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Chapter One

When he appeared in the odd forest, with trees far larger than any tree had right to be, Harry took it all in stride, as he had done for most of his long life. The wizard who looked to be in his late teens, but in reality was far older than that, took a deep breath and pulled his wand from his pocket.

"Point me; Great Britain." He intoned, and watched in exasperated acceptance as it spun endlessly on his palm. Ending the incantation, he endeavored to take a more in depth look around. It hadn't taken him many of the odd 'jumps' through both time and space to come up with a way to figure out if he was even on Earth anymore. Though he doubted the inventor who had created the 'Point me' spell had considered it to have such a use.

Sighing, he tried again. "Point me; civilization." He said hopefully. When the Elder Wand pointed purposely to the left, he let out a relieved sound. There had been a few times he had been dropped in a place where there was no form of civilization, and those were always the worst. Usually because it meant that there were animals big enough to eat him as they had eaten any humanoid creature that made an attempt at colonization.

Shaking off the thoughts of the last time that had happened (and really, what use did giant carnivorous horse like animals with tusks have for the food chain?) he set off in the direction the wand pointed. He would probably be here for a bit, and maybe he could disguise himself as a local and make some sort of living before he was whisked off again.

Stumbling over massive roots, and keeping an eye out for any animals that could decide to try a bite of him, Harry quickly made his way through the dense thicket. When he had defeated Voldemort, this was really not how he had imagined his life would go. Maybe he should have read the brochure for 'Dying and Coming Back to Life' a bit more diligently. Dumbledore certainly hadn't warned him that the moment the dark wizard that had plagued most of his early existence burst into dust, Harry would be dragged away from his own world and be tossed willy nilly into the universal flow.

That first new world had certainly been the worst, with no idea what was going on, where he was, or how he had gotten there.

But Harry had always been the adaptable sort, and this, while a very extreme version, was only slightly different from thinking magic wasn't real for the first eleven years of his life only to find out he could do magic himself one day.

Pulling himself from his thoughts, Harry tensed as he heard foliage rustle nearby. Not leaving it to chance that whatever was approaching would be harmless, the wizard scrambled up the nearest likely looking tree, only to stop a few branches up so he was hidden from view by the leaves, but could still see what was going on below clearly.

"Are you sure this was where Heimdall said he would be?" A voice that was obviously feminine asked, ant the owner stepped into the small area surrounded by his perch's roots. She was joined by a man. A very large and oddly dressed man.

The blond man looked around, and frowned, though Harry couldn't see his expression from his high position directly overhead. "I'm not ever sure who we are looking for, or why. Heimdall was very vague." He answered.

Sif sighed in irritation. To say that Heimdall had been vague was an understatement. He had demanded she and Thor immediately go into the woods to find a young man who did not seem to belong, and bring him back to the all-seeing god immediately.

Really, it could be said that anyone found in these woods did not belong. It was said that the great wolf Fenrir roamed this tract of land, and the vicious god-creature did not take well to interlopers. They were about to move on when a growling sound too small to be the infamous monster's drew both of their gazes upward.

Meanwhile, Harry was cursing his stomach. He did not get the chance to eat in the last world (he had just been sitting down to breakfast when whatever deity controlled his travels decided his time was up there) and was too wary of the brightly colored fruit in the trees around him to try and eat one. But now his demanding stomach had given his position away to the sharp eyed dark haired woman and her fair haired companion.

"Who is there?" The woman cried in a demanding voice, and the wizard sighed, knowing he could not avoid this. Casting a weak levitation charm on his shoes, he jumped out of the tree to land cat-like in front of the two strangers, only to straighten up and find himself faced with two spears and two hard expressions.

Bringing up his hands in the universal sign that meant 'I'm unarmed' he took a cautious step back. Of course, the gesture really meant nothing to him, as he was fairly decent at wandless magic and could incapacitate the two before they could even think to skewer him, but he wanted to see if he could get out of this situation without bloodshed first.

"Er... where am I, if you don't mind?" He asked, noting that he slipped into Old Norse just as smoothly as he had once slipped into Parseltongue.

The dark haired woman scowled at him, and jabbed her weapon in his direction pointedly. Her companion put a hand on her arm, though to stop her in case she decided to charge. "Who are you?" She asked again.

Harry idly wondered if it was the woman's 'time of month' as Ron had so delicately put it once upon a time. "My name is Harry Potter." He answered, making sure to keep his hands where the two people could see them.

The blond man looked at him contemplatively, before turning his blue gaze to the woman. "Sif, does he look like he belongs?" He asked in a manner that told the wizard that more was being said than what he heard.

The woman blinked, and pulled back her weapon just enough that it wasn't invading the young man's personal space. "I-I suppose not. But he does look a lot like-" She stopped and glanced at her companion oddly. "-Like the one who was lost." She finished. Even so, the man flinched. Apparently he lost someone, and it was still a tender topic.

The man looked at him as if seeing him for the first time, and was obviously comparing him in his mind to whomever it was he had lost. Harry tried not to shift under the scrutiny.

There was no telling how things would have proceeded from there if for one little detail that the wizard hadn't known, and the two Asgardians really should have remembered. Again, growling echoed nearby, but this was far more menacing, and much louder than the feeble protestations of his stomach.

Harry spun around as the two strangers froze, and found himself face to snout with a giant wolf.

Fenrir sniffed the intruder in his land, and blinked large yellow eyes as the man creature gave off a scent of power that was similar to his father's. A large pink tongue lolled out of the monster's mouth, before he licked the tiny man thing with a wolfy grin. Father had not visited in many moons, but maybe he had sent this man creature, who smelled like he could be pack.

Harry had stilled, much like the two people behind him, when he was faced with the abnormal wolf. He tensed when it opened its maw, and flinched when it moved forward to... lick him.

"Er..." Really, could his life get any more bizarre before he was allowed to die and stay dead? The wolf nudged him in what the animal probably thought was a gentle manner, but nearly bowled the small man over. Reaching up with a trembling hand, he did the only thing he could think of. He scratched it behind one massive ear while faintly saying, "Uh... good dog?" The wolf gave a resounding bark, laid down, and nudged its massive head so that Harry could comfortably lay his arm on it while it observed the still shocked Asgardians.

Sighing, Harry glanced at the strangers. "I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that this beast doesn't really like people, right?"

The woman made a small sound in her throat that could have been taken for a no. The two finally seemed to get a hold of themselves and dropped their spears to withdraw what Harry assumed was their main weapons. The woman, Sif, unsheathed the sword that had been hanging on her hip, while the man took out a... hammer?

Leaning against the large animal that was affectionately nuzzling him, Harry patted its head absently, like he would Remus in his wolf form after a dose of Wolfsbane. Really, the animal seemed starved for affection and was seemingly far more intelligent than any natural wolf he had ever met.

Grinning now, and ignoring the weapons now pointed his way by the two cautious strangers, Harry continued as if he had never been interrupted by the giant wolf thing. "Like I said, I'm Harry Potter. Who are you, and where am I?"

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