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The Inoue Clan

"What kind of complications?" Chief Inoue asked she had made her statement. The clans meet had been called to gather on word of her and Osamu's success or failure. When they forwarded a report of failure the Chief had ordered that every member of the Inner Chamber be present.

"Several people interfered in the retrieval of Orihime Inoue." Kasumi stated. A quiet chuckle came from across the table. "Do you find something funny about this, Hibiki?"

"Yes. I do find something funny." A brown haired man with classes said. "This was the same excuse you used fourteen years ago. It would appear that you aren't putting much effort into bring your daughter back to the clan."

"These are not inferior humans that we are coming across. These are spiritual aware individuals. Last time it was three soul reapers. This time we had to deal with two of those same soul reapers along with another one. As well as a Quincy."

"A Quincy?" A long black haired girl asked from the other side of the chamber. "How is that possible?" There was a slight stir at the table by the girl's interruption.

"Akira." The Chief called to her. "You are the newest member of the Inner Chamber and not fully adapted to the rules. Only members of the Inner Circle are allowed to speak freely here. The rest of you only speak when spoken to. I will only warn you once. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes, Chief Inoue." The young girl powed her head.

"To answer your question Akira," Kasumi continued her report, "the boy said he was the last of the Quincy."

"Our daughter has become friends with some very strong individuals." Her husband continued the report. "After using hollow bait to lure out any spiritual aware beings she reveled herself along with three others. A young soul reaper, the son of the soul reaper Isshin Kurosaki, the Quincy, and a Fullbringer. Each one is quite capable of putting up a fight."

"From your report sounds like you are dealing with a bunch of kids." A young brown haired man said at the table. "Are you saying that two of the senior members of our clan can't deal with a bunch of brats?"

"Hold your tongue boy." Osamu gritted through his teeth. "You are too young to understand the delegacy that is needed to perform this operation. If the Soul Society gets suspicious of what we are doing they might find out our plans."

"Don't silence me old man. I'm a member of the Inner Circle and have a right to voice my opinion and my concerns. You and Kasumi had an arrangement with my parents; don't think their passing has nullified it."

"Shun," Kasumi spoke up before her husband could fire back, "we have not forgotten the arrangement. We attend to fulfill it."

"Enough." The leader voice called for order. "This bickering solves nothing. Kasumi, Osamu, can you guarantee that you can retrieve Orihime."

"Yes, Chief Inoue." Kasumi answered.

"Very well. This Clan's Meet is adjourned." All the members of the Inner Chamber began to take their leave, however the she was stop by the Chief. "Kasumi, I wish to speak with you in private."

Kiskue could already see the barge of questions coming his way. With the reveal that there could be others after Orihime the gang was going to want to know who they were.

"Before any of you fly off the handle, yes, there may be others after Orihime. Many others." The former captain informed them. "Orihime was born from a very powerful Clan. The Inoue Clan."

"The Inoue Clan?" Uryū asked. "Who are they?"

"It's not a secret but it not a very well known in the Soul Society, only the senior captains are fully aware of them, but the Inoue Clan is a very powerful clan and much like the Quincys, they are at odds with the Thirteen Court Guards." Kisuke saw Uryū raise an eyebrow at his statement. "There reasons however are very different. Long ago the Inoues ruled over a great many people. They saw ordinary humans as inferior beings and that their powers made them gods. So they forced people to worship and obey them. This didn't go unnoticed to the Soul Society. They sent emissaries to the Inoues and demanded that they stop abusing their abilities. The Inoues killed them and started a very bloody war against the Soul Society."

"How could they expect to take on the entire Soul Society?" Ichigo asked. "Surely the Soul Society would have over powered them."

"Well you could say each Inoue is unique in their abilities which made a war with them difficult. Case and point, Orihime's abilities and her parents are very different from each other. Kasumi has adsorption powers and Osamu has strength and speed. You could divide them into categories such as elementals. However even then they are still unique in how their powers work. This is what made fighting them so difficult. One Inoue could take down ten soul reapers before going down themselves. But even they started to suffer casualties. The Thirteen Court Guard could replenish their numbers with new recruits while the Inoues had to go through more human process." The blond soul reaper said the last bit in a way that made the others roll their eyes. "The war got to a point where both sides wanted it to end. A peace treaty was made. The Inoues would stop betraying themselves as gods and the Soul Society would stay out of their internal affairs."

"There is something I don't get?" Tastsuki asked. "If there are those in the Soul Society that know of the Inoues then why didn't they say anything about Orihime?"

"Well, they did actually." Kisuke informed her. "I had to convince them that she had no memory of her lineage and was no threat to them. It proved difficult to convince them a second time."

"A second time?" Ichigo glared at him. "What do you mean a second time?"

"Well, when she was taken to Hueco Mundo there were those convinced that she gained knowledge of her past and went to join Azien to fight against the Soul Society." He saw Ichigo clenched his fist, probably from remembering the Head Capatin calling Orihime a traitor that day. "However as we all know Orihime would never turn against us. That sums up everything I know on the matter of the Inoues."

"So we can expect them to send more people to get Orihime?" Uryū asked.

"We're not entirely sure what the Clan's involvement is in all this." Isshin spoke up form his long silence. "So far only Kasumi and Osamu have made in effort at getting Orihime. This could just be a case of her parents just wanting her back. No other member of the Clan has shown themselves. All we can do is wait and see."

"While we wait," Kisuke said, "why don't one of you take Orihime home. By the time you get there the barrier should be up in place around her apartment."

"I'll do it." Ichigo volunteered himself.

"I got a spare key." Tastsuki explained. "So I'll come with you."

The chamber emptied with the exception of two of the Inoues. The elder Inoue slowly got up from his seat and made his way to a room off to the side. Kasumi quickly followed. The room was of a moderate size. It had an elegantly designed marble desk with dragons carved into its sides. A lit fire place was behind it. There was a shelf filled with old scrolls and new books. The old man sat down and looked ready to fall asleep.

"Chief Inoue?" Kasumi said quietly

"Kasumi, you know you do not need be formal with me when we are alone." He spoke gently.

"I apologize father." A small smile formed on her face. "It is not often that we are alone with each other."

"You are quite often away on the search for your daughter."

"I was so close to her father." She clenched her fist. "After so many years I almost had her."

"I understand that you want her back. The clan needs her as well." He was about to continue when a strong cough overcame him. His daughter quickly came to his side a grabbed a bottle of pills and gave him a couple of pills. When the older man was able to catch his breath he continued. "My time is almost up. You will take on the mantle of leadership soon."

"Father." She said in concern.

"Do not worry my dear; there is still time." He took in another breath. "I didn't want to say this in front of the others for your honor, but we can't wait for much longer to retrieve Orihime. I'll give you a week. If you are unsuccessful I will have to send in a second team to assist you."

"I understand father. Now get some rest." With their business concluded she took her leave.

Ichigo, with Orihime in his arms, and Tastsuki entered their friend's apartment. Tastsuki set out Orihime's futon so Ichigo could lay her down. Ichigo looked hesitant to leave Orihime alone when the time came to leave.

"We shouldn't keep this from her." Ichigo stated.

"I agree." Tastsuki said not liking the fact that she was being forced to keep her closest friends past a secret from her. "But what can we do? Kisuke has already altered her memories."

"I don't know but we have to figure something out. Her parents are just going to keep on coming for her and she is going to find out in the worst possible way."

"Let's talk to the others when we get the chance. Perhaps we can figure something out."

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