All she could do was raise a brow, still in a ready position to take on her would be mugger, as she took in the -man- before her.

She had been on her way home from work, a late shift at the office, when she realized that she was being followed. When the presence continued after a block and a half, she decided to cut through an ally way, picked up a random pipe and turned to greet her muggers.

Frowning, there was only one. Where the hell was the second?

When the man made to move forward to attack, a dark shadow dropped from above and swiftly knocked the man out cold.

Standing to her full height, a whopping 5'4'' thanks to her heals, she blinked when her savior turned to her. Biting her lower lip, she used her free hand to pinch herself with, and when she let out a quiet 'epp' she knew she wasn't dreaming.

There really was a man dressed up as a bat standing before her, "Uh. Thanks. I guess." and started inching away from the taller man.

When she finally got a good distance, she turned her back and dropped the pipe and continued on her way. Not trying to be rude, but she quickened her steps to get away from the dressed up man.

"This city is full of crazies!" she was quick to pull out her cell and demand Sesshoumaru come and pick her up. It was his fault she had ended working late either way.

Bruce Wayne, Batman at the moment, simply watched the woman walk away and couldn't help the quirk of his lips at her last words. He had been intrigued when a fellow business man had introduced the petite Asian woman at one of his functions.

She had been unlike any other woman in the high society, not afraid to speak her mind, caring, defended her claims passionately but was also not ashamed to admit when she was wrong. It had been a while back when he was observing the streets that he had seen her walking down the streets, at her first mugging. She had defended herself beautifully, gracefully, and left the man to continue on her way that she had now piqued both aspects of his life.

Not only that, there was something mysterious behind those oddly beautiful blue eyes of her, and he -was- going to get down to the bottom of them.

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