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Summary: When Manticore resurfaces, it does so by taking over a school. Now Logan, Max and Alec have to go undercover and find out what's going on, by enrolling back in high school.

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Chapter 1

Course of Action


"Alec!" Max yelled around Jam Pony


"ARGH!" Max yanked the beeper from her bag and threw it across the room

"Hey! Careful!" Normal dodged out of the way as the beeper swooshed past him "Get to work, bip bip bip!"

"Boo, are you ok?" Cindy asked Max

"Have you seen Alec?" Max looked around "Normal, is Alec on a run?"

"Not that I know, he's supposed to be around here but you shouldn't. Here, hot run" Normal tossed a package at her

"I'll get to it as soon as I find him" Max dropped the package on a bench and yelled even louder "ALEC!"

"I'm right here Max" Alec appeared behind her out of nowhere

Max jumped "Jesus Alec, where the hell have you been? I've been asking around for you! And your cell phone is off, what's the point of having one when it's..."

Alec held up his phone "Dead battery. What's wrong? Is there a special reason you where looking for me or did you just needed to see me desperately?" He gave her a cocky grin

"Logan needs us, he's been blowing up my pager, said it was urgent" Max informed him

"What is it now? A kitten trapped on a tree?" Alec pretended to yawn

"He said it was extremely important and that he needed both of us right away" Max whispered

"Logan is so melodramatic" Alec commented but he was already climbing his bike "Let's go get this over with"



"In here Max!"

Max and Alec followed the sound of Logan's voice to the office. He was typing furiously and talking on the phone

"Are you sure about this? How? Really? Ok, thank you very much. I'll let Eyes Only know" Logan hung up and turned to the two transgenics standing behind him

"Logan what is it? You sounded so urgent" Max dropped her bag and reached for Logan's wheelchair

"Wait, not here. Let's go into the living room" Logan stood up and motioned for them to move

Max and Alec sat side by side on the couch while Logan sat on a chair

"There is a problem. One of my sources called and said that his sister's daughter was thrown out of school for no apparent reason"

"And that concern us how exactly?" Alec tapped his foot impatiently

Logan glared at him "He checked out the school. It's very exclusive, he had never heard of it. He thought something didn't quite fit so he called me. I checked some stuff out with some other contacts of mine and found out something rather disturbing"

"What is it Logan?" Max asked when she saw him hesitate

"The school is run by Manticore people"

"What? Why would they do that?" Max jumped up and paced around the room

"I think... I think that, with Manticore gone, they are attempting to mess around with genes after birth, with grown kids. But first they have to control their minds. Apparently my contact's niece never adjusted, so they made her leave"

"Logan, are you sure about this? It seems so far fetched" Alec leaned forward in his seat

"I'm pretty sure. It's a boarding school, they have access to the kids 24/7"

"And exactly how are they brain washing this kids?" Max was now standing by the window, hiding her face from view

"That's what I don't know. But we have to stop them" Logan got up and followed Max to the window, he stood behind her, making sure not to touch her

"So, what do we do? Barge in there? Torch the place down?" Alec asked

"No, we can't do that. If we just burn it down like Manticore they'll just pack up and move to another school" Max reasoned

"Right" Logan agreed

"So, what do we do?" Alec repeated his question

"We go in, undercover. Figure out how are they doing it and stop them from doing it again" Logan proposed

"Go in? We're supposed to just leave everything here and move to... where exactly is this school?" Max asked

"Outskirts of Chicago" Logan answered

"Even if we decided to go, people there would recognize us. I was at Manticore for 19 years, pretty much everyone knew me. Not to mention Max, the rogue was known by every single employee there Logan!"

"No, the people working on this did not work inside the Manticore facilities. They worked on the genetic details and did nothing else. None of them ever saw you or Max"

"Are you sure?" Max turned around to face him

"Completely. First thing I checked out"

"Logan man it's still a huge sacrifice" Alec ran his hands through his hair

"I know but some of this kids have families, people that love them! And Manticore have ways of making them not care. Their parents will never see them again. Besides, they weren't trained from day one, they're gonna suffer a lot"

Max sighed and rested her forehead against the cool window "When do we leave?"

"As soon as I get everything arranged" Logan moved away from her and sat back down on the chair

"Alec, are you in?" Max asked him

Alec closed his eyes, he remembered psy ops, the drills, the torture, the feeling of emptiness. When he opened his eyes again he saw Max staring at him "Yeah, I'm in"


"Ok, according to your applications, Max your name is Maxine Jane Bewer. You are seventeen. Your father is some rich guy, too involved with his work to take care of you so you're going to boarding school. Alec, or Alecxander Cage, you're an 18 year old orphan with a huge thrust found" Logan handed them their ID's

"The only problem is getting those thrust founds, we need some serious cash and now" Logan rubbed his forehead

Alec sighed "Move old man, let me work" Alec shook his hand

Logan frowned but got up. Alec sat down on the now empty computer chair and clicked away

"What are you doing?" Logan asked him

"Accessing my bank account" Alec replied

"Here we go"

Max and Logan leaned forward. Max gasped

"Where the hell did you get that amount of money? It's enough to buy an island!" Logan blinked to make sure he was seeing properly

"I've been 'borrowing' a couple hundred bucks from millionaire accounts every day, ever since I got out of Manticore. I figured the cash would come in handy one of this days"

"And no one notices the loss?" Max was clearly impressed

"No, as I said, they are millionaire accounts, what's a few bucks? I'll just put the money in separate accounts" Alec shrugged as if stealing millions of dollars was no big deal

"Well, that's one less thing we have to worry about" Logan got on the phone and dialed a long number

"Alec, are you ok with this? I mean what If you loose all your money?"

"Max, this needs to be done, we can't leave those kids in there"

"You don't have to do this if you don't want to. You know that don't you?" Max pressed

"Max, you're not going in there alone. I can't let you do that" Alec stopped typing to look up at her

"I'll be ok. If you want to stay here in Seattle I'll understand. You don't have to prove anything"

"I'm going Max, I want to help" Alec turned back to the computer "Besides, I would never let you have all the fun!"

Max chuckled

"I got a house in Chicago" Logan informed them

"Already?" Max was surprised

"It was easy enough to find. Two stories high. My only request was a big basement and we got that"

"Hey, what are you supposed to be? Are you going as a student too?" Alec asked, clearly amused

"They desperately needed a new history teacher" Logan smiled "My interview is tomorrow"

"Wow, this is happening so fast!" Max sat down on Logan's wheelchair

"I know. Now, according to my informant, there are no spare rooms on campus so, I'm going to offer my basement as your apartment until a spot opens up, if we all live together It'll be easier to stay organized and find what we need"

"What makes you think they'll go for it? What if the brain washing occurs at night?" Alec asked him

"It doesn't, some students don't live inside the facilities. None of them live with their parents, that's a rule, but some of them have apartments and stuff"

Max covered her face with her hands "Logan, what if we don't get accepted?"

"You will" Logan assured her

"All done here!" Alec announced. He got up and stretched "Max, let's go to Jam Pony, we need to tell Normal we're leaving"

"Yeah, let's go" Max stood up "We'll be by later" She told Logan and left with Alec close behind her

"Max, are you really ok with this?" Alec asked her once they where in the elevator

"What do you care? Since when did you become mister sensitive?" Max snapped

"Forget it" Alec shrugged

Max felt bad, Alec was being so sweet and so caring and she was snapping at him "I'm sorry, It's just a lot to handle I guess"

"I know" Alec shrugged

"Are YOU ok with this Alec? I mean really?"

"I'm always ok" Alec gave her a smile and turned away. Max placed her hand on his arm and he sighed "Max, I'm really ok. It's you I'm worried about. After all, you are leaving your friends"

"So are you" Max reminded him

"I'll still have you" Alec whispered

Max gave him a small smile. She hated to admit it but she actually liked having Alec around. If she had to go undercover for an undetermined amount of time she was glad to have Alec and Logan along. The elevator doors opened

"Oh, I forgot my jacket! You go ahead and unlock the bikes, I'll be down in a sec" Max climbed the elevator again

When she reached Logan's she opened the door quietly and grabbed her jacket from the living room

"Max?" Logan called

"I forgot my jacket" Max told him. He was standing on the doorway of his office

"Max, this is going to be tough but we can pull it off. I know we can" Logan told her

"I know, we can't leave innocent kids in the hands of Manticore" Max said slowly

Logan pressed his hand against one of the transparent panels of his office. Max walked up to him and pressed her hand on the other side

"We're going to be ok"

"I know" Max whispered, "I know"


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