. He frowned. 'That's it? He was even going slow enough for her to keep up with him. She couldn't even run for ten minutes?'

The boy sighed to himself before turning his next corner. And almost running head first into the grinning face of Videl Satan.

"I've got you now," she screamed gleefully, lunging the shocked boy's head. Luckily for the boy he managed to shake himself out of his stupor just in time to duck under the girl. Videl altered the course her body was on, leaning more forward and once again going for the hood. But once more the boy was quicker. Before she could register what was going on, he was beside her, then past her. Never one to give up, Videl snaked her back leg out, catching the boy unawares as he tripped. The Boy put both hands forward, catching himself before he hit the floor. Then he brought both of his legs upwards into a handstand before pushing of the ground, sailing through the air and landing on his feet. Half way through the process his hand had gone to his hood to prevent it coming off. But he didn't have time to relax. Videl was after him again. She lunged once more, forcing him to retreat further down another ally, which he noticed with some irritation was a dead end.

"Ha, there's no escape now. Just give up," Videl shouted gleefully as she slowly advanced on him, forcing him to move further and further down the ally until his back was against the wall. She went for him again, but this time the boy jumped up. Kicked off the wall behind him, he shot forwards spinning through the air and landing behind Videl. Quickly he began to run again but Videl was obviously prepared. Before he'd even landed she spun round to chase him, and chase him she did. With a mighty kick she belted a bag of trash which promptly hit a wall and exploded right in the boy's face. Or it would of, if the boy hadn't brought his arms up it time to shield it. Seeing her chance, Videl shot forward, finally managing to grab his hood. But before she could do anything with it, she was sailing through the air again. 'NO WAY, NOT A SECOND TIME,' she thought angrily in her head. Gathering her bearings, she reapplied her grip on his hood, using it to gain control of her body in the air. She tugged, managed to prevent he self from getting any further before landing on her feet. Then she jumped forwards, managing to topple over on top of the boy. As they came crashing down Videl finally took her chance to pull down the boys hood.

"Victory!" she screamed, holding an arm and two fingers in the air from her position on top of the boy. She looked down to finally see the boy she'd been chasing. His face was a bit pale but kind looking. His hair was black and messy, but in a stylish sort of way and his eyes were a black twinkling onyx colour. She grinned down, satisfied in her victory, but stopped as she noticed the boy grinning right back.

"Twelve minutes and forty three seconds. Sorry but you were a bit slow."

He held out the stop watch for her to see, although the numbers were a bit further along now, there was still no doubt that she was outside the time limit. And by almost three minutes too. For a few precious seconds she was silent. But then…

"DAMN IT!" she shouted out loudly, her voice fierce and clear in the silence of the ally. The boy twitched as the girl roared out in her despair. Curses flew out her mouth which ideally should never be heard coming from a thirteen year old girl. Once she stopped howling, she tuned back to the boy who was still beneath him, trying to blink back some tears of anger.

"Sooo, are you going to stay like that or…?"

Videl having successfully removed her tears looked down to find she was straddling the boy. Quickly she got up, trying to hide her embarrassment. The Boy swiftly followed, standing up and dusting himself off before looking up to smile at her.

"So, deals a deal. I'm free to go right."

He flashed her a wide smile while waiting for her answer.

Videl didn't answer for a few seconds, mulling things over and trying to find a loop hole that might allow her to claim victory. Finally she said…

"No, you might be clear of theft and assault but I can still get you on sexual harassment."

The boy looked visibly stunned.

"When the hell did I sexually harass you!" he bellowed.

"Just, on the floor. Don't pretend you didn't enjoy having me there you little perv!" she screamed back.

"You put yourself there on your own. Stop being a sore loser and accept the fact that you lost!"

Videl closed her mouth and glared at him as a few more tears sprouted out of her eyes.

'Damn, I've got to stop crying when I lose' she scolded herself.

The Boy suddenly turned to leave, apparently coming to the conclusion that she didn't have anything else to say.

"Name!" Videl suddenly bellowed. The boy stopped in his tracks and turned to face her.


"You're name," Videl said, just loud enough for him to hear. "I've caught a lot of thieves and burglars. I've got a one hundred per cent capture rate. Or at least I did. I want to know the name of the boy who ruined that."

The boy seemed a little surprised by her words but suddenly his face split into a cheesy grin.

"Gohan," said the boy. "My name is Gohan."

How many of you thought Videl would actually catch Gohan, albeit after the time had expired. Well if you're wondering why Videl could manage it it's because Gohan wasn't showing any super human ability's. Not that he doesn't have any, he just didn't use them. And he didn't some much point in continuing the game once the time expired so he pretty much let Videl catch him.

Well when I first posted this chapter I asked the meaning behind the name delivery boy. When I was eventually told the answer to that question, it inspired me to stick the word rice into all the chapter titles. Well hope you all enjoyed the chapter, now on to the next one!