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Chapter 2

Knight Master led Michu to a forest on the outskirts of Serdin. It was Trial Forest, where the first test began for the young messenger. "This is Trial Forest. Your first task is defeat Treant, the magic tree that resides in this forest and obtain his apple! Understood?"

"Oh, that's pretty easy!", Michu remarked. She took out a capsule from her pouch and opened it, revealing a toy Cannon Gun. It was a small (up to her knees), but wide weapon. It was a combination of a cannon and a gun (hence the name). Despite being a toy, it's covered in metal, which made it heavy.

Michu tried lifting it up, realizing after that she had to cast her Strength Buff. "Onward to the forest!", she said, now carrying her Cannon Gun.

The forest wasn't much of a forest when Michu took a few steps inside. It didn't have many trees, too many overgrown mushrooms, and it was really small for a forest. She looked around, trying to find the Treant. Instead, she found a clearing filled with mushmons. She also saw a tunnel on the other side of the clearing.

Her plan: to sneak past the mushmons to get to the other side. But the mushmons noticed and closed in on her by the time Michu was halfway there. "Michuuu~! They noticed!"

She slowly smacked some of them aside while she fired a small cannon ball at the rest. The mushmons kept coming back and decided they would attack this time. They tried to headbutt her but she blocked with her gun which made them knock out. She continued to the other side. That is, until slimes blocked her path. "Move out of the way!"

"Special Delivery!", she called as she fired a package in front of the slimes. One of them poked it and the package exploded. The slimes flew into the air and fell somewhere far away, Michu presumed. She continued on her journey once again.

This time, she reached there to see the Treant...sleeping? No one mentioned the Treant would be sleeping when she found it. "This makes my job easier!"

It took a while, but Michu fired at it and defeated the Treant. She wondered how it was still sleeping even when she fired at it. The young messenger shrugged it off and got one of its apples. She then ran where she fought the mushmons, but couldn't go any further; she was lost. "I'm lost...again. Just my luck! And the forest isn't even that big!"

Knight Master heard complaining coming from the beginning of the forest where she sent Michu. She decided to check it out and walked into the forest. She walked forward (without turning) until she came to the young messenger, sitting down under a tree, sleeping. Knight Master shook her and she jumped up. "Uh...did I pass?"

"Yes, yes you did Michu.", Knight Master said, seeing the apple in hand. "Now for the final test. I want you to fight an existing member of the Grand Chase. It doesn't matter if you win, I just want to see your abilities."

Michu completely ignored the last part and smirked. "I will win! Losing is not an option! It's like a game~"

Knight Master just shook her head and brought her back to the mansion.

Everyone was just talking at the lounge when they were interrupted by Knight Master. She called for silence and announced, "Michu has passed the first test. But now comes the final test.."

"She's going to fight one of us, right?", Elesis said.

"Yes. And I will be picking randomly, as usual.", she answered. "I will give you all time to prepare. And I'll have the result in about half an hour."

Knight Master left and everyone started talking again. Michu went to the only person she actually knew. She sat beside the demon, who was sitting beside Ley and Zero. "Hiya Dio! Are these your friends?"

"Yes...", Dio grumbled.

"I'm Michu. Nice to meet you!", the messenger said, shaking Ley's and Zero's hands. Her attention shifted to Dio and she said, "Imagine if I have to fight you! That would be scary, but funny that two friends have to fight each other."

"Don't jinx yourself because I won't hold back...much.", the demon said and smirked. "And friends? Who said we were friends?"

"I said so!", the messenger said, pointing to herself. The demon rolled his eyes and turned back to Ley and Zero. Michu was left to walk around the mansion. Her stomach started growling so she decided to go inside and eat. She rummaged through the fridge, only to find a sandwich. "Good enough."

She took a large bite out of the sandwich and toured the inside of it or the time being. "Hmm...this battle will probably be a cinch!"

30 minutes later...

"WHAT! I'm fighting Dio!", Michu panicked. She ran in circles and shouted, "No, no, NO!"

Knight Master shook her head and lectured her. "I told you to be ready for any opponent, did I not?"

"Whatever, I'll still beat that demon!", the messenger said, pointing to the demon in determination. Dio crossed his arms with his scythe in hand. He stepped on the battlefield and waited for the younger one to come. She dragged her Cannon Gun across the floor and to the field. "Even thought you're stronger than me, I'll still beat you!"

"Psh. Like a weak messenger could beat me.", he spat.

When the other Grand Chase members stood at the edge of the battlefield to watch, Knight Master raised her hand as a signal to not go yet. She went over the rules and made sure that both sides were ready to fight.

"Are you two ready?", she asked and both nodded. "Then, begin!"

Before she knew it, he charged at her with his scythe ready. She instinctively put her Cannon Gun over her head to block it. But she couldn't hold it any longer...the strength buff can only make her hold it up that high for so long. He stopped trying to attack her, so Michu put my Cannon Gun down. That was a big mistake.

He hit the messenger with the scythe and flung it over his head. Michu and her Cannon Gun went flying past him, hitting the hard floor of the field. She stayed on the ground when he started coming towards her. He was about to attack when she jumped up and hit him on the head with the Cannon Gun.

It stopped him from doing anything for a moment. He just glared at the messenger with those purple eyes. She tried taking her weapon away from him, but it got stuck in his horns! Dio pushed me aside with the back of his Rake Hand and took matter into his own hands.

He was clawing out my weapon from his horns quicker than she expected. He threw the weapon back to her and she caught it. That's when she realized, 'Wait...I could've attacked with some of my awesome tricks I have in my pouch. Ehehehe~ Oops...'

"Death Star!", he said as he tossed his scythe towards her. She blocked it with her Cannon Gun until the tip got stuck inside. Michu took out the scythe from the gun and waved it at him.

"Haha! I got your scythe! Who's the tougher one now?", Michu said, waving it at him. Suddenly, it disappeared and went straight back to Dio. While she tried figuring out how it got back there, he let out a laugh. "Hey! How did you-"

He summoned a giant, purple hand that pulled her in. It was too fast for her to dodge or to get out of! So she ended up headbutting Dio's chest, which felt rock hard. Michu heard the demon scowl while she attempted to get up. She thought it did damage, but it only made the demon more annoyed.

Michu shook her head and saw Dio levitating just above ground. She went through all her memories with Dio and remembered one powerful move that required him to levitate: Black Space. Michu quickly spun around and tried running out of attack. But it was too quick for her and she's sent flying by the impact.

She hit the ground with a hard thump. She didn't move for a while, which made the others worried, even Knight Master. Dio walked towards her and stooped to her level. "Should we stop the fight?"

Knight Master was about to say something when Dio sensed some powerful energy emanating from the messenger. He jumped back and readied his scythe. She muttered in a low tone, "No...not yet. Don't stop the fight...just yet."

She slowly got up, clutching her side. The others noticed that her side was badly bruised and bleeding internally. She stopped holding on to her side and it healed on its own a bit. Everyone was surprised that an elf or a demon would have healing powers, but that wasn't really the case.

Her body went on fire, literally. Flames covered her body but she didn't burn in them. She picked up her battered Cannon Gun, but it wasn't affected by the flames. She grinned manically and said, "I told you, didn't I? Friend or foe...I will beat you!"

Flames also covered around the battlefield, blocking everyone else's view of the fight. She laughed and said, "I trapped you Dio! Now why don't we play the game my way?"

She fired a slow-moving fireball from her gun, which Dio dodged easily. He let out a laugh, until he realized that the wall of fire moved in closer. Now it was Michu's turn to let out a laugh. The demon growled and asked, "And what game are we exactly playing?"

"Well...the game has no name, but there are rules!", she remarked, retaining a bit of sanity. "I will fire a fireball at you, like before. If it hits the firewall, then it will come closer. Of course you know what will happen if it hits you~"

She fired at him again, this time, there were two. He directed them back at the messenger and she hit them back at him. Michu giggled and shouted, "Ping-pong! A game of ping-pong!"

"Hey, did you hear that girl saying 'ping-pong'?", Elesis said, looking back at the other members.

"Oh! Are they playing a game?", Arme asked eagerly. Most of the Grand Chase members sweatdropped.

"Err...no, Arme. They're not.", Elesis said, sighing. "They're fighting...at least, that's what they're supposed to be doing."

"Knowing Dio, he's probably not going to like playing games with her.", Ley remarked. "Especially if she's not a formidable opponent."

"Well...let's see what happens.", Ronan suggested.

Dio was getting frustrated. Not only did he now have to deflect about thirty-two fireballs, but his opponent treated the match like a game ever since she transformed. It was easy deflecting the slow-moving fireballs, but they were heavy, making it annoying to hit them with enough force.

Michu was also getting bored. She was getting lazy with her deflections and didn't fire anymore. Suddenly, the fireballs defused and so did the firewall. The flames surrounding her body weakened as she lifted up her Cannon Gun. "I feel tired, so I guess I'll just end it. Pyro Pulsar Beam!"

A ball of blue and red appeared inside the gun. She fired and a large red and blue fiery beam at Dio, who was ready for the attack. "Onrush!", he called, summoning his Infernal spear. He charged through the pulsar beam, deflecting it to other places.

They both continued their attacks until they ran out of energy. The messenger still couldn't believe that her friend was still standing. He stood a few feet away from her. She rubbed her eyes and smirked as the flames went out.

Bits of Michu's deflected attack from before formed into a pulse ball just before hitting the ground. It was right behind the suspecting demon who wondered why she smirked like that. He was then hit by the pulse ball in the back, which made him cringe.

"Hnnn~ Time to rest~", Michu said as she fell backwards. She started to snore quietly while the rest were left wondering what did she just do.

"So that's it?", Ley asked. She crossed her arms and said, "Hmph! This was okay, but I've seen better matches." She and Jeeves went inside the mansion. The others talked amongst themselves.

Dio tried walking towards the messenger to pick her up, but the impact of the pulse ball affected his legs. When the others saw this, they went to help him. Lire picked up the sleeping messenger while Alfred and Sebastian (who were also watching the match) helped his master to his room. The other chasers went inside the mansion.

Knight Master headed to the Queen's castle. She had to get the Queen's approval as well as her own for Michu to join. The young woman was sure that with a little training, Michu can become very strong.


"Dioooo~", the messenger said. She was only half-awake and looking drained out. "I know you're here, Burning Canyonnn~"

Dio sat at the side of his bed while the girl slept on the other side. She woke up, only to find herself in the demon's bedroom. He heard the girl calling him and turned around, "What is it?"

"Did I win?", she asked, now almost fully-awake.

"No, it was a tie.", he said. Michu shook her head and laid back on the bed.

"Eh, you're not as strong as when we first met. What happened?", she asked.

"I sealed my powers after the Demon Wars.", he said. Michu blinked at him like she wasn't listening. "...What?"

Michu burst into laughter. She laughed so much until her sides started hurting. Dio became annoyed the minute she started laughing. She pointed at the angry demon and said, "You- you sealed your own powers? Haha! What an idiot!"

"Shut up! I was in my first form, I held back and if it wasn't for that final move, you wouldn't even be here!", he hissed. She didn't really listen to him and continued to laugh. He rolled his eyes and lied down. Throwing the covers over him, he grumbled, "Goodnight."

"Haha~ I feel a bit tired myself. Goodnight!", she said and fell asleep.


The young woman known as Life guarded the bracelet. Since Elemental wasn't ready for the bracelet yet, she had to guard it and report anything that happened. She thought this job would be the very boring.

Until a little piece at the end of the bracelet chipped.

Naturally, she tried putting it back together. But she didn't have the power to fix it. So she reported it to Elemental. "Err...master.."

"Yes Life?", he asked. She showed the bracelet to him, along with the chipped piece. She explained how it chipped out of nowhere and that she didn't drop it on the floor or anything. "Interesting...have Water analyze it. Maybe she'll know something about it."

Life left the room and went to Water's. Elemental crossed his arms and leaned back in his white chair. "Hmm..."

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