Jeff had been taking time off from wrestling, only to heal old wounds that seemed like they didn't want to heal. He has had a rough past with the company he was with. Before he left, he had a few written storylines. One being with his brother Matt, then he had a feud with CM Punk. That feud ended his carrear with the WWE.

His brother was recently released from the WWE. He was all proud about it. Matt just wanted time to do things on his own. The company wouldn't allow him to do such things. He had his youtube to run and his big web page he was building.

Jeff was at home watching some of the old matches he was in. He shook his head when he saw the Brother vs Brother Hard Core Championship match. "Matt, you crazy son of a bitch," he spoke as he saw Matt use a trash can on him.

"Oh, so you think I'm a bitch huh?" He asked as he walked in on Jeff.

"Oh, hi asshole," Jeff spoke with a smirk on his face

"Glad to be one," Matt spoke with a smirk on his face. "Anyway, what are you up to?"

Jeff shrugged his shoulders as he looked at Matt. "Just watching some old wrestling stuff. You bro?"

"Just came to see my brother."

"I see," Jeff nodded his head. "Well you seen me, now you can leave." He then stuck his tongue out at his brother.

"Oh well isn't someone a bit pissy?" He joked.

"Am not."

Matt laughed a little as he punched his brother's shoulder.

"Ow! What the hell was that for?" He asked, acting like it was really hurting him.

"Nothing," Matt smirked.

Jeff nodded, "Then you can leave," Jeff smirked.

"Fine, I will," Matt spoke as he got up and made his way to the front door. "I may never return!" He yelled before he left. Of course Matt was just joking.

Jeff stood there getting the next DVD ready to play. "Yeah, whatever." He acted like Matt really meant what he said.

Sighing a little as he sat there watching the blank screen for a while. Then he shook his head as he came back to the real world. Just as he did that, his cell went off. Of course it made him jump. "Dammit, give me a heart attack Phil," he mumbled as he saw who it was from.

Reading the text, he responded to it with a smile on his face. No one knew Jeff was gay, not even his brother. Jeff is very lucky not to have Matt find out. He would have a fun fest with jokes about him dating men.

Getting up from the bed that he was now sitting on, Jeff went to the front room, where he saw Matt. He quickly got out his cell phone and sent Phil a quick message. He really hoped Phil would not show up while Matt was there.

"Matt, what are you doing here? I thought you left." Jeff shut his phone off and shoved it in his pocket. He didn't want Matt to hear the ringtone he had set for Phil.

Matt smirked looking at his brother. "Sure made you think I left, didn't I?" He asked with a smirk on his face.

Jeff rolled his eyes as he pushed his brother out the door. "Why don't you just leave. I have other things to do."

Matt cocked his brow, wondering what his brother was doing. "Bro, what are you doing?" Matt asked Jeff.

Jeff just kept pushing Matt out the door. "Bad timing bro, bad timing." He got Matt to his car before helping him in. "Good bye, come back in a million years bro," he joked.

Matt let out a small laugh as he then got the point. He pulled out of the driveway and went home.

Letting out a small sigh, Jeff reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone and checked to see if Phil responded. He did respond.

A little later, Phil pulled up in his red Lambrigini. He got out and stood by his car. "Hey baby," he spoke as he walked over to Jeff, wrapping his arms around him. Phil always wondered why Jeff kept their relationship hidden from the world.

Jeff had a smile on his face as he felt Phil wrap his arms around him. "I love you." He then drug Phil into his house and shut the door. He pushed him to the sofa as he sat on his lap.

"Baby, why are you so afraid to tell Matt about us?"

Jeff sighed a little, knowing Phil had to know the truth. "He doesn't know I'm gay," he responded looking down.

Phil nodded his head as he heard Jeff speak. "I see baby. I still love you." He then pulled Jeff's head up and kissed his lips softly.

Jeff smiled as he felt Phil kiss his lips. He wrapped his arms around Phil, letting him pick him up off his feet. He held onto Phil as he went to the bedroom. Lying on the bed, Phil pulled Jeff on top of him.

"So baby, what did you want to do today?" Phil asked.

Jeff thought about it for a while. His tummy was rumbling a bit. "I'm hungry baby. We can go out to eat, or we can order something."

Phil laughed a little as he rubbed Jeff's back softly. "Well how about I take my man out to eat. You came the place and we will go there."

Thinking a bit, Jeff was getting hungry for ribs. "I am hungry for ribs. There is a place we can order from," he spoke as he looked through his phone for a number.

Smirking a bit, Phil pulled his phone from his hands. "No, I want to take my baby out for food, no arguing." Standing up, Phil picked Jeff up and carried him out to the car. He sat Jeff in the passenger seat of his car. Walking around, Phil got in the driver's seat, leaning over kissing his lips softly. The kisses lead to a tease, causing Jeff to want to make love, but he had to wait.

This caused Jeff to whimper when Phil got into the driver's seat starting the car. He then began to drive to Outback Steakhouse.

Pulling up at the restaurant, Phil parked the car and came around to get Jeff. They both walked in and waited to be seated.

The waiter lead Jeff and Phil to a table. Phil let Jeff sit down first. Then he sat down as the menus were sat in front of them. Phil smiled looking at Jeff.

Jeff smiled looking at Phil. He looked at the menu. He was trying to figure out what he wanted to eat. He scratched his head a little.

"Having a hard time sweetie?" Phil asked as he saw Jeff looking like he didn't know what to get. Seeing Jeff nod, Phil then took his menu and sat it down.

Tilting his head a little, Jeff wondered what was going on with Phil and his mind. He then just sat there as he waited for the waiter.

When the waiter arrived, Phil ordered a grilled chicken on the Barbie, two Pepsi's and a classic cheese cake with chocolate sauce.

Jeff smiled as he sat waiting for the food. Phil held Jeff's hand as their drinks came first. Phil put the straw into Jeff's glass. "You don't have to."

Phil held his finger up to Jeff's mouth to silent him. "This is for you baby." Phil then rubbed his leg a little.

Time then passed as their food then arrived. After doing so, Phil cut the food up and began to feed Jeff romantically.

Jeff then wondered what Phil was going to do after they ate. He decided to wait and see. He kept eating until he couldn't eat anymore.

When Jeff was full, Phil then ate himself because he was hungry. Jeff sat there looking at Phil as he was eating. Thoughts ran through his mind.

As Jeff and Phil were eating, Matt came in to the same restaurant Jeff and Phil were at. He didn't know until he walked by the table where Jeff and Phil were sitting at. He tilted his head as he was thinking why his brother was sitting with Phil. He wondered what his brother was doing.

Shaking his head, he went to get a table to eat at. Mat was just not sure how to react to seeing his brother with Phil Brooks. He ended up getting a table right behind Jeff.

Matt sighed a little as he kept quiet. He did his best to keep quiet. Which he did. He heard his brother talk about being in a secret relationship. When he heard Jeff say that he loved Phil, it broke his heart. His brown eyes filled with tears, his heart felt like it sank. Of course Matt never understood why.

Jeff cocked his brow as he heard sobs that sounded familiar. He motioned for Phil to hush. He stood up and went to where he heard the sobbing from. That's when he saw his brother crying. "Matthew Moore Hardy! Why are you crying?" Jeff asked.

Matt heard his brother speak to him. He had to come up with a lie. "I have cancer," he tried to fight back the tears.

Jeff then dropped his jaw as he heard what his brother said. "Oh Matt, I'm sorry." He didn't know what to say or do.

Phil stood up and came over to where his boyfriend was at. He saw that Matt has been in tears. "Jeff, did you want me to leave you be?" He asked, knowing not to act all lovingly.

Nodding his head, Jeff looked at Phil. "I need some time to talk to him." Jeff wanted to kiss him, but not in front of Matt.

Matt already knew that the two were love birds. He waited until Jeff was alone with him. The fake tears kept falling.

"What do you have?" Jeff asked, sounding concerned. "Are you going to die?"