CHARACTERS: Katara, Toph and Aang

It had taken much longer than expected, but there was pride in the builder's eyes as he surveyed his masterpiece. Working with pure platinum was tough work, and not even Metalbenders could assist him. No, this statue came from his own blood, sweat and tears.

A few days later, he was standing to the left of the piece, bowing low to his honored guests.

"It is done."

Aang looked impressed, folding his arms over his chest as he grinned up at the constructed likeness of Toph. "It definitely looks like our Toph."

Katara nodded, smiling as she put a hand on Toph's shoulder. The earthbender was silent, hand on hip and foot tapping as she seemingly scanned over the statue.

"What can I say, it looks just like me!"

The builder was thrilled, bringing his head up as the 'thank you's rolled off his tongue. It wasn't until he looked in her eyes that he remembered -

Chief Beifong was blind.

His body deflated, bringing him to the floor as she chuckled. Katara shook her head, sighing as Aang tried to help the man up. "Honestly, Toph."