99's Friendly Mission

Assignment Morning

The Chief of CONTROL was pacing back and forth behind his large wooden desk. He had a difficult decision to make. He had to decide if he should send two people on this mission or the one he knew he could count on to get the job done. The difficulty was that the agent he had in mind could be killed and would leave a husband and family. However, he knew that the problem of a female double agent and one that was particular close to the best agent doubled the Chief's anxiety. He was making his fifteenth track across the floor when his intercom signal buzzed.

"Yes, Larabee."

"99's here."

"Send her in. Thank you, Larabee," the Chief said as he released the speaker button. The Chief sat down behind his desk and folded his hands as 99 walked into his office.

Ninety-nine, Mrs. Smart, as in married to Maxwell Smart, Agent 86, was feeling rather fatigued as she entered the Chief's office. She left Max asleep in their bed at home while she got their three children off to school and then proceeded alone to headquarters. Max had just come home from a hard case yesterday and the Chief had been good enough to give him the day off. So when the Chief said he wanted to see her as soon as she came in she was wondering why. Lately, 99 had put in many hours on courier and shadow detail. Yesterday had been the first day she had had completely off in many months.

"Hi, Chief. You wanted to see me?" 99 asked as she sat on the end of Chief's desk.

"Yes. I have a mission for only you. You cannot tell Max any details. I can't say that enough."

"Well, why can't I tell Max? If I have to go away he will definitely want to know why. I have to tell him something. I'm his wife."

"Yes, 99, I do realize that. However, if Max knows any part of this mission, he'll have my head if something happens to you."

"I suppose you would not want Max to come with me," 99 stated hoping that perhaps the Chief would change his mind. However, ever since they had become parents 15 years ago, Max and 99 went on few long distance missions together. Part of the reason was the Chief's realization that the Smart children were more vulnerable to danger when neither parent was home. The other reason was the signed agreement which 99 and Max had signed into their files that they agreed not to be in the same place at the same time unless absolutely a matter of security. This agreement was written by the CONTROL's Human Resource Department and was a matter of routine when agents married and had dependent children.

"What's the mission, Chief?" 99 asked taking a chair across from the Chief's desk. She smoothed her red skirt before sitting and crossed her long legs.

"You know Agent 93 from California, Tara Meluski?"

"Of course, she was my best friend here before she was transferred to California! How is she?" 99 asked innocently.

"We have reason to believe she's a double agent for KAOS. Evidence has turned up in two hotels where she was placed on surveillance and extraction. The extractions were for two KAOS scientists who have the locations of new secret nuclear arms in China. The extractions were never made and the scientists returned to their countries without any questions or problems," the Chief said.

"How do we know the evidence shows that Agent 93 is the double agent? Maybe KAOS threatened her and she had no choice but to extricate herself from the situation." 99 could not believe that her best friend, Tara, would be a double agent. They had spent many hours together covering as models or singers.

"What do you want me to do?" 99 asked. The Chief got up from his chair and took out some necessary protective devices and explained to 99 what her ultimate mission was to be.