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"Umm, Gohan, what are we doing?"

They were back in the clearing. As soon as school had ended, and they'd said goodbye to their friends minus Sharpner, he'd brought her straight there. Apparently Vegeta was currently in the gravity room and wouldn't be coming out anytime soon.

There was no equipment in the clearing. And Trunks wasn't there either. It was just her and Gohan. Gohan of course was all smiles, just like usual. But for some reason, he was unnerving her. There was no visible difference between Gohan now and how he usually is, but his aura was darker, not evil in any way but thick with determination. The usual peaceful feeling was gone too. It was amazing how his innocent smile suddenly seemed so sinister. He had hinted that whatever she was going to be doing today would be a lot tougher than he training in the gravity room. And possibly painful too.

"Well, basically today you're going to be dodging," said Gohan his smiling face not changing a bit.

"Dodging?" asked Videl. Dodging what?

"Exactly," answered Gohan. "Now dodge."

Before Videl had seen him move he'd closed the distance between them and his fist was less than half a centimetre from her face. She couldn't even move. She hadn't even registered that he'd moved yet.

"That's the only freebie you're getting," said Gohan, his smile gone to be replaced with a grimace of determination. This was training, and to him training had always been something painful. Especially under the tutelage of Mr Piccolo. The thought that he was most likely going to hurt Videl made him sad, but at the same time he couldn't baby her.

"Next time I'll really hit you," he told her.

Videl gulped. The idea of being punched by Gohan scared her. But all the same she nodded. She got punched plenty when she sparred with the adults. And besides so long as she dodged she'd be alright.

"Good," said Gohan, a shadow of his old smile working its way back onto his face. "Then get ready."

He took a few steps back and Videl put herself into a stance. She focused on him, ready to move the second he did.

She didn't realize that would be a second too late.

The second Gohan moved, his fist had already embedded itself into her stomach. She'd been given no time to react, and instead she found herself being flung backwards a good ten feet by Gohan's powerful blow. She landed painfully on her back. Her stomach felt like a bull had just charged into it. Luckily for her Gohan hadn't put too much power into the blow, just enough to wind her a little. She blinked back a few tears that were threatening to escape and worked her way back to her feet.

"You okay," Gohan called over. His face held a worried frown as he regarded her. Videl would have liked to say no, that really fucking hurt. But that would make her appear weak in front of Gohan. So she decided to go with yes. Or she would have if she could get her voice out. So insetad she simply nodded her head.

Gohan nodded back, and motioned for her to ready her stance.

"Dodge," he said simply, and that's exactly what Videl tried to do. Only she did it too late. She could just about see Gohan move. But even if her eyes could keep up her body couldn't and before she knew it she suffered another painful blow. This time she was sent hurtling into a tree.

'Well at least he had the decency to hit me someplace different,' she thought to herself. Rather than punch her in the stomach, he'd used a palm thrust aimed at her heart. If it was anyone else at any other time, training or no, she'd have immediately claimed he'd touched her breast, than used that as an excuse to beat the shit out of whoever did it. But right now that was the last thing on her mind

'A few more blows like that and I'll be knocked out cold.'

'Maybe this was a bad idea,' Thought Gohan. He watched Videl as she struggled to get back to her feet. He'd asked Mr Piccolo for advice on tough training for Videl which wouldn't kill her. This is what Piccolo suggested.

'Okay, maybe Mr Piccolo wasn't the right person to ask.'

"You okay Videl?"

Videl didn't even nod this time, just held a shaking arm up and put her thumb up. Then she staggered back over to him.

'Maybe I shouldn't punch her so hard,' thought Gohan. But then Piccolo had been very clear. Move just fast enough for her to see you but be unable to react to you. Hit her hard enough to wind her, but be careful not to knock her unconscious. She needs a good incentive to dodge, and she can't feel like you're letting her off easy. These were Piccolo's words, and as much as it pained him to do it, Gohan was sticking to them.

Once she'd been knocked down for the third time Videl decided it was time to change tactics. Dodging Gohan when he attacks was pointless, he'd hit her before she'd even moved. He was moving only slightly slower than a bullet. This of course was the answer. How do you dodge a bullet, move before they shoot? Unless whoevers shooting is a really crap shot, in which case you might have just accidently moved in front of the bullet you were trying to dodge. So Videl readied herself, engaging her stance, albeit shaking slightly, and looking Gohan straight in the eyes. Every time he beat her down, she looked into his eyes and saw hesitation. Hesitation to beat her down again. But every time that hesitation would gradually disappear to be replaced by a steely determination. Videl wasn't sure how she felt about that.

"Dodge," said Gohan. Videl decided to take that as her signal. The second he said it, before he could follow up with an attack she flung herself to the side.

She should have known it wouldn't work.

Instead she felt herself stop in mid-air. Then she was yanked backwards by her ankle until Gohan was holding her upside down by her ankle.

"Almost got it," said Gohan with a smile. "But jumping randomly isn't going to help you."

The he let go of her ankle and allowed her to crumple to the floor with a small grown. It took her a good half a minute before she was back on her feet again.

Fifteen attempts later and Videl was not getting back up. She was lying on her back panting desperately, with her eyes clutched together tightly in pain. Gohan stood over her with a worried frown on his face.

"You almost did it that time," he told her, though he wasn't sure if she was listening. He out his hand in his pocket and pulled out a small bag. Taking a small green bean from the bag, he dropped it into Videl's mouth. She began to cough and splutter at the feeling of the unwelcomed visitor until Gohan softly commanded "swallow it."

She did as she was told, calming down enough to swallow the green bean. Instantly she felt better. All the pain was gone. All the tiredness was gone, along with all the hunger and even all the curses that had been floating across her mind. She could think of only one possible explanation for this.

"Did you just drug me," she asked, opening her eyes to stare at the frowning Gohan. Her words seemed to shock him enough for him to fall flat on his backside.

"No, I would never do that. That was a senzu bean. They pretty much heal you on the spot. They're really handy," he told her.

Videl just shrugged. She'd take his word for it.

"Well then let's get right back to it," said Gohan, putting some fake cheer into his voice.

"What, again? I just healed," groaned Videl.

"Yeah, so you should be alright for a few more rounds."

Videl groaned and hauled herself back to her feet. She dusted off her gi before staring Gohan in the eyes.

"Do you hate me or something?" she asked as she engaged her stance, deciding that this training session could be used as evidence that he did. Even so she decided to make herself sound sarcastic as she said it. It was something she always worried about, even though she kept telling herself she was being silly. But if she could ask the question in a non-serious way, but get Gohan to give a serious answer, then maybe all her fears could be put to rest.

What she didn't expect was for Gohan's eyes to go wide and give her a look like a kicked puppy. Gohan had definitely taken the question seriously; he'd even dropped his battle stance. Videl half thought about trying to hit him while he was distracted but eventually decided against it.

"Of course I don't," he said with what was possibly the saddest look on his face. "What made you think that? I know this training session is tough, but when I asked Mr Piccolo for ideas on increasing your perception and reactions this is the only thing he came up with that wasn't life threatening."

He carried on looking at her as if she'd just kicked him hard for no reason. She'd received a similar look from someone before. It had made her laugh. For some reason though she didn't feel like laughing this time, she just felt guilty.

"Don't worry about it Gohan, I was just joking," she said, trying to keep her voice calm and attempting to cover her tracks. She was starting to think this training session might be just as much emotional abuse for Gohan as it was physical abuse for her.

"Come on, I'm ready for another go now."

Stupid, stupid question. Why the hell did she have to ask that? Really, she should have realised that Gohan would take it badly. Besides there's no way Gohan hated her. In fact she highly doubted he hated anyone.

"Okay Videl," said Gohan, having gotten over his small panic attack. "Let's get to it."

He got back into his stance. Videl got back into hers. They stared into each other's eyes and then, he struck. Just before she'd been knocked out Videl had kind of figured it out. As Gohan said this was perception and reaction training, and she'd need both of those things to successfully dodge Gohan. She saw in his eyes the intent to strike, she saw his heel rise less than an inch of the ground, and she saw his fist rise. She went low to the left hoping to finally dodge in time. She didn't.

Gohan's fist caught her right shoulder, sending her spinning to the ground. She'd already realised that she wasn't going to dodge in time though, so she'd tried to fall backwards and roll with the blow to try and neutralize it. Didn't really work though, hard to roll with a blow you can barely see.

It took another four tries for Videl to kind of successfully dodge Gohan's blow. But he was very pleased when she did.

"You're definitely getting better at this," he told her, having only managed to skim her arm that time.

"Does that mean I pass?" asked Videl, rubbing the spot he'd supposedly 'skimmed'.

"Yup," said Gohan, earning a whoop of delight from Videl.

"Now I'll try going even faster. Get ready."


Before she left Capsule Corp. that day Videl was given a second Senzu bean.

"We can't send you back to your father all beaten up," Gohan joked. He'd gone to fetch the senzu beans from Korin last night, kind of an afterthought, but one he was glad he'd had.

Videl happily swallowed the bean and felt all the pain in her body go away.

"Why the hell don't hospitals have these?" she asked, gesturing to the magical bag of beans.

"There's a very limited supply," said Gohan, scratching the back of his neck and giving a nervous chuckle.

"Right," said Videl, eyeing him suspiciously but not saying anything else on the matter.

"Are you walking me home today as well," she asked, trying to keep anything that might resemble hope out of her voice. She was half expecting herself to hold a grudge over the fact he'd just mercilessly beat the shit out of her, but actually found that she wasn't that angry about it.

"Do you want me too?" asked Gohan, letting his hand fall back to his side.

"Well your mother did tell you to never let a lady walk home by herself," she said, although she felt her cheeks flush a bit.

Gohan gave a chuckle.

"Alright then."

"Sorry," said Gohan, almost as soon as they were out the door.

"What for?" asked Videl, who didn't even turn back to look at him.

"For hurting you," he said, as though it was obvious.

Videl gave a sigh before stopping and spinning on her heels to face him. Gohan also came to a stop.

"You know sometimes you are far too gentle," she said. She'd meant for herself to sound harsh, but it had come out in a rather friendly tone, which made her inwardly scowl a bit.

"Besides no pain no gain right," she said smiling at him. She couldn't help but see the irony, as it was her that got beat up and it was him who needed comforting.

"Yeah," muttered Gohan, still not regaining that smiling face. This caused Videl to sigh again.

"Well how about this. If you're truly sorry then you can make it up to me by waiting on me all off Thursday," she said mischievously.

"Eh," said Gohan completely caught off guard.

"Well we're back in the gravity room tomorrow right. This means that my muscles are going to be aching like crazy again. So I think you should be my servant for the whole day. If you're really sorry that is."

Videl was trying to keep the grin on her face, and the blush off of it. Regardless she looked Gohan dead in the eyes. He couldn't really refuse her now; otherwise she could accuse him of not being sorry at all. Gohan seemed to realise this to, since his shoulders suddenly sagged.

"Fine," he said, not a hint of happiness in his voice. He looked a bit dejected. The look on his face made Videl giggle.


Wednesdays started off good for Videl. Her muscles weren't killing her and her Dad was even sitting at the table at breakfast. It was the first time in a month that she enjoyed breakfast with her father. He waved her off to school, and when she got there she learned that Sharpner was absent. Deciding that she didn't feel the least bit unhappy that he wasn't there she cheerfully made her way to her seat behind the already present Gohan. In fact during lunch she decided that the absence of Sharpner constantly hitting on her was a welcome change. Gohan also seemed to have recovered from the mental damage he received the previous day, deciding that being reduced to a manservant for the day was an appropriate punishment. Videl herself didn't think he was in any need of punishment, since he was just fulfilling his role as trainer, but at the same to she wasn't going to give up on her dream of having him be her bitch. Before she had always been freaked out by herself when she thought of it, but now she decided she would just enjoy the moment.

School was over all too quickly and she soon found herself on her way to Capsule Corp. She was soon back in the gravity room, and so was trunks, who today was wearing a yellow pooh bear shirt with brown shorts. After another two hours of chasing the toddler round and falling flat on her face, she noticed that she was finally able to pick up a little speed without falling over. Still couldn't as much as jog though. Once the three hours of gravity training were over, she enjoyed some more of Chi-Chi's cooking before returning to the clearing for an hour of meditation. By the time she left Capsule corp. that evening the sky had gone completely dark, and she noticed with a gasp it was already eight o'clock at night. She'd have to come up with an excuse to tell her father for where she'd been. She could never say she'd been at a boy's house, even if that house happened to be Capsule Corp. and the reason had been training.

As normal Gohan walked her back to her house.

"I'll see you tomorrow," he said with a cheery wave. Videl grinned back at him.

"You bet your ass you will," she told him with a grin. "And don't forget about your promise either."

Gohan smiled and shook his head.

"I won't," he told her. Then he turned around and walked off. Videl simply grinned after his retreating figure. Tomorrow she was going to have so much fun. Hey everyone needed a hobby. It just so happened that her's included tormenting her friends in creative ways.

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