Leah Thomson set on the only chair in the house. She hummed an old hymn while sewing another small outfit for her soon to be born child. She used material from two of her worn out brown dresses. Just as she put in the last stitch the baby decided to kick. Leah smiled, her baby had been so active lately. She couldn't wait to see the baby. She wondered if it would be a boy or a girl. It didn't really matter which she just hoped the child would resemble it's father.

Leah had always hoped the baby's father would return, but when she got a letter from him it confirmed her fears. He was never coming back because he was married. Married and had two children. Leah had given her heart to a married man and was now carrying his child. Tom didn't even know about the child and she would never tell him. If she did he may try to take away the child. Leah would never be able to stand losing her love and her child. Even if she did tell Tom about the child it would probably destroy his marriage and that was the last thing she wanted to do. After all she did know how it felt to lose someone you love. She knew all to well how it felt.

Any day now her child would be born. Heath Morgan if it was a boy, Hannah Grace if it was a girl. Hannah was an old black woman who had helped her during the difficult months. Morgan after her grandfather who had died when she was just a young girl. Heath was a name that she had always liked.

It was getting late and she was tired. She hoped the baby would settle down soon or she might end up staying up most of the night.

"Goodnight, Baby," Leah whispered. She looked up towards heaven and thanked God for little miracles.

It's a simple story about small moments in a child's life. I hope you all like this story. I probably won't update very often, but I will do my best to keep it going. Most chapters will be short, but I will try to get in a few long ones.
If you have any ideas for a chapter tell me and I'll do my best to write it or you can write one and I'll post it and give full credit to you. We could even make it a story that every one writes a part of. I think they call it a round story. If you do want to send me a chapter to post I promise to give the writer full credit. But there's probably a few of you that think this is a bad idea and maybe it is. I just figured we could give it a try.