People, we are facing an actual crisis. I'm sure a lot of you know about this already, but the new act SOPA is going to pretty much ban fanfiction. I've only just recently gotten word of this, but the idea is that 100,000 signatures are needed by 19th March. That's just a few days. So far we're only half way there. Pretty much everyone needs to haul ass and sign this thing, or there could very well be no more chapters of Prankster God of Hueco Mundo, and the same goes for DBZ: Broken Record, Which by the way I will be getting back to around June. So lonf as is still there.

The link to the petition is

petitions . whitehouse . gov/petition/stop-sopa-2014/q0Vkk0Zr

Obviously without the spaces.

Pretty much everyone needs to get on this. It's not enough now to think it's fine, someone else will sign it. There's still nearly 50,000 signatures needed in the next three days or that's it, and I'll be damned if I just sit on my ass and don't do what I can to stop it. This message will appear on my top two most popular stories, and my profile page. And try to spread this stuff round as much as you can people. This could very well be the darkest hour for fanfiction. For realises.

If All goes well, this message/Chapter will be deleted in a few days.