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The creature roared into the night sky looking for prey to fill its empty void. It walked down empty streets looking for any soul that might be in the area. Its displeasure soon ended as the faint smell of spiritual energy entered the senses it possessed. The creature followed the scent for several blocks, tracking it's pray. As the monster turned the corner, it saw what it had been searched for. The pray had shoulder length raven hair, and was wearing white clothing. They had their back turned to it, the perfect pray: unsuspecting and unaware. The creature slowly stalked towards the pray, inch by inch, foot by foot. Once close enough, the pray was pounced upon. That was the creature's first and last mistake. The prey, a man, turned around with a blue light extending from his wrist.

"Goodbye, Hollow," the glassed man said. A bolt formed at the center of strange source light, and with one movement the bolt was released. The attack hit the hollow dead center in its white mask. It slowly began to disintegrate. The man took in a deep breath; failing to realize what was coming from behind him.

"Uryū," he heard someone yell! "Behind you!" He turned his head to stare dead straight into the black eyes of a hollow.

Damn, no time to avoid or turn around! The Quincy quickly thought in his mind. However, he was saved when a black fist rammed into the side of the hollow. The hollow went soaring in the opposite direction, and slammed into the hard wall of a building making a hole in the side.

"Are you alright, Uryū?" his dark skinned friend asked.

"Yeah, thanks Chad." A loud roar interrupted them as the hollow jumped out of the hole towards them. Each prepared to attack, but stopped when the creature stopped and split into two.

"Looks like your excellent ability to sense reiatsu is getting a little off, Uryū," the new arrival said in a condescending tone. The Quincy growled in frustration and turned to the Substitute Soul Reaper.

"Shove it, Ichigo," the Quincy answered back.

He saw that the orange haired boy was about to make another remark when he saw a dark figure approaching behind him. It appeared that Ichigo had noticed as well because he shifted his body to see the hollow quickly approaching him; to quickly for him to dodge. In a matter of seconds the hollow was just a couple of feet away from the Substitute Soul Reaper. But before the hollow could strike an orange triangle formed between them blocking the creatures path. The hollow slammed into the barrier and was pushed back; it let out a roar of frustration.

"Ichigo, are you alright?" a kind voice called up to him in concern. Uryū looked towards the source of the voice to see their long auburn haired friend.

"Yeah, thanks Orihime I owe you one."

A piercing roar filled the night sky. The turned raven haired boy looked back up to see the hollow that had tried to attack Ichigo was joined by three others.

"Everyone get ready," the orange haired boy said as he lowered himself down to the ground to join them in preparation for the attack.

Interesting. The blond haired ex-captain thought to himself. Six hollows showing up in the same area at the same time. Unheard of in a natural sense. Unless a powerful individual is commanding them… or someone is using hollow bait. He took a couple of whiffs of the air and detected it. There it is the scent of hollow bait. But it is faint. Only a small amount was used. Just enough to call a small amount of hollows: like the six tonight.

Someone was out there. Watching. Waiting for something to happen. He expanded his senses to find the culprit. Whoever they were, they were hiding themselves well. But they were unable to hide themselves completely for long. He slowly stretched his senses towards the source, but still found it difficult to detect. All he could do now was to identify who it was. The blonde male quickly found out that it just wasn't one person—but two. He sensed out what kind of reiatsu they had. To his surprise, their reiatsu was familiar to him. It had been fourteen years since he had seen them.

So you finally found what you want. The blond turned around and entered his little shop. He walked past Jinta and Ururu ignoring their curious faces as he moved towards the back

"Mr. Urahara, are you going somewhere?" Tessai asked him as he picked up Benihime.

"Just heading out to keep a promise," Urahara simply replied as a brown haired hazel eyed man crossed his mind.

The last hollow began to disintegrate as the corrupted soul was purified and began its journey to the Soul Society. With the four of them teaming up together, the battle did not last long. Only a minute. Ichigo returned Zangetsu finally letting his guard down as he couldn't sense anymore hollows.

"Does anyone else find this strange?" The Uryū asked his friends as if they were supposed to be able to read his mind and know what he was asking.

"It does seem rather odd," Orihime answered her face full of wonder.

"Indeed," the silent giant commented. Now the orange haired boy was getting annoyed.

"Someone want to fill me in on what you all are talking about?" Ichigo asked confused. Uryū just shook his head and pushed up his glasses.

"As usual, you sense of perspective sucks." The Quincys remark hit a nerve, Ichigo could feel the vain popped out from the side his head as he turned to insult the raven haired boy.

"Shove it Uryū," Ichigo growled! He saw that the raven haired teen was about to retort back but a gentle voice interrupted them, causing the two of them to go silent.

"Ichigo doesn't it seem odd for so many hollows to show up in the same spot at the same time," Orihime asked him? Ichigo pondered his close friend's words for a moment.

"It does seem rather odd." the carrot top said, and his thoughts on the matter were interrupted when Orihime yawned. "I guess we could ask Hat and Clogs tomorrow, it's kind of late." The others agreed and they all began to go their separate ways but Ichigo stopped his auburn haired friend. "Hey Orihime, why don't I walk you home."

"Wh…what?" she stuttered. "You don't have to do that."

"Well, it is pretty late. No telling what kind of creeps are out there." He saw her considering his offer

"Well, I guess if it isn't too much trouble," she said quietly.

"Of course it isn't any trouble, why would it be?" He could swear that he saw a slight blush cross her face as they walked towards the auburn haired girl's apartment.

The walk to her apartment was awkwardly silent. Ichigo couldn't really think of anything to say to start a conversation, not to mention the odd feeling he was getting in his stomach as he walked one of his closest friends to her home. Orihime's silence wasn't helping the situation. Before he knew it, they were in front of her door. They both just stood there for a moment in the silence of the night. Ichigo tried to come up with something to say but Orhime beat him to it.

"Well… I guess I'll see you tomorrow morning," she said.

"See you tomorrow then," Ichigo said as couldn't help but feel that something was off for the moment. "Goodnight Orihime."

"Goodnight Ichigo." He took his leave as she closed the door, thinking of how peaceful the night had turned into after the battle.

Two sets of eyes watched as the orange haired boy walked away from apartment.

"Follow him," a female voice said to the other. Said other nodded and quickly left. She began her walk towards the young woman's apartment. It's had been years since I've seen her. Will she have any memory of me? The female was at the door. She was hesitant at first, but she soon knocked on the door she had been searching so many years.

"Just a minute!" The woman heard the girl's voice from the other side of the door. She heard the door unlock. Her heart began to pound against her chest for the moment she had been waiting for such a long time.

"Can I help…you?" She saw that the young girl had stuttered and had a confused look on her face. The older woman could help but marvel at the teenager's appearance. It was as if she was seeing a younger version of herself. She had long auburn hair like her own. She had brown eyes like her own. She even had the same body type.

"Yes, my dear you can help me," she finally answered the young girl with a smile. She saw the young girl tense up at those words. "It's been so long since we last saw each other."

"I don't believe we've ever met." The teenage said as she back slowly back into her apartment.

"Of course you wouldn't remember me." The older woman felt a little pain at the younger ones inability to recognize her. "You were so young."

"Um, if you don't mind, it is getting kind of late." The auburn haired girl said as she backed further into her home. "So I should be…" The older woman didn't give her the chance to finish as she quickly but gently put her hand on the girls cheek.

"Don't worry my dear," she said gently. "You'll get all the rest you need. And soon all will become clear." The girl seemed to be in a daze. The older one felt the girl's reiatsu drain into her. The young red head slowly began to slide down her door to the floor.

"That's it my little Hime, go to sleep."

He walked down the sidewalk back to his family's home. The orange haired man was trying to contemplate the odd feelings he had been having while walking Orihime home. Ichigo was unable to bring up anything for a conversation during the whole walk. It was as if something was holding him back. As the substitute continued to try and figure it out, he felt that something was wrong. He concentrated. What Ichigo felt made him feel sick. Orihime's reiatsu was dropping fast. And just after he had left her. The young man quickly turned around to make a dash for his auburn haired friend's apartment when something slammed into him sending the orange head flying in the opposite direction. As his feet left the ground, he felt a slight tug on his waist. His body slammed into the earth below him, and slide across the pavement.

"It seems that you are not too keen of your surroundings boy," A man's voice said. Ichigo picked himself up to look at his attacker. The man was tall and well-built with short brown hair and brown eyes. He looked to be in his fifties.

"Who the hell are you?" The Substitute Soul Reaper glared at the man that stood before him. His anger only intensified when the man only answered with a smile. Ichigo pushed his anger down as much as he could. This man was the only thing that stood in his way to get to Orihime. He was about to charge when the brown haired man suddenly appeared in front of him. The older man's fist buried into the orange haired boy's stomach. To Ichigo, it felt as if all the air and been blown out of his lungs. As he began to fall forward, the older man kicked him across the street. Ichigo, once again, was picking himself off the ground. Only then did he notice the reiatsu emanating from the man. He made a reach for his badge only to find it missing.

"Looking for something?" The man called to him as he dangled the badge from his hand. The next thing Ichigo felt was a large foot burying into his gut.

Uryū was running as fast as he could. When he felt Orihime's reiatsu fluctuate and drop the raven haired boy moved as fast as he could to her apartment. When he got there, he saw his friend slumped up against the door to her home and a figure standing over her. When Uryū saw the figure make a move to take his friend he quickly formed his bow and fired a bolt. The person quickly jumped back over the railing of the apartment complex. He quicky ran up to Orhime's side.

"Orihime, are you alright?" He tried to get an answer from the auburn haired girl but she was unresponsive. He felt that her attacker was still down below. He jumped over the railing to see a woman standing below. "Who are you and what did you do to Orihime," the glassed man asked. She did not answer. Her focus seemed to be on the blue bow connected to his wrist.

"A Quincy? I thought you were all extinct," She said in wonder.

"I am the last of the Quincy. Now answer my question." He lifted his bow threatening to back up his demand.

"Who I am is none of your concern. As for Orihime, she is unharmed. Now if you will excuse me, I will be taking her and being on my way." The boy glared at her in response.

"I'm not going to let that happen," Uryū stated clearly, but at the same time he was struggling to keep his focus. Why does this woman look so similar to Orihime? To complicate things even further, he could feel that Ichigo was also locked in battle and losing. But the Quincy couldn't tell if he was fighting as a Soul Reaper or not. His attacker must be with this woman. Are they after Ichigo as well?

He pulled back on his bow. "I'm warning you. Leave now and take whoever it is that is with."

The woman's eyes widened in surprise. "You are very good at detecting reiatsu. No wonder you got here so fast." A halfcocked smile crossed her face. "However, I can't compile with your request."

The Quincy didn't hesitate to release a bolt at the women that threatened his friend. The woman however proved to be faster than expected. At every turn that she reappeared he fired off another arrow, which she would quickly dodge. She soon disappeared from his sight and senses. She hid her reiatsu perfectly.

"You going to have to better than that to beat me," he heard someone whisper behind him. He quickly turned around about to ready another arrow. The moment he came face to face with her she swept her hands through his bow and it disappeared. The raven haired boy felt a bit of his reiatus had been pulled away. "Now you are mine."

She stretched out her hand towards him. She was inches away from touching him when she jumped back when a red slash passed between them.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here," a familiar voice called out. Uryū saw the auburn haired woman clenched her fist. She turned to face the new arrival.

"You!" Her voice seethed with anger at the blond haired man.

"It's been a long time," Urahara stated, "Kasumi Inoue."

Uryū's mind took a twist when he heard the woman's surname. Surly his ears misheard the blond haired soul reaper. This woman couldn't be related to Orihime.

"Urahara…" he started to say but the man interrupted him.

"Not now Uryū." The seriousness in the man's voice threw the Quincy off. Urahara almost always acted like a clown, even in battle. But something about the situation at hand was making the older man be serious. His attention was then drawn to Kazumi. He could practically feel the anger radiating from her. He watched as her body tense and brace itself. "You might want to reconsider your next move. You're outnumbered and outmatched."

Kazumi gritted her teeth in reply. "This is far from over Soul Reaper." She turned around and walked away, Uryū was about to stop her but was stopped when a hand gripped his shoulder.

"Let her go. We need to get Orihime back to the shop."

"Who was that?" The last Quincy demanded to know.

"I'll explain everything back at the shop. You should call Chad and Tatsuki. It is best that they know as well."

"What about Ichigo? He is still fighting."

"Don't worry; he is going to have some backup."

Ichigo's body slammed into the ground for what felt like the hundredth time. His body was demanding that he stay down, but he chose to ignore its request. The man that was blocking his path to Orihime had been playing a game of keep away with his badge, all the while the brown eyed man kept a grin on his face.

"To think that you are supposed to be the strongest among the four of you."

Ichigo was already pissed off at the man for attacking; now he was even more pissed at the suggestion that the brown haired man had been watching him and his friends for a while. The orange haired teen picked himself off the ground and charged at his attacker. He clenched his fist and pulled back his arm. When he came in range he thrust his arm forward making contact, but not with what he wanted. The man had brought up his own hand to grab onto the orange haired boy's fist.

"Is this all you can muster in your human form? Pathetic." The man slammed his leg into the boy's side, smashing him into a wall. "There is no point dragging this out anymore." He tossed the badge away. "Might as well finish you off."

As the older man launched forward preparing to strike. Ichigo tried to move but his body protested. The only thought that could even come to his mind as his end approached, was that he failed once again to protect her. He closed his eyes waiting for the attack; he heard a boom but no pain. He opened his eyes to see a black haired man dressed in a black shihakusho with a white haori cladding his left shoulder.

"Dad?" Ichigo questioned, completely bewildered at the intervention. From beyond his father, he could see the brown eyed man steaming with anger.

"You!" His attacker yelled. Isshin said nothing in response.

"Dad what are doing here?"

His attacker looked at him. "Dad? This punk is your son Isshin?"

"He is, and he isn't a punk. Osamu, just like your son, he is a good kid." Osamu's eyebrow twitched at the comparison.

"My son was nothing but a useless disobedient brat." Osamu pushed away from Isshin putting some distance between them. "It is time for me to have revenge for your interference Soul Reaper."

"You might want to reconsider. Your wife has already retreated." The brown haired man could feel that his advisory was right. She had indeed retreated without the one they came for. He dropped his stance.

"This isn't over, Kurosaki. We will return."

"And I'll be waiting, Inoue." Ichigo's ears picked up at what his father just called the other man. Before he could say anything Osamu was gone. "Dad what the hell is going on? Why did you call him Inoue?"

Isshin picked up his son's badge and tossed it to him. "We'll go to Kisuke's. Everything will be explained there."

"I can't, what about Orihime? She's in danger." Ichigo picked himself up, ignoring the pain he was feeling and was about to press his badge against his chest.

"Don't worry, she is already safe and being taken to Kisuke's." The father and son dual made their slow track to the former Squad Twelfth's Captain's home, where Ichigo and his friends would soon have their world shaken.

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