Quiche and the Strawberry Chapter 1:


(Written by Shady-rocket-chu-girl)

A large spaceship was headed towards Earth, about to hit Earth's atmosphere.


Inside Pai was sitting in a chair, rehearsing the lines he would say to Lettuce when he told her he loved her.


In another room Taruto was lying on his bed, a candy drop in his mouth. He too was rehearsing the lines he would say to Pudding when he told her he loved her.


In another room, Kisshu stared at the floor, his trademark smirk on his face, thinking about how he shall try and steal Ichigo again. Pai had suggested a more… subtle approach, maybe invite her for a picnic. Of course then Pai had to explain what a picnic was, but Kisshu liked the idea. So once he reached Earth, he was going to go to look in the park to choose a picnic spot.

*Six hours later*

The spaceship landed, and Kisshu immediately teleported to the park. As soon as he arrived, his mouth dropped open and his eyes widened. There, at the fountain. Masaya. Kissing. Mint….

WHAT THE…! WHY IS TREEHUGGER KISSING BIRD-GIRL! Kisshu mentally screamed, his mouth was still wide open, his eyes still wide, and he was slowly floating towards the ground.

Without a second thought, he then teleported to his Koneko-chan…..

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