HI! This is my new story called After the War. It transitions from All I Have Left into the third story which is about season two. I realize that it would be difficult to change the flow if season two is different. But I'll figure it out.

Summary: After the War, everything is peaceful but there are still problems to be fixed. Mako and Korra are now a couple, and Asami and Kuzon are at the start of their relationship. Lin and Tenzin have rediscovered their feelings for each other, but how far will they go to keep their secret relationship a secret? And when will Tenzin man up and tell Pema about Kuzon? Everything will eventually be told in this story, which is expected to last for ten chapters.

Chapter 1: Return to Republic City

Kuzon smiled as he saw the first skyscrapers of Republic City. He sighed happily and sniffed the ocean air. He was itching to go back to his home and feel the earth again. It had been more than a day since they left the Southern Water Tribe. They were now less than an hour away from the city.

"Hey guys! Look, it's Republic City!" yelled Bolin excitedly and dragged Mako, Korra, and Asami to the front of the ship.

"Finally! Don't get me wrong, I love the ocean, but I've seen so much of it I'm getting sick of it." Korra said.

Bolin giggled.

Korra frowned. "What's so funny?"

"I guess you're seasick, right?" Bolin laughed at his own joke.

"Haha, bro." Mako rolled his eyes.

Asami held her mouth and turned green. "Sorry guys, I have to go throw up again." she said and ran to the side of the ship and emptied her stomach.

"Wow, she really is seasick." Bolin said and shuddered as he caught a glimpse of her vomit.

"No kidding, Captain Obvious." Kuzon replied sarcastically as he rubbed Asami's back.

"I hate the ocean." Asami muttered.

"So do I." came the voice of Lin Beifong. She stood behind the teenagers, her hands on her hips. "I can't feel the earth, but I am not going to hurl."

Kuzon scowled. "Aw, c'mon Mom, be easy on her. Asami has a tender stomach. And yes, being earth-deprived is the worst, I know."

"Whatever. At least we're going to get off this stupid boat."

"Someone please help me handle the children. They are getting…out of control." Tenzin said as he joined them. Meelo was gnawing on his head and Ikki was chattering nonstop to Jinora, who looked annoyed as she tried to enjoy her book that Katara had given her. They could hear Rohan's loud crying inside the boat and Pema's failed attempts at comforting him. Kuzon smirked.

"I'm not getting out of control." Jinora retorted.

"Why do you like that book so much? Give it to me! Does it have pictures of rainbow platypus-ponies?" Ikki tried to yank the book form Jinora.

Jinora held the book high above her sister's head. "No, Ikki! Go away."

Ikki pouted then airbended the book out of Jinora's hands. As the girls tried to catch it, it unfortunately fell into the icy waters.

"No!" Jinora screamed. Then she turned to Ikki, who smiled apologetically and for once, did not speak. "Why would you do that?"

"Um…" Ikki stammered. "It was all Meelo's idea!"

Meelo stopped gnawing on his father's head and jumped in front of his quarreling sisters. "No I didn't!"

Ikki ran to the back of the boat while Jinora was distracted by Meelo. Jinora noticed her sister was missing and shouted "IKKI!"

"Spirits!" Lin said. "They are so troublesome."

Tenzin nodded in agreement. "Yes, and I am tired of their arguing."

"Good thing I'm an only child." Kuzon said without thinking.

His parents glared at him.

"Sorry." he apologized.

"Awkward." Bolin whispered to Korra.

_line break_

"Alright guys. Now that we're in Republic City, I'm off." Korra said to Team Avatar. "I have to go with Beifong and Tenzin."

They were in Republic City, in front of Asami's car. They were saying their goodbyes. Tenzin was dropping off his family at their home, and then he had to do some councilman stuff. Lin was at her home resting for awhile at Tenzin's insistence.

"Which Beifong?" Kuzon asked.

She frowned. "Well…actually both of you. There's some things we need to settle like boring council meetings, fixing up the city, and all that blah blah stuff."

"So what are we going to do?" Mako asked.

"You guys have to make an appearance for saving Republic City, then you guys can do whatever." Korra answered. She didn't want to have her picture taken and she despised those nosy reporters and eager photographers and so did her friends. Although, she supposed Asami was used to it.

Bolin huffed. "Sounds boring, but not as boring as being at council meetings."

Asami agreed, "Yeah. We can go to my house and we can go swimming in the pool."

"Lucky!" Kuzon groaned. "I want to go in the pool with you."

They all stared at him until he realized what he said. Korra wiggled her eyebrows and then pointed at Asami. "So, you really want to go to the pool, huh?"

"Shut up, you know what I meant." Kuzon snapped and blushed uncontrollably.

Asami kissed Kuzon's cheek. "I know what you meant. We'll hang out at the pool some other time."

This made Kuzon blush even more. Bolin laughed at him.

"Well, bye Korra. I'll see you later." Mako said and gave Korra a quick kiss on the lips.

"Bye Mako." she said and Asami drove Bolin and Mako to the Sato Estate.

Korra noticed Kuzon's face was still red. "Kuz, you'd better stop blushing before the council meeting or people will figure out that you're in love." she teased.

"You're in love too. With Mako, the tall firebender boy who confessed his love to you." he smirked.

Now Korra was blushing. "I'm going to get you for that."

"Let's just get to the council meeting." Kuzon suggested. "And, I think we're already even."

"I don't play even." Korra muttered as she gave a mischievous look at Kuzon, who already started walking to the City Hall.

_line break_

"Alright, we now must decide who will be the Chief of Police and Police Captain." Tenzin said with the authority. "The nominees for Chief of Police are Saikhan and Lin Beifong. The nominees for Police Captain are Officer Song, Kuzon Beifong and one of the nominees for Chief of Police if they do not get the position.

"I will now say why these nominees are good for the positions they were nominates for. Saikhan tried to save Republic City, although he was unsuccessful. Lin Beifong was loyal to her officers and helped save Republic City.

"Officer Song led remaining officers in an attempt to defeat Amon, but was unsuccessful. Kuzon Beifong helped the Avatar and her friends defeat Amon."

The council members-Including a Northern Water Tribe man who was hastily made a councilman by Tenzin-looked thoughtful as they tried to decide. Finally, they nodded at Tenzin when they had made their decision.

"For Chief of Police, who nominates Saikhan?"

No one raised their hands, only shooting pitying looks at Saikhan, who was surprisingly calm and did not mind at all.

"For Chief of Police, who nominates Lin Beifong?"

The council members all raised their hands in favor.

"Well duh, of course it would be Beifong." Korra whispered to Kuzon, who sat at her right.

He smirked. "Of course. My father just wants to make it official. Old man."

The two giggled and when Tenzin shot them both a look, they put on a serious expression. When he looked away, they both grinned.

"For the position of Police Captain, who nominates Officer Song?" Tenzin asked his fellow council members.

Only the Fire Nation representative raised her hand, because he had saved her grandchild. Tenzin understood completely, but it was still a bit biased.

"For the position of Police Captain, who nominates Kuzon Beifong?"

"Wait, Beifong?" the Southern Water Tribe representative asked. "Is he the son of Lin Beifong?"

Lin rolled her eyes and gritted her teeth. Tenzin shuffled his feet and looked to the floor. If the public found out, Pema would find out, and then she would get angry with him for not telling her. He still hadn't told her and felt guilty whenever he looked at her or the children.

Kuzon cleared his throat and stood. "Councilman, we have more important matters to discuss rather than my parentage. With all due respect, we still must decide who will become Police Captain."

"Of course." the representative said, although Tenzin could see the curiosity in his eyes as he stared at Kuzon and Lin. "Continue, please."

All but the Fire Nation councilwoman raised their hands.

"For the position of Police Captain-"

"Oh please, D-I mean, Tenzin. No one's voting for Saikhan." Kuzon said impatiently. Tenzin could see that the boy was bored and tired, for Korra and Kuzon had stayed in City Hall for five hours. "No offense to Saikhan, of course."

Tenzin resisted the urge to strangle his son but then announced, "The decision is final. The Chief of Police is Lin Beifong and the Police Captain is Kuzon Beifong."

"Finally." Korra muttered to Kuzon. "Congratulations, by the way." She held out her hand for him to shake.

"Thanks." Kuzon said and accepted her handshake, only to get zapped. "Ow, what was that for?"

She laughed. "Mako taught me how to bend electricity. So far I can only to little shocks."

"Whatever. I've got to go home." he said, still flustered because of the shock.

"Okay. See you later then." she replied and ran out of City Hall.

Tenzin approached his son. "Congratulations, Kuzon. I hope you will work hard."

"Thank you, and don't worry, I will. Republic City will be really safe." Kuzon responded.

"Would you like to come to the island for dinner tomorrow?" Tenzin found himself saying.

His son gave him a suspicious look. "Why?"

"Because…I haven't spent enough time with you, my own son." Tenzin said, whispering the word son. "I want to get to know you better."

Kuzon shrugged. "I guess. Can Mom come?"

"Yes, she may." he quickly agreed.

"Alright, well…see you later then." Kuzon said.

He walked to his mother and said, "Are we going now?"

"Yes! Patience, Kuzon." Lin scowled.

Tenzin put a hand on Lin's shoulder. "Lin, can we talk for a moment?"

She sighed. "Fine. Kuzon, wait for me outside."

Kuzon rolled his eyes and let out a deep sigh. "Fine." He walked outside with his hands in his pockets.

"What do you want?" Lin asked.

"Kuzon will ask you to join him for dinner at my home. And maybe after that we can spend some time to ourselves."

Lin huffed, although Tenzin knew she was secretly loking forward to it. "Very well. What do we say we're doing?"

"We say that we're talking about Republic City and other business." Tenzin murmured in her ear.

"Alright. I will see you tomorrow night." Lin said seriously and walked outside to go home with their son.

He straightened his posture and left City Hall with a smile tugging at his lips.

_line break_

"Now what? I swam twenty times around the pool, made Pabu do a lot of awesome tricks, and told a lot of great jokes. Not to mention I ate so much." Bolin said. "Now what should I do?"

Bolin, Mako, and Asami were sitting in Asami's large bedroom. They had done a lot of things, but they wished Kuzon and Korra were there with them to hang out. But they had to be in boring council meetings. Bolin knew he was lucky to not be there, but they had to make this special appearance tomorrow and he wasn't looking forward to the nosy reporters.

"I think we should go, Bo." Mako suggested. "Thanks for having us over, Asami."

"No prob." Asami said. "I'll see you two tomorrow." She gave them each a hug and they left Sato Estate.

Bolin looked at his brother. "Hey, bro. What's on your mind?"

Mako didn't seem to hear him and Bolin had to poke him in the stomach for him to respond. "Hm? Oh, just thinking."

"About?" he pressed.

Mako sighed. "Just wondering what will change and how the non-benders are. I mean, they're probably still outraged that their beloved leader," Mako made air quotations with his fingers. "was a waterbender. They might think it's more bender tyranny or something."

"True." Bolin replied. "But Korra will figure it out. She's the Avatar bro, don't worry."

"I guess you're right." Mako said.

"Cheer up, Mako. Let's go back to the Probending Arena. Tomorrow, we should have training or something. Don't you miss probending as much as I do?" Bolin asked.

Mako gave Bolin a small smile. "Yeah, I do."

_line break_

Korra laid on her bed. She was back at Air Temple Island and was having trouble falling asleep. She was invited to stay there so she could have some extra practice with air bending, plus it was nicer than living in the Arena. Korra would've liked to stay there with Mako and Bolin, but she feared that Bolin would feel like a third wheel.

Or, since Kuzon and Asami were dating, a fifth wheel.

It was quiet in her room. She could here the firefly-grasshoppers outside and she could see their lights. Korra breathed in deeply, but then felt a rough hand clamp her mouth.

"Did you miss me, Avatar?"

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