So far his first day of summer was sucking right off the bat.

First off, Scott barely passed all of his classes. Great news to Scott and himself, but all C's was not good enough for his mother. Ms. McCall gave a cruel punishment of taking Scott to Mexico to visit family.

And to think Scott was failing Spanish a month ago.

The vacation sounded cool, until Scott told him it would be three weeks long. Also the place they were staying at had no wifi, and his mother was going to give him limited cellphone time.

Oh Ms. McCall was a sadistic crafty woman.

Having his best friend absent for the first three weeks of summer was a bummer. But an even bigger letdown was when Stiles realized that even though he would miss Scott; his best friend wouldn't miss him. Over the countless rambles about the vacation/punishment, Scott complained solely about missing time with Allison.

He wondered if Scott ever planned to spend time with him over those three weeks. Probably not.

But he didn't worry about it. He had thought that he would hang out with his dad over the following weeks. God knows they needed some good father and son time. The awkward hugs were just becoming…well awkward.

But of course lady luck decided to spit down upon him, and have a police conference in Nevada. Since his father was the sheriff, he would have to go to the weeklong conference. His dad promised him that they would do something when he came back but Stiles really doubted that. The conference would make his father worry about all the possible crimes out there and he would be working overtime once he returned.

But he didn't say any of this. Instead he just smiled and awkwardly hugged his father goodbye. He couldn't help but flinch when his father patted him on the back. His father gave him a worried look but he shrugged it off.

The second thing that had started his summer off wrong was the pain his back was inflicting him.

To be honest, the pain in his lower back came out of nowhere. He couldn't remember when the pain started but it wouldn't go away. The first day he actually noticed it, it had been just in his lower back, and throughout the day it spread to his pelvis. The next day, it spread to his legs and today his feet felt like they were filled with lead. A simple task of walking was becoming difficult and also painful.

But he didn't let that show. He walked normally and whatever pain that his lower body was feeling, he ignored. He didn't want to be the reason why his dad missed the conference. He would be fine anyways, the pain would go away. It was probably just an aftereffect from sitting on the bench during lacrosse season. Yeah that sounded like a good enough reason.

With his father and Scott out on the road and it being barely afternoon, Stiles did the only thing he could think of.

He spent several hours surfing the internet.

One search led to another and for seven straight hours he ended up learning hundreds of various trivial facts. If he ever got on a show like cash cab, or who wants to be a millionaire, he would be sure to win big.

But he doubted that he would end up on a game show. He didn't doubt that he would end up being a lonely old man, well if he lived that long. Running from werewolves, hunters and a kanima made you aware of your mortality. Before his active mind could stray towards his lonely future, his cell phone rang. Looking at caller id, he saw that it was Scott.

He quickly answered the call and before he could give a sarcastic greeting, Scot interrupted. "Stiles help I'm in Mexico."

He couldn't help but roll his eyes before he responded. "Really Scott, please tell me more of this magical unknown place."

"No Stiles, the moon! I forgot about the moon!"

Glancing up he saw the full moon was slowly revealing itself through the clouds. How the hell did Scott not prepare for this? Oh wait he momentarily forgot that his best friend was a complete idiot. Gripping the phone tightly, he responded back. "Scott are you guys still driving there?"

"No we're just checking in a hotel for tonight!" Scott growled back.

"Ok first off, get two rooms. Tell your mom you want to go to bed and just go for a midnight run and wolf out there. Run with some coyotes or something."

"Stiles!" Scott barked at him.

Running his hand over his head he quickly tried to think of what to do. Scott needed to be away from his mother, and needed to do something without getting himself in trouble with the civilians there.

"I got it! I'll make Derek go all Alpha on you and command you to go sit in the corner or something like that!"

He heard Scott start a reply, but was cutoff when his mother's voice was heard. Scott whispered to him to call him back later and the call was ended.

He groaned and covered his face with his hands. Once again he had to save his best friend's werewolf ass. And would he get a thank you in the end, most likely not.

With a sigh, he started to get up but a sharp pain stopped him. He sat back down and hesitantly touched his lower back. Touching the area did not cause pain, oddly enough. He tried to get up again but the pain came back. He tried to power through it, like he had all day, but the pain was now stronger.

By the time, he got to his Jeep he was sweating. Out of breath, he struggled to get into his car. Five minutes later, he was finally out on the road. His grip on the steering wheel was tight and his face was pinched with pain. The reason of the pain was because every time he pressed the brake, pain went through his leg. Whatever was wrong with him, he hoped that it would just go away.

When he finally reached the Hale residence, he passed the usual spot he parked at and opted for parking a few feet away from the house. He was glad of this decision, because walking was now a painful task.

Stopping in front of the front door, he waited to knock till he wiped the sweat off his brow. He also brought his phone out and had Scotts number ready to call. He took a deep breath and raised his fist to knock on the door. Before his knuckles could even touch the door, it swung open to reveal a furious looking Derek Hale.

Though they had both saved each other's lives countless times, he was still sort of scared of the guy. Especially when he had that pissed off look on his face and the full moon was out. Trying his best to keep fear and pain out of his voice, he said. "Derek I need your help."

Derek's response was to slam the door in his face. "Derek please! Can you please just go alpha over the phone? This is Scott's first full moon alone, and he just wants to be sure nothing bad happens and its Mexico so something bad is bound to happen and-"

The door was jerked open wide enough for Derek's arm to go through and grab the cellphone. Stiles couldn't help but smile. Scott was going to be fine, Derek would tell his wolfass to go run with some coyotes and not make trouble. Everything would be alrigh-

The door opened fully and with werewolf speed and strength, Stiles watched helplessly as Derek threw his phone. He watched as his phone flew through the air and into the forest. When the phone went out of his sight, he turned his attention back to Derek.

"What the hell Derek!" He yelled at the retreating figure that was already back inside the house. Anger filling him, he banged against the door. "You're such a bastard! I ask for one favor and you act like a total ass!"

He prepared his fist to give one final loud bang, but the door was ripped open before he could even touch the decaying wood.

Red eyes glared at him and he felt his stomach drop in fear.

"Oh my god. Ok I'm leaving, right now. So just-" He backed away carefully, but Derek followed him. Stepping forward he gripped Stiles by his shirt and harshly pushed him onto the wall.

When his back met contact with the wall, he couldn't hold in the scream. Horrible pain spasms erupted in his lower back and spread all the way down to his feet. It was worse when Derek let him go and he fell to the floor. He was barely conscious to see Derek go full werewolf and run off to the woods.

Coming back to consciousness was an unpleasant experience. He felt the rising sun's rays hit him, and he knew that it was already morning.

His body was being racked with chills, no doubt from having a sleepover outside with no jacket. The pain in his back was dull but he could still feel it. The pain in his legs was gone, but when he tried to move them, he found that it was quite difficult.

Before he could even begin to panic, he heard someone running in his direction. A moment later someone was yelling at him and gripping his shoulders.

"Stiles! Stiles wake up!"

He tried to obey the person, and slowly open his eyes.

He opened them to see blue eyes piercing down at him. The person blinked and brown worried eyes replaced the blue piercing ones. He heard the person curse and felt a hand on his forehead. He couldn't help but shiver at the warm contact.

"Shit, you're burning up. Stay still I'm going to take you inside."

He felt a hand go under his knees and the person lifted him off the ground, embarrassingly enough bridal style. Before he could fully embrace the embarrassment, the terrible pain residing in his lower back came back in full force. Closing his eyes he screamed in pain and tried to get out of the hold.

The person who was holding him panicked and tightened his hold on him. This action only made him attempt to get out of the hold even more and scream louder. The person carrying him put him down and he soon felt hands searching his upper body.

"Where does it hurt? Am I hurting you? Stiles answer me!"

He ignored the person and instead clenched his fists. The pain was coming in waves through his lower body.

"I'm taking you to the hospital, stay still." This was all he heard before the person picked him up again. The pain intensified in his lower back and he let out another pitiful scream before he lost consciousness.

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