Title: Back at Work
Author: Forsaken2003
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Rating: G
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Summary: Ianto comes back to work after his two week suspension and surprises everyone.

Warnings/Spoilers: Season 1 Cyberwoman also OOC
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Note: This is my first Torchwood story so please be kind.

When the cog door to the hub opened four set of eyes turned to see Ianto walk in. They had all expected him to be a mess but he looked like his usual self. He had on a suit, not a wrinkle in sight, his tie perfectly straight and not a single hair out of place. Anyone would have been shocked to hear that he had lost the love of his life only two weeks ago.

Tosh was the first one to speak. "Welcome back, Ianto."

"Thank you, Tosh. I'm glad to be back," Ianto said with a smile. He went to the kitchen and started making coffee for everyone.

Everyone just stared at Ianto. They hadn't expected Ianto to go back to his usual self.

"Maybe one of us should talk to him?" Gwen suggested and stood thinking she should be the one to do it.

Jack grabbed her arm. "It should be me."

"Jack, no offense but he needs someone… sensitive right now," Gwen said.

"I know how to be sensitive," Jack said with a huff. He made his way over to Ianto. "Hey, how are you doing?"

Ianto turned and smiled at Jack. "I'm good, sir. Really."

Jack frowned. "Are you sure? I probably should have stopped by to see how you were doing. I'm sorry."

"I needed the time alone, I'm just glad to be back at work. I see I have a lot to make up for," Ianto said as he looked around the hub. "Really, have none of you heard of a trash bag?" His tone was light and playful.

"I told Owen he was on clean up duty," Jack said. "But you know how well he listens."

Owen glowered. "I picked up after myself… sort of. Anyway I don't know where the trash bags are so…ha!"

Ianto rolled his eyes and began to hand out the coffee. "They would be in the broom closet."

"Oh…" Owen said. "We have a broom closet?"

Gwen looked concerned. "Ianto, if you ever want to talk…"

"Actually I would," Ianto interrupted. "Firstly I want to apologize. I know that I can never make up for the trouble I've caused or the lives that were taken."

"It wasn't you're fault, Ianto. You thought it was still Lisa in there," Tosh said trying to be supportive.

Ianto shook his head. "That's just it, I knew it wasn't her. But it had her face and her voice, I could not help her. And while I was upset that you killed her I was also relieved, because there was no way I could have ever done it no matter how much I knew Lisa was gone." He turned to Jack. "I'm sorry for threatening you." He placed a hand on Jack's cheek his thumb running over his lip where he had punched Jack. "I can only hope that can gain your trust again and that maybe we could start our relationship over. No secrets this time."

Jack placed a hand on top of Ianto's. "We all have secrets and one day I will tell you mine." He leaned in and kissed Ianto.

Owen groaned in disgust. "Can't you two keep that behind doors?"

"You have a problem with the same sex kissing, Owen?" Gwen asked with a laugh.

"No. I have absolutely no problem watching two girls kissing. Why don't you and Tosh go ahead and kiss so I can prove to you I have no problem with it?" Owen asked looking hopeful. "OW!" He yelled as both Gwen and Tosh smacked him simultaneously.

Jack pulled Ianto up the stairs. "Come on, I need help cleaning my office. I've gotten a little behind on my paper work."

Ianto sighed. How this place didn't fall to ruins while he was gone he'd never know.

The End