Phil stood up and went to the bathroom, leaving Matt in bed. His brown eyes roamed around the room as he spotted a lamp. Getting out of bed, Matt grabbed the lamp, he laid it on the bed and piled pillows on top. Quickly Matt searched for something to break it with. He found a baseball batt and quickly hit the lamp. Hearing it break, Matt then pulled out a piece and headed into the bathroom.

Matt stood there with the piece of glass in his hand. He stood in the door way looking at Phil Brooks.

Phil finished his business and turned around seeing Matt standing there with the sharp piece of glass in his hand.

Taking no time, Matt shoved the piece of glass in Phil's chest, causing blood to gush out. Hearing Phil about to scream, Matt quickly pulled the piece of lamp out, causing more pain. Now Matt had to get rid of the evidence quickly. So he tossed it in the toilet and flushed it. Pushing Phil into the tub, he dipped his finger into his blood and wrote a message on the wall.

Before Jeff came back in to check on things, Matt cleaned his hands and made sure there was no blood on his clothes. His brown eyes then looked back at the bleeding Phil Brooks that lay in the tub.

Hearing Jeff say he was coming back in, Matt quickly ran to the bed, climbed into it and closed his eyes. He forgot that the glass from the now broken lamp was in the bed still so he had to keep still.

Jeff came in seeing his big brother with his eyes closed. So he figured that he was asleep. He wondered where Phil was at. He didn't see him in the kitchen, so he went in the bathroom.

Seeing Phil laying in a pool of his blood, he let out a scream that made Matt jump, but stay quiet.

"Baby! Why? Why did you do this to me?" He asked as tears fell from his eyes. "I thought I was the one." Looking up on the wall, he saw the words, You hurt me. He wiped his eyes. "I hurt you? How? How did I ever hurt you?" He wrapped his arms around a dead Phil Brooks. "I fucking loved you!" He began to sob as his arms were now covered in Phil's blood.

Matt laid in the bed, trying not to cry, knowing he hurt his brother. He wanted to tell him the truth, that he killed Phil Brooks, but that would lead to why. He wasn't sure how to tell Jeff he was really in love with him.

Jeff kept crying, causing Matt to sigh, "I can't do this without you. I need you." Letting go was going to be hard for Jeff. He was the one that needed time.

Sighing a little, Matt slowly got out of the bed and went to the bathroom door. He stood there wanting to hold Jeff in his arms. Matt knew that Jeff would hate him if he ever found out.