Toying with Evil








No Secrets - That's What Girls Do

The Offspring - Original Prankster

Robert Miles - Fable

Mushroomhead - Sun Doesn't Rise




This chapter contains some mature material, nothing too strong but it might be a tinsy bit worse than PG-13. You have been warned.




Previously on High School Missions



"Maybe we should tell you the school rules. You are not allowed to date your roommate or housemate, if they find out you're dating someone on your own building you will be relocated. The teachers like to leave optional work, you know for extra credits? But most of it is really hard, mostly the geeks are the ones who do that"

"Every Friday we get a flu shot, we never get sick and no one misses school. They have been doing it for a year or so."

"As for the group rules, we take small tests every week."

"Tests? What kind of tests?" Max asked.

"We have a hat, we call it the magic hat. Someone, anonymously, comes here every week and drops 12 pieces of paper into it. If you have an idea then you may write it down and drop it in too." Ashley told them.


A boy slowly walked up to her and sat on the seat she was saving. Max recognized him as one of the geeks

"Hey, excuse me, could you sit somewhere else? I was kind of hoping to sit next to someone." Max whispered sweetly.

"Hum... sure!" The guy stood up quickly and grabbed his bag. He started to walk away but changed his mind and turned around to face Max "My name is Tom by the..."

"Alec!" Max called to him, he had just walked in but hadn't seen her because Tom was blocking his view.

Tom stared at Alec for a moment, there was an expression on his face that Max couldn't read, but she wasn't really paying attention.


"You know, that boy has been staring at you ever since you got here."

Max opened her eyes and saw Tom sitting by himself on a booth in the coffee house, looking at her.

"Oh him? He's name is Todd... or Tom... something with a T. We have a class together."

"Well Max, he seems really interested in you."

She rolled around to look at Alec and laughed "He's a geek!"

"So? You're dating their king!"

Max's eyes opened wide and Alec cringed "I can't believe I said that out loud. Hit me, I deserve it for calling your star crossed lover a geek."

Max laughed and instead of hitting him she gave him a quick, soft peck on the lips.

Neither one of them noticed Tom, who was still watching from inside the coffee house.


Alec strode out of the bathroom with a blue towel wrapped around his waist. He sung the door open.

"Hello, can I help you?" He greeted the stranger.

Max, who had after her seizure removed most of her clothes only to remain in a form fitting tank top and her six-year-old boy panties, sat up in her bed and glanced at the door curiously.

"Alec, who is it?"

"Hum... who are you?" Alec asked the big nosed intruder.

Tom glanced past a half naked Alec at Max, barely clothed and stretched out on her bed, or was it his bed?

"I'm uh... sorry, my mistake." Tom turned around and walked away quickly.

Alec shrugged and closed the door.

"Alec, who WAS it?"

"No one."


"Here, try this." She handed Max a tiny envelope with white powder inside.

"Try it?" Max's eyebrows almost became one with her hairline.

"Smoke it, sniff it, we have some needles around if you're into that."

"Hum sorry guys but we told you before, we don't do drugs." Alec gave Dak the envelope.

"This are not drugs! Well... not exactly." Ashley giggled "They'll give you a buzz but you won't get addicted! They're safe!"


Max couldn't move. He had her pinned. His bare chest was pressed against her barely covered one. They were both panting and sweating profusely. Their faces were mere inches away from each other.

A growl emanated from deep down in his chest as he leaned forward and captured her lips with his. Max closed her eyes and surrendered to the sweet taste of him.


"I've got good news for you."

"You do?"



Sasha smiled "I found a way to cure that virus."










Max and Alec had been sitting in silence next to each other for five minutes. They just couldn't seem to find anything to say. Every time Alec started to say something he thought better of it and snapped his mouth shut again. He wanted Max to speak and at the same time he didn't. He didn't think he'd be able to stand her rejection. She was bound to call the recent development of their relationship a mistake.

Max had been staring at the floor where most of the papers they'd been going over for the past few hours had fallen.

Alec closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

"Max I..."

"Alec." She interrupted him.

"No, wait, let me just say..."

"Alec, did you read this?" Max grabbed a sheet of paper from the floor and held it up for him to read.


"This!" She pointed at the paper.

"What is it?"

"The chemical structure of the drugs we took."

Alec frowned and scanned the page quickly.


"It's an active ingredient in marijuana."

Alec frowned "I'm looking at the chemical formula, that's not Tetrahydrocannabilnol"

"The variations are uncommon and not seen in nature, Tetrahydrocannabilnol was the closest thing Sebastian could think of. It says so right there."

Alec sighed "The slight chemical variation must be what makes it non addictive... and probably the reason why we're affected as well."

"This means the drugs were made in a very sophisticated lab. Probably not something a bunch of teenagers can cook up in a basement."

Alec bit his lip "Which means this kids are in direct contact whith whoever is doing the brainwashing."

"But why give this kids drugs?"

"Manticore wants to make them more tolerant to narcotics. A tolerance is built with prolonged exposure to the substance, only they don't want their elite to turn into junkies while this happens. It makes sense doesn't it? I mean they want to use this kids as soldiers later, you can't have doped teenagers running around with guns can you?"

Max rubbed her forehead. "So this kids know our bad guys."

"Maybe, maybe not. Manticore might just be using someone to act as a dealer. We could try to track this guy down but I'm not sure we can do it without the elite finding out. They seem to know everyone and everything. We have to be very careful with this." "Yeah."

Alec glanced at Max, she looked troubled.

"Look Max, about before..."

"Max! Are you here?!" Logan's voice came from behind the closed basement door.

"Of course I'm here, you won't let us go anywhere!"

Logan pushed the door open and flew down the stairs. "I have something for you."

"We have something for you too." Max stood up and so did Alec.

"Let me go first ok?" Logan begged.

Max shrugged "Sure."

Logan smiled "Ok. Are you ready?"

Max was getting impatient "I'm ready! What is it?"


Logan showed her a small syringe with deep red liquid inside.

Max frowned "What is it?"

"It's the cure for the virus."

Max and Alec just stared at him.

"What?" She whispered.

"Well it's not really a cure. In fact it's a vaccine. You see, the reason why the other scientists couldn't make a cure is because they didn't understand the virus in the first place. Everyone thought that if you touched me I'd die but the truth is, it's the other way around."

Max just stared at him some more "I'm not following you."

"I gave this as a school project to one of the students and she studied every possibility. You see, the real cure died with the Manticore staff, no one can re-create it but Sasha found a way around it."


"Max, listen to me, the others couldn't cure it because you don't have it in you. What the doctors saw is just the catalyst. The real virus is in fact a reaction."

Max and Alec were still staring, clearly lost.

"Manticore really knew what they were doing Max. When the scientists analyzed your blood and tried to make a cure it never worked because they were trying to stop the catalyst, which is why that protein barrier thing you tried a few months ago worked for a little while. However the "virus" doesn't appear unless you touch me."

Max blinked "I am very very lost here."

Logan smiled "Your blood is perfectly normal... or almost normal, until you touch me. Then the DNA of my skin cells makes some sort of reaction with that catalyst I've been talking about and your skin becomes poisonous for a little while... to me at least. This whole chemical process happens so fast that if we touch for more than a second the infection is passed back to me by your skin cells and I... well... die."

"The thing is Max, it won't last. If given a large dose of my DNA the inevitable will happen, the catalyst will have more DNA than it can process and it'll shut down, just like any organ."

Max raised an eyebrow "So the only thing you have to do to cure me is..."

"Inject you with my blood."

"It can't be that simple."

"It is Max."

"No Logan it can't be..."

"Max! It works, it really works. Do you want this or not?"

The room became silent for ten long seconds. Max could feel Alec's hot stare at the back of her neck. Logan was just standing there, holding out a few CCs of his blood.

"Of course I do, don't be an idiot." She took the syringe from him carefully and rolled up her sleeve.

"Wait!" Alec said.

Max stopped and turned around to face him. He took a deep breath, held out his hand and said.

"I'll do it."

Max bit her lip and handed it to him. He took it, traced her arm with his fingers and gave her the shot.

"How long?" Max asked.

"Ten seconds."

Alec found himself counting in his head with something that felt surprisingly like dread.

Logan counted under his breath.










... One.

Logan held out his hand. Max, after a moment, reached out and placed her smaller hand in his. Alec closed his eyes and turned away, pretending to look for the paper that he needed to show Logan what they'd discovered.




Max and Logan were still holding hands when they heard a knock on the door.

"MJ? Alec? You guys in there?" Dak yelled.

Max let go of Logan and have him a shove in the stairs direction.

"We're here, come on in!" Alec yelled back while grabbing the papers that were thrown all over the floor.

Dakareth walked in followed by Melissa, Nikki and Steph.

"Hey guys, we heard you two are still feeling kinda off." Nikki picked up a pillow from the floor and sat down on the edge of Alec's bed.

"Yeah, I'm so sick of being in here with him I actually WANTED to go to school today." Max moaned.

"Well we actually wanted to take you out right now. You need a dress for the dance and it should probably be a new one since you're nominated for queen and all..."

"Wait what?" Max interrupted Steph.

"What? You didn't know? Sean wanted to come and ask you to go with him, since he's favorite to win king... after Alec of course but you two really shouldn't go together, anyway we didn't let him come because we want to take you dress shopping and boys only get in the way."

"I don't want to be queen!" Max shrieked.

"Well Dak has been queen for the past two years..."

"And I'm SICK of it by the way, I'm so grateful you came along with all your cuteness and your charm. Maybe this year I'll finally get out of it." Dak said sincerely.

Alec laid down on the couch and enjoyed Max's reactions. She seemed to think being queen would be the end of the world. He could almost hear her worrying about exposure and the mission but he knew better. There was no extra risk because everyone knew them already.

"Well I just can't go shopping for a dress right now! I'm sick!"

"Fine, but you need to do it soon. And if you do want to go with Sean you should let him know the color of your dress ASAP so he can find a matching tie." Melissa stood up and walked to the door.

"We should go guys, these two need their rest."

"Fine, we'll go, but you better look stunning MJ. If I win this year because your dress sucks I'm gonna beat you to a pulp." Dak seemed very disturbed by the idea of winning again that year. Max frowned.

The girls said their goodbyes quickly and left. As soon as Alec closed the door behind them Max groaned.

"Hey come on Max, it can't possibly be that bad!"

"It must be if Dak wants to avoid it so badly."

Alec frowned "That was kinda strange wasn't it."

"Maybe she was just jealous and didn't want the others to know" Logan chipped in from the top of the stairs.

"You were listening?" Max asked.

"Of course."

"Well I think she sounded sincere." Alec shrugged.

"So do I... that's what worries me." Max sighed.

Logan smiled and walked down the stairs "Max..."

"I need a dress." She stated.

"What?" Logan frowned.

"A dress, I need a dress. Alec get your shoes."

"My shoes?"

"Yes. You're taking me shopping."




%No Secrets - That's What Girls Do%

"Is this really as hideous as I think it is?" Max stuck her head out of the fitting room.

"I will never know unless you let me see it." Alec, who was sitting on a couch with his head back and his legs spread pointed out.

Max sighed and walked out.

Alec tried very hard not to laugh but he didn't succeed... not one bit.

"Oh God Max, WHAT were you thinking?" He asked between waves of laughter.

"You told me to get something girly!" Max folded her arms.

Alec stared at her neon pink dress with huge plastic flowers and shook his head. "That's not girly, that's masochism."

"Well you won't let me wear black!"

"You always wear black Max!"

"Well it's a great color to blend in."

"Exactly!" Alec stood up and walked over to her. "You are not going to this thing to blend in Max. You're probably going to be queen! You need to stand out."

Max frowned "I could go with red."

But Alec shook his head "Red is sexy, you don't need sexy. You need to look like the beautiful 17 year old you're supposed to be."

Max sighed "So what?"

Alec smiled "Why don't you let me dress you?"

Max raised an eyebrow "Excuse me?"

"Let me pick out some dresses for you to try on ok?"

She shrugged "Sure, why the hell not?"

Alec smiled and took off, then came back a few minutes later with an armload of dresses. Max went into the fitting room to try them out.

The first one was white with some sort of pink fabric over it.

"Ok, I just can't get over the pink dress you tried first. Pink is just too... bright for you."

Max nodded "Great, so no pink."

The second one was pale blue with a little belt at the waist.

"Too... Cinderella-like." Alec shook his head.

The third was bright orange.

"Well... you'll stand out in that."

"Yeah people will go blind."

10 dresses and 40 boring minutes later Alec was about ready to kill Max. Everything looked great on her, even that hideous pink dress, the dresses just weren't good enough for her.

"Ok, I think this might be it." She told him from behind the closed fitting room door.

Alec, who was swinging on his chair, said "Well, let's see it then."

Max opened the door and walked out. She was wearing the most beautiful red dress Alec had ever seen. Or maybe it was just Max but the dress seemed to glow on her.

It was strapless and tight at the top, then went down to her waist and just flowed in a soft but full way. It wasn't a bright dress but a light one that made her look like a 17 year old princess.

Alec was so stunned he fell backwards.

Max stood over him and grinned cockily "So I guess this is the one uh?"

Alec blushed but had to agree "Oh yeah."

A few minutes later the dress was paid for and Alec walked to the door.

"Wait a second mister, where do you think you're going?" Max tapped her foot.

"Erm... home?"

"Oh no, I still need shoes and a purse and maybe something for my hair..."

Alec groaned "Oh come on Max, can't you wear something from your closet?"

"Like what? Sneakers?"

"It's not like anyone would notice! Trust me, with that rack no one is gonna be looking at your feet."

Max slapped his arm on the way to the shoe department.


.................................................................. .

The ride home, just like the ride to the mall, was a quiet one. Max didn't want to talk about what had happened between her and Alec in their bedroom a couple of hours earlier and she definitely didn't want to talk about the cure thing. She was just very confused and in incredible need of sometime alone to process everything.

The shopping trip had been fun, it gave her an excuse not to think, but now she just couldn't put it off any longer. Logan was going to want to talk and she needed to have some answers for him.

Alec sensed her need for space and left her alone for most of the ride. When he stopped the car in front of their house he turned around to look at her and said "Max..."

"Alec don't, please just... I need..."

"Time... and space. I know. I just wanted to say that if you go back to him I won't be offended or anything. Things won't change between us unless you want them to."

Max sighed "Oh Alec I just... I care about you so much and you've been so great I just... I don't want to hurt you."

Alec smiled softly and touched her cheek. "You won't hurt me Max. We just kissed. I care about you a lot too but you're Logan's. You've always been his. We're friends and I'll always have your back no matter what. Specially right now."

Max wanted to yell at him, to tell him he was owned by no one. Part of her wanted to scream and blow up at him for calling it 'just a kiss', but part of her was relieved and grateful because he'd made the decision for her. He'd made things easy.

And so she left the car and closed the door behind her.

And Alec's heart shattered into a million pieces.


She closed the basement door behind her and looked around for Logan. She heard him typing away and went into the living room where she found him hard at work with some of the codes Alec had given him some time back.

"Hey." She greeted him.

"Oh hey Max, how did the shopping go?" Logan sat down next to her on the couch and took her hand.

Max stared at their joined hands. The physical contact felt so comforting. It would be so easy to just sink into the almost stable relationship that Logan could provide.

She looked up and into the sincere eyes of the man who cared for her so deeply, the man who'd always risked everything for her, the man who would gladly die for her in a heartbeat. She thought briefly of Alec, she knew he'd risked everything for her and would, just as gladly, die to save her and yet Logan's touch reminded her of a time when things had been simpler and much easier.

So she smiled at him and squeezed his hand.

And when he wrapped his arms around her she leaned closer to his comforting touch. And when he bent his head to kiss her she met him halfway.

Yet, when his lips touched hers the wrongness of the moment hit her like a ton of bricks.

Max broke the kiss and wiggled free of his embrace.

"Logan... I really don't think this is the right time or place for us."

Logan sighed "I was afraid you'd say that."

"I mean right now you're a teacher and I'm a student and things would just be a helluva lot harder and complicated and let's face it, we can't really take any more complicatedness."

Logan gave her a soft smile "I understand. I was expecting it really."

Max frowned "You were?"

Logan nodded "I agree. Things could get very messy for us if we tried anything right now. I actually thought about holding on to the cure until we were done with this mission but I figured things would be easier if I didn't have to run to the bathroom every time you handed in a paper."

Max laughed "I'm glad you didn't."

Logan smiled "So am I."

"Max we have to go! It's monday, we have a meeting!" Alec yelled from downstairs.

"Coming!" Max yelled back, then she smiled at Logan "Duty calls."




Max stared at the little piece of paper she'd just extracted from the hat.

"A prank?"

"In school" Dak specified.

"What kind of prank?" Alec asked.

"Well... since the dare doesn't say I guess it's up to you." Ashley pitched in.

Max tried to hide her smile. In spite of the trouble they might get into with the prank she'd never had a chance to misbehave in a normal teenage way. Alec was smiling too.

"At least we'll get in trouble together." He whispered to Max.

"Not if we don't get caught."

"Oh I'm not planing to."

"Well I guess that's it for the dares. MJ, Alec, how are you two feeling?" Sean asked.

"Much better. We'll definetly go to school tomorrow." Max sounded relieved.

"Think you're up for a bit of surveillance tomorrow night?"

"Surveillance?" Alec frowned.

"Yeah, so far you haven't done any. We think it's time you have a go. It's not as boring as it sounds I swear, some nights it can be pretty interesting."

Max glanced at Alec and then shrugged "Sure, why not!"

"Great! Then it's settled."

Alec took a deep breath, he knew it was time to say something, to get some answers out of the group. "Actually..." he interrupted "I was kinda wondering something."

Dak frowned "What?"

"Why DO we keep tabs on people from school? What do we get out of it?"

Dakareth leaned forward "I explained this to MJ on the first day of school Alec. The ones who have access to the information control communications. We don't take part of rumors, we create them when they are needed . It's a way of keeping things... in check so to speak."

Alec looked like he wanted to say something else but he didn't. He just shrugged and stood up to leave with the rest of the elite.

The guys stayed back to put out the fire. Max walked towards their cars with the rest of the girls.

"Hey MJ, can I talk to you?" Sean held her back with a hand on her shoulder.

"Erm... sure. What's up?"

Sean smiled "I was wondering if you'd like to go with me to the dance."

Max bit her lip. She'd been expecting the invitation but still... the thought of actually having to spend some time alone with a kid who planted security cameras on strip clubs and bars to spy on people wasn't exactly comforting. And yet, she knew it probably wasn't his fault and she could have loads of fun with him.

She returned his smile "Sure, that'd be great!"

"Cool. I'll pick you up Friday night then."

"Cool." Max winked.

"Ready to go MJ?" Alec interrupted.

"Oh yeah. Come on, I'm tired."

They said goodbye to the rest of the elite and got in the car.

"So, going to the dance with Sean?"


"I should ask someone."



"Nah, she's too much for you to handle."

Alec gave Max a look "I can handle anyone."

Max rolled her eyes.

"FINE, I'll ask one of the blondes if you feel THAT threatened by her." He smiled cockily.

Max snapped around to face him "THREATENED?"

"It's ok Max, I know you want me all for yourself but I have to go to the dance with someone!"

"Oh shut up!" Max slapped his arm. He laughed and kept driving.



. The next day went by uneventfully. Max and Alec went back to school, caught up with their work, went to football and cheerleading practice and went home.

They were pleasantly surprised to notice that the headaches were gone for the time being and they weren't quite as tired as they used to be before their weekend of forced rest.

Max and Logan were being pleasant to each other. They took every chance they got to pass something to one another, it gave them a sense of freedom after all those months of watching their every move.

Alec noticed this. He also noticed how they never spent any time alone and how things hadn't changed between him and Max, neither for better nor for worse.

They were all a little confused and unsure of what to think so they did the only thing they could, NOT think.

That night the two transgenics reported to the shed behind the mantion at 8pm, ready for a night of "looking out"

Sean and Amanda were there when they got there. Amanda showed them the ropes quickly and the two teenagers left, leaving Max and Alec alone to keep an eye out and do a bit of investigating on their own.

Max sat down in front of a computer and scrolled down through hundreds of files that the elite had saved from their surveillance. She scratched her head and let her hair down, then thought better of it and pulled it up into a pony tail.

"Are those in txt format?" Alec leaned down behind her.

"Yeah, they are just little notes on everyone."

"Look here's Logan's. It says that he gave a special project to a student, must've been the cure thing..."

Alec kept looking through the files while Max checked the surveillance cameras.

After a few minutes of silence Alec sighed. He wanted to play things cool, he didn't want to seem intrested in Max's personal life but not knowing what was going on with her and Logan was just killing him.

'I don't need an excuse to ask how things are going. She's my friend! I can ask her whatever I want!' He concluded.

"Hey Max..."

"Oh My God! Alec come here!"

Alec frowned and rolled his chair over to her.

"Max wha... What the fuck?!"




Alec opened the door for Max and they both stepped into their apartment.

"Ok, how incredibly weird was that?" Max said once they were in the privacy of their bedroom.

"Very weird. I have lab with one of those boys. He's a good kid!"

Max shook her head "Something is very wrong. Logan!" She screamed.

He appeared at the top of the stairs a few moments later.

"Hey you're back! How did it go?"

Max frowned, it was 3 am and Logan seemed wide awake. Plus he was still wearing his street clothes.

"Were you up?"

"Yeah, couldn't sleep so I thought I'd have another go at that info Alec brought two weeks ago."

"Well we have some new info for you, we were doing surveillance on a couple of clubs, three bars, a drugstore and a coffeehouse that's always open." Alec sat down on his bed and took off his shoes.

Max continued. "We discovered a boy from school sitting at one of the bars sipping something that looked like vodka, then out of nowhere another boy from school barged in, he made his way to the bar and punched the other kid. It got pretty violent really fast."

"The elite keeps some kind of record on the students and teachers, Small files of their activities, who they like, who they hate, who they date, what they eat... it's all there."

"They even know you like to cook!" Max interrupted.

"So anyway," Alec continued "We cross referenced the two boys and came up with only one thing..."

"They have math together and three days ago the teacher gave them a quiz. Those two are at the top of their class. The beated got a 97 on his test, the beater got a 95."

Logan frowned and sat down next to Max on her bed. "That's it?"

"As far as we know yeah, even though I don't believe the words beater and beated are accurate. The other guy put up a good fight. After like five seconds you couldn't really tell who'd started it! It took six grown men to break them up."

"Six?" Logan whistled.

"Yup. It was insane. They punched each other so hard... one of them has a dislocated shoulder, the other one is sporting a broken nose, they both broke several ribs..." Max seemed very confused.

"Who were the boys anyway?"

"Mark Ryans and Josh McCane."

Logan sat up a little straighter "That's impossible. I'm their teacher... Mark is shorter than Max! And Josh... well he screamed like a girl when someone found a roach in the classroom last week."

"Well... it normally wouldn't make any sense but their strength can probably be explained by the gene therapy they give them every week and the intense gym classes." Alec chipped in.

"Yes but that still doesn't explain their behavior." Max pointed out.

Logan rubbed his eyes "Sebastian did say something like this might happen to some kids remember? Not all of them can take the intense enhancement."

"If the therapy is driving them crazy then we have a real problem in our hands." Max grabbed one of Alec's t-shirts from his drawer and took off her shirt. "The longer it takes for us to stop this the worse it gets."

Logan frowned. Neither Max nor Alec seemed to notice or care about the fact that she was standing shirtless in front of them while she slipped on Alec's shirt. He wondered to himself if they were all just getting too comfortable around each other or if it had something to do with the dares and little tests the elite made them do.

"Oh hey! What dares did you get anyway?"

"We have to do a prank." Alec rolled his eyes.

"I was thinking some stink bombs in the bathrooms." Max suggested.

"Better yet, stink bombs in the air ducts." Alec smiled.

"Oohh how nasty!" Max smiled too. "Maybe they'll even cancel classes for the day! Lets do it tomorrow. I have a nasty chem test that I don't feel like taking."

Alec frowned "You know the whole chem text book by heart."

"So? I still don't feel like taking it!"

Alec winked "I'll get some stink bombs before homeroom."

"Third period?"

"You're on!"

Logan tried to hide his own smile. Watching the two transgenics go from soldiers to teenagers was quite an amusing thing to do.

"You should get some rest guys. Let me think this thing over. Maybe we're missing something."

Alec yawned. "Yeah, that seems like a good idea." He took off his shirt and jeans and crawled into bed.

"Good night." Max said to Logan.

He leaned down and kissed her forehead "Get some rest." Her forehead felt somewhat hot to him but he figured he was just not used to her high transgenic temperature.

The teenagers were already asleep by the time he reached the top of the stairs, yet he felt wide awake so he sat down in front of his computer and punched in a few codes. The surveillance feed from when Max and Alec had been stuck inside the mansion popped up. Logan saw for the millionth time how Alec trapped Max between himself and the wall and whispered something in her ear. He saw her giggle and push him away playfully.

Logan took off his glasses and rubbed his eyes with the palms of his hands. He'd been waiting until they had the cure to tell Max and Alec about his discovery. He knew they'd want to know that he'd figured out what the numbers were for, he knew they'd like to help him check some of the past videos for clues and yet he couldn't bring himself to say anything. Not yet anyway.

So he leaned forward and continued to check the videos. There were more than ten thousand codes, which meant more than ten thousand important recordings from the hundreds of cameras placed all over town and in the campus.

It was going to take forever.




%The Offspring - Original Prankster%

"Ouch! That was my toe you know?"

"Sorry Max but you think you could crawl a little faster? It's getting a little claustrophobic in here. Not that I mind having your ass so close to my face but still..."

Max would've hit him if she could just reach him. Unfortunately the air-ducts were not as wide as they'd hoped and Alec insisted on placing 10 bombs in strategic places. She still couldn't believe someone had taken the time to invent stink bombs that could be detonated with a remote trigger.

"Ok, here's where we split." Max informed Alec.

"Finally! You go left, I'll go right. We'll meet back here in five minutes."

Max nodded and they took off in opposite directions.

Once her five bombs were in place she crawled back to the meeting point. Alec was already there, waiting for her.

"Took your time?" He teased.

"Ha ha. The lab is way farther than the gym."

"Don't make excuses Max, we've always known you can't possibly keep up with me."

Max rolled her eyes. "let's go smart-ass, before someone misses us."

She went in front of him again. When they reached the boys bathroom, which was their safest bet at leaving the ducts undetected, Max went past the opening and removed the lid of the vent.

"Do you have the trigger?" She asked him.

"Right here." He took it out of his pocket and showed it to her.

The next couple of seconds went by in slow motion. The trigger slipped from his grasp. They both saw it fall slowly and reached for it but only succeeded in banging their heads together.

The little remote fell and the floor connected with the red button. They heard the distinct boom of stink bombs going off and cringed.

"We need to get out of here." Max made a move to drop to the floor but at that exact moment a teacher walked in.

Alec grabbed her by the waist and pulled her against him.

"Hold your breath." He whispered in her ear.

They could tell the stink was pouring out of the ducts in waves by the teacher's face. He looked around wildly and then ran out of the room, drawn to the hall by the scream of the students.

Alec released Max and they both dropped to the white tiled floor. Still holding their breaths they ran into the hall where the confusion served as cover for their inexplicable actions.

They ran down the halls towards the exit with the rest of the students. Alec grabbed Max's hand and pulled her to the front of the mob. Logan was just opening the door of his classroom when the transgenics ran by. Max flashed him a grin, a terrible mistake.

The smell flooded her mouth and nose.

"Woah! Shit, those things are strong!" She yelled.

Alec pushed the front door open and took a deep breath of fresh air. Max pulled him to the side, away from the herd of students scrambling to get out.

They stood there and watched the scene. She caught his eye and laughed. Soon they were sitting down on the grass, clutching their sides and laughing like mad.

They didn't stop until the elite surrounded them.

"Very nice, You got them from Frank?" Ashley asked.

"Yup." Alec was still grinning.

"He's the best, man!" Dade shook Alec's hand and Dave patted his back.

"Wait, how did you know it was us?" Max asked.

"Well other than the timing? You guys reek." Dak said sweetly.

Max smelled her shirt and made a gagging sound "Damn! We kinda got the first hit of the wave."

"Do you think they'll cancel the rest of the classes?" Alec asked them.

"For this? Oh honey it was good but it was not THAT good. Classes start again after lunch."

Max moaned "And we'll have to smell ourselves for the rest of the day?"

Dak laughed "You shouldn't be punished like that for such a great prank. Let's go to my dorm room. MJ can borrow one of my shirts and Alec, I'll give you one of Seans"

The walk to Dak's dorm wasn't long at all but even though it was the middle of October Max was feeling a little hotter than usual.

"Is it hot out here or what?" She asked out loud while fanning herself with her hand.

Alec frowned "I don't feel anything. Must be the excitement MJ."

"Yeah..." she sighed "... that must be it."
But by that afternoon the heat had just gotten worse, at least for Max.

Alec was starting to feel it too, something wasn't quite right even though he didn't feel that much warmer. He just felt off.

"Let's just hope it's not another weird side effect." Max was lying on her bed wearing a tiny tee and boxers. She could feel the covers sticking to the exposed skin of her back and her hair clinging to her sweaty neck.

"Oh don't even say that or Logan is gonna lock us in here for another three days."

"Ok, seriously, it's way too hot in here. It's driving me mad!" She rolled over in her bed and bit her pillow.

"Well there's nothing we can do! Unless you want me to rub ice-cubes all over your skin." He wiggled his eyebrows.

To his surprise Max didn't reply with a death threat but with a groan "Would you mind? That'd be great!"

Alec frowned. He'd been joking of course but if she was hot enough to agree with him then she definitely needed to cool down.

He walked over to their small freezer and grabbed a few ice cubes. Max watched him walk. His silk boxers, the only thing he had on, stuck to his moist skin a little.

She watched him until he reached her bed, then she sat up and turned her back to him. He took one of the ice cubes between his fingers and ran it lightly over her back, She groaned and leaned into his touch.

"Oh god that feels great." She closed her eyes.

He bit his lip and pressed the ice against her a little harder. She grabbed the hem of her tee and pulled it up a few inches to give him access to her lower back.

Alec had to bite himself harder to keep from moaning. He could tell she wasn't wearing anything underneath and he itched to touch her.

He pressed the ice cube against her back and then ran it around her flat stomach, circling her with his arms in the process.

He felt more than heard her quick intake of breath when he dropped the cube into her boxers.

She leaned her head against his shoulder and groaned. He tilted her face towards him and bent down to kiss her.

The kiss wasn't soft, not even at the beginning. He pressed her lips against hers so hard she would've been concerned about bruises if she'd given a shit.

She turned around in his arms and returned the forceful kiss. He grabbed her waist and pulled her down on his lap. She moved erratically, rubbing herself against him in an almost painful way.

He groaned, hid his face in her neck and bit down. She moaned in pleasure and pain but something about the taste of her blood forced Alec back to consciousness for a few seconds, which was long enough for him to realize what was going on.

"Logan!" He yelled with such urgency that the older man yanked open the basement door only seconds later. He saw the two transgenics and their tangle of limbs.

"What the hell is going on here?" He asked.

"Hormones!" Alec answered without leaving the warmth of Max's arms. "Punch me Logan!"


"Do it now!"

Logan frowned but walked over to the couple and punched Alec much harder than he'd been expecting.

Alec groaned and untangled himself from a seriously upset Max who complained in a colorful language.

"Oh god Max, you're in heat aren't you?" Logan asked as Alec took several steps back in an attempt to slow his body down.

"She's in what?!"

"Heat! You know... like with cats!"

Alec raised an eyebrow "Heat uh? What an... accurate term."

But Max had gotten tired of all the talk and the smell of testosterone was driving her insane.

She crawled to the edge of the bed and licked her lips, smiling at Logan.

"Hey you" She whispered.

Logan gulped "Maybe we should... ahem... take this to my bedroom."

"No! What are you nuts?" Alec yelled.

"What? Can't you see she needs me?"

"Oh and how I need you baby." Max grinned.

"Logan, right now she needs anything with a dick and a pulse, pretty much in that order. Besides, is this how you want your first time with her to be?"

That seemed to slap Logan back to earth "No. You're right. What can I do?"

"Take her upstairs and lock her in the attic."


"Do it now before I lose control!"

"Alec we can't just..."

"Logan, if you don't lock her in the attic RIGHT NOW I'm gonna kill you on my way to her."

Logan gulped again and grabbed Max's arm.

"Come on, let's go upstairs."

"Oh that's what I'm talking about baby!" She purred.

Fifteen minutes later Logan was back in the basement and Alec was trying to clean the wounds that Max had inflicted on him.

"This is a pretty nasty bite, why on earth did you turn your back to her?"

"I was trying to close the door!"

They could still hear her screams coming from upstairs.

"Let's just hope no one hears her." Logan yelped when Alec cleaned the bite. "I thought they'd cured this."

"Who, Manticore?"

"Yeah, it'd been almost a year since her last heat."

Alec shrugged "It probably happened like it did with the seizures. They started to cure her but she wasn't around long enough for her to finish."

"So the other female X-5's don't go into heat?"

"Not anymore. They used to, when we were young teenagers, but they found a way to get rid of it. Long term undercover ops can't turn into sex-crazy females every three months can they?"

"Guess not. So what are we going to do with her?"

"Keep her locked up for 48 hours. We'll have to come up with an excuse for her missing school."




"So MJ is where?" Dade leaned across the lunch table and took one of Steph's carrots.

"At home, in bed. And she's made me promise never to cook anything ever again."

Melissa shook her head "I still can't believe you made her sick."

"Are you kidding? I can't believe she ate anything that she knew I'd cooked by myself! Besides, I tasted those mac & cheese, they tasted like dead feet!" Alec waved his fork around while he gestured wildly. "How she managed to swallow a whole plate of stinkin', soggy macs will always be a mistery to me."

"Well I hope she gets better soon. I'd hate for her to have to miss the dance because of crappy food."

Dak snorted "What you'd hate would be to have to go stag if she doesn't show, Sean."

"Hey! I care about her! She's one of us."

Dak's smile softened "Yeah, you're right. Maybe we should check up on her after school."

"NO!" Alec said just a bit louder than he'd intended. "I mean... you don't wanna do that! She's been throwing up all over the place. In fact, there's so much puke on the floor we just gave up trying to mop and started covering it up with newspapers... the smell is almost unbearable but it beats having to rinse the mop with my bare hands to get all the chunks of food out... "

Iker cringed, Nikki pushed away her hot lunch and Leo covered his mouth with his hand but Stephanie just patted Alec's back sympathetically and said. "We should still go and help you clean up. You obviously can't do it all by yourself!"

Dak chose that exact moment to lean across Alec for the salt. She stopped halfway, frowned and turned around to face him. Their eyes connected for a fraction of a second before she pulled back and said "No, come on guys. I think they need some space. If MJ is feeling as crappy as Alec says she is she won't want company for a while. We can check up on her tomorrow night, I'm sure Alec can handle things for 48 hours."

Alec just had to turn around and stare. It was all simply too much to be a coincidence. It was almost as if she knew exactly what was going on, as if she'd smelled it on him, but that wasn't possible... was it?

"So guys, tell me again, when did you all meet?" He asked, taking a leap to see if facts matched.

"Well, my brother and I met Nikki, Luke and Melissa in third grade." Dave said.

"Sean, Steph, Iker and Leo transferred in forth." Melissa continued.

"And Ashley, Amanda and Dak joined us in seventh grade."

Alec frowned "Seventh grade? That was six years ago!"

"Yeah! Wanna see a pic? I have one in my wallet." Luke showed him and sure enough, the 12 of them were sitting under a huge tree, smiling widely and looking quite young.

'Well that rules out some weird psy ops trick.' Alec thought.

"This is a great pic, were you best friends back then?"

"We've always been best friends. It's almost like we were destined to be a group." Dak smiled sweetly at him "And now you and MJ have joined us, and we couldn't be happier."

"Yeah..." Alec couldn't shake the feeling of uneasiness. "... yeah."
"Hey Alec." Dak whispered to him on their way to class after lunch.


"You might want to ask Amanda to the dance. She's been waiting for you to do so for days you know?"

Alec frowned "Why Amanda?"

"Because she used to go with Sean to every dance but now that you and Max joined us we had to do some moving around. She's the one who's going with you. Go ask her before she gets to class. Oh and her dress is pink FYI, make sure you don't wear something like a shit green tie."

Alec's frown deepened as Dak walked away. He hated the idea of being told what to do and who to do it with but seeing as he hadn't thought about the dates for the dance until now he recognyzed that he didn't have much choice. So he swallowed his pride and ran to catch up with Amanda.

"Hey!" He stepped in front of her.

"Hi there." The small girl with straight blonde hair looked up to meet his eyes.

"I know it's very last minute but I was wondering if you'd go to the dance with me. Unless you have plans with someone else, in which case I'd totally understand."

Amanda smiled and tossed her long blonde hair away from her face. "Sure I'll go with you, I'll just move a couple of things around. Pick me up at my place tomorrow night?"

"Of course." Alec winked.

Amanda giggled and walked away, leaving Alec alone to admire the power of his own charms.




Logan was sitting on Alec's couch with his head between his legs when Alec got home.

"Logan? What are you doing down here?"

"I took some food upstairs for Max, I made a little opening on the door to slide it through. She started talking to me and I just..."

Alec panicked "Logan did you..."

"No! No I just left... but boy I wanted to. It took every ounce of self restrain I posses to make me leave that door."

Alec sighed with relief and sat down next to Logan on the couch.

"Had you ever been around when this happened before?"

"Not exactly, no."

Alec frowned "I didn't think it'd affect humans the way it affects us."

Logan raised an eyebrow "Humans?"

"Well normal humans like you."

Logan tossed his head back "Yeah well I didn't think it'd affect me either and here I am 2 floors away hiding from her."

A few minutes passed in silence before someone spoke again.



"I don't think I can go back up there."

Alec turned around "Logan you have to! If you think what you experienced at luch was bad you multiply that by a thousand and that's how it is for me. God I can smell her right now and it's slowly driving me insane. If I go anywhere near the attic I'll claw my way through the ceiling to get to her."

Suddenly a noise came from upstairs. Max was moving some stuff around in the attic, no doubt trying to stay busy and take her mind off things. She probably gave up soon because they heard a crash and a moan of frustration.

"It's gonna be a long..."

"26 hours, 32 minutes and 12 seconds."

Logan glanced at Alec.

"Approximately of course."

"Of course." Logan smiled.




Logan spent that night in the basement with Alec; neither one of them slept much. Logan was too wired and Alec was too jumpy.

"You know..." Alec talked with his mouth full of popcorn. "If you ever tell anyone about this I swear I'll snap your neck in half."

Logan didn't even glance at him "Just watch the movie Alec."

"I just don't want anyone to know there was a red blooded woman upstairs hot and ready to get down and dirty and I spent the night in the basement with you."

Logan glared at Alec "Hey that's my..." but he let the sentence hang, after all he wasn't sure where he and Max stood anymore.

Alec sighed "I wish I could get some sleep but her scent is still too strong."

"Yeah, I know what you mean. It's driving me nuts."

Alec sat up a little straighter and frowned "What do you mean?"

"About what?"

"About knowing what I mean."

"Well the state she's in makes me want to... I mean... no one could resist..."

"Logan?" Alec interrupted.


"Can you... smell her?"

Logan frowned "Smell her how?"

"Right now, if you close your eyes, can you smell her scent?"

Logan tried that and frowned "I think I can. She must be giving it off in waves."

Alec shook his head "As far as I know that's never happened before. Normal humans are not affected by the pheromones of her cycle... at least they can't smell them! Or so I thought."

Logan's jaw dropped "You think maybe something they did is making me react?"

"I don't know, maybe."

Logan swallowed a mouthful of popcorn and sighed. "Things just keep getting better and better."




Friday morning came and went. Alec had managed to escape the weekly 'flu shot' by being late.

By the time Alec got home he could tell Max's hormones had settled down. He climbed the stairs to the second floor slowly, giving himself plenty of time to back out if he caught so much as a wiff of pheromones but he didn't.


"Alec? Hey I'm ok now, could you let me out?"

With one final sniff Alec said "Yeah." And removed the insane amount of stuff Logan had used to keep the trapdoor shut.

Max climbed down with Alec's help a few moments later.

"Hey." He greeted her once she was safely on the ground.

"Hey yourself."

Silence ruled among them for what seemed like hours.

"We should probably start getting ready for the dance." Alec broke it and turned away from her.

"Hey Alec!"

He stopped halfway down the stairs. "Yeah?"


Alec smiled "Come on Max, I have a bath ready for you."




"So who are you going with anyway?" Max asked from behind the closed bathroom door.

"Oh... Amanda. I'm picking her up at eight."

"Oh. I like her, she's nice."

"Yeah, she is."


A minute went by in silence. Alec slipped on his shoes and yelled "Max, are you almost done? Sean is gonna be here any..."

Max opened the door. The dress looked even more spectacular then than it did at the store. The top part hugged her every curve and the skirt flowed around her, a few inches away from her skin making her a vision in red. Her makeup was soft and flawless, her lips were painted red but softened by gloss. Her hair was neither up nor down. It was curly and perfect, let loose for the most part but held up on one side by a tiny silver clip that matched her necklace and earrings.

"Wow." Alec could do nothing but stare in awe.

"Alec, you're not ready! Your tie isn't even done, you really shouldn't be late." Max walked up to him and grabbed the ends of his tie to do it for him.

Alec watched her work still unable to take his eyes away from her.

She was adjusting his tie when he stopped her eager hands with his.

"Max, you're the most beautiful girl I've ever seen in my entire life."

Max blushed at his comment and frowned at his honesty. She was about to say something when the doorbell rang.

"I'll get it." Max walked away from him and the moment was lost.




The gym was decorated beautifully with blue and silver banners and balloons everywhere. Fairy lights adorned the banisters, hoops and everything else that needed a transformation for the event. A stage had been set up at the far end of the gym.

Alec looked around for Max but he only found Logan standing guard by the punch bowl with Mr. Watson, their math teacher. He looked bored to tears and appeared to be scanning the crowd for Max too.

"Do you want to sit down for a while or would you rather dance?" Amanda, who looked cute and princess-like in her pale pink dress, asked.

"Could we sit down for a little while? I don't really feel like dancing yet."

"Sure!" She let him guide her to one of the many small tables that had been set up where the bleachers usually were.

"So Alec, tell me a little about yourself."

Alec smiled "Oh like you don't know everything there is to know about me already."

"Well I know facts and figures but nothing about the real you. You strike me as a really nice person who's been through a lot, I just want the pleasure of knowing who you really are."

And so Alec started a tale of made up problems at home and a loveless childhood. Of course, not everything happened to be made up.




Max had been dancing with Sean for most of the night.

They'd been laughing and slow dancing and whispering in each other's ears funny comments about other people's choice of attires all night. He wanted to stay close to the stage because his roommate Nikki was announcing the king and queen and she tended to get nervous in front of an audience even though Sean assured Max that it wasn't nearly as bad as it used to be.

"She used to have the worst stage fright I'd ever seen. She'd shake and sweat in front of a crowd and just freeze up. She still gets a bit ruffled but at least she's up there.

Max glanced up and saw Nikki. She was talking with someone about the envelope she now held in her hand. She looked awfully calm for someone who'd suffered of stage fright recently.

"Welcome ladies and gentlemen to our first dance of the year! You have selected your king and queen and we will be announcing the winners right now!"

Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked up at Nikki, most of them had knowing smiles on their faces, as if they knew for sure the outcome of the elections already.

Everyone was watching except for 4 people. Alec and Amanda, who were still deep in conversation and seemed unaware of the world around them, Tom, the greasy, black haired geek who was sitting alone on a table and seemed to be unable to take his eyes off Max and Logan, who'd just noticed among the sea of eager teenagers the strangeness of Tom's actions.

"And this year's new king and queen are..."

Max bit her lip and looked around for Alec once more but the mob of teens made it impossible for her to find him. She was getting a little worried.

"Alecsander and Maxine Jane!"




%Robert Miles - Fable%

The crowd roared and erupted into applause. Sean was clapping just as hard as anyone else when he gently pushed Max in the direction of the steps.

Max climbed the steps while scanning the crowd but Alec was nowhere in sight. Nikki and Dave pulled her to the center of the stage and handed her a dozen red roses and a tiara.

She stood on tiptoes and looked around for the king once again. What she saw made her stomach turn.




Alec hadn't even heard his name. He couldn't believe how great it felt to talk to someone who'd be awed by everything he said. Amanda paid him the kind of attention he only got from Max when he revealed some deep dark secret from his past to her.

Amanda gave him a wide eyed look that made him feel like she'd die if he didn't continue with the invented stories of his childhood. Max never responded to his trivial stories the way Amanda did. True, most of the stories he was feeding her were nothing more than made up bullshit to keep her happy, he knew he'd never share a connection like the one he shared with Max with anyone else in the whole planet, ever, and still at that moment he wanted nothing more than to keep talking to Amanda, just to feel needed for a little while.

So when Nikki said his name he didn't even notice until some kid gave him a pat in the back that could only mean he'd won.

Amanda shrieked and stood up, she wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a soft kiss on the lips.




She saw him kissing Amanda back, she saw him running towards the stage, giving high fives every few steps to those who offered their palms, she saw him climb the steps and accept the crown that Nikki placed on his head with glee, she saw him turn to her and smile but the funny feeling she had in her gut kept her from smiling back.

She wanted nothing more than to run away, to get down from that stage, go home and crawl into bed. And she didn't have the faintest idea why.

So as soon as the music played and people started dancing again she lifted her dress and walked down the steps.

"MJ?" Alec called behind her but she didn't turn around.

"MJ? Are you ok? You look kinda pale." Sean was waiting for her at the bottom of the steps.

"Actually I'm not feeling so hot. Would you mind giving me a ride home?"

Sean frowned "Not at all! Come on, let's go. I'll get our coats."

Alec tried to run after her but he got intercepted by Amanda, who wrapped her arms around him again and hugged him tightly yelling words of congratulations in his ear.

Logan saw Max almost running out of the gym with Sean and a few moments later he saw Tom walking out after them.

Something didn't seem quite right to him so he abandoned his post by the punch bowl and went to look for Alec.




%Mushroomhead - Sun Doesn't Rise%

Max said good night to Sean in the car, thanked him for the ride and the dance and refused to let him walk her in, claiming that she was feeling ill and wanted nothing more than to get out of her dress before her stomach gave up on her and she ended up ruining it.

So she walked in alone and threw herself down on her bed without bothering to lock the door.

She curled into a ball and hugged her pillow to her chest. She had no idea why she felt the way she did or why it bothered her so much to see Alec with Amanda.

'It's just probably because we're on a mission. He should keep his head low and his mind on the prize.' She thought.

At that moment she heard the door swing open slowly but she didn't bother to look up.

"I'm not feeling well Alec so just leave me alone."

But she could hear him walking towards her anyway.

"Alec I said..." She stopped abruptly. She'd just noticed something. The steps seemed louder somehow, heavier. Not at all like the graceful steps that Alec usually took.

She tried to turn around and get into a fighting stance but by then it was too late. He was on top of her, holding her down.

She struggled and tried to throw him off but his strength surprised her to no end. He pressed his greasy long nose to her hair and inhaled in a way that made Max's skin crawl.

"I thought you were different. At first you seemed like you might actually pay some attention to me. I thought you'd notice me but you're just like all the rest. You toy around with boys, you play their stupid games! You are just a pretty little slut who jumps from bed to bed. Well tonight..." He licked her face from chin to forehead. "We'll be jumping on this bed."

Max wanted to scream, to get away from him but she was terrified. He was holding both her hands with one of his above her head and no matter how hard she struggled she couldn't gain any ground. One of his knees was pressed against the bed between her legs, holding her hips down effectively with his weight and keeping clear of any kind of kick she might try to deliver.

He used his free hand and foot to rip the side of her dress. The sound of tearing fabric only escalated her fear.

"Get off me you freak!" She struggled with all her might but he didn't even seem to notice. His strength seemed to be superior than hers, greater than anything she'd ever seen.

"Shut up bitch. Relax and cooperate."

Max was hyperventilating. She shook her head and cried out when his sweaty hands tore the top of her dress in half.

At that moment she looked up into his eyes and yelped.

His usually plain brown eyes now reflected the madness within him. Up until then she'd been too in shock to really believe what was happening, after all she was a genetically engineered killing machine, a silly little teenager would never be able to overpower her but now that she could see the crazyness, the evil, she felt much less confident.

And it was until she realized that she was going to lose that fight that she screamed.









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