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~Chapter one~

"Gaawh, how many of these guys are there anyway?" Natsu exclaimed in annoyance. Lucy had to agree with him along with Gray, and even Erza seemed fairly annoyed at that point. They had assigned a mission, from some villagers who asked for help as the town was being terrorized by a gang. They had found them quickly in the woods, because of Natsu's great nose that had caught the scent of the client's stuff. That was more than an hour ago, and the team had been fighting them since.

"Roar of the fire dragon!" Natsu's flames made a direct impact on the gang members in front the four people and the blue cat. They all fell to the ground, smoking.

The team was tense for a mere second, before Natsu concluded that there were no more enemies to be fought by falling to the ground and letting out a small 'humpf'.

The rest of the team started to relax after another few seconds.

"That," Natsu said looking at the fallen men in front of him, "was more like a whole guild than a gang. Seriously, how can there be so many people in that group?"

"Stop mocking flame-brain," Gray retorted, causing Natsu to jump up from his position on the ground and give Gray his best glare, their foreheads pressed together.


"Squinty eyes!"
"Droopy eyes!"

"Natsu, Gray," Erza said, making both boys freeze along with Happy, who drifted beside his nakamas. They slowly turned their heads towards her. Upon seeing the look from the scarlet haired knight they quickly threw their arms over each other, a goofy grin on both faces.

She turned towards Lucy instead, and both males started their fight once again, making Lucy giggle at their stubbornness.

"Lucy - behind you!" Lucy turned around at Erza's warning and barely avoided getting stabbed in the back by a flying blade, which instead made a cut a across her palm. The knife made its way through the air towards Erza who easily dodged it, before it flew across the space between Erza and Happy, who let out a squirm as he was dragged by the tail out of the knifes line, which instead hit a tree.

All eyes turned toward the owner of weapon. A man in dark features sat on his knees supporting himself with his left arm, while the right was outstretched; a proof that it was him who threw the blade. He smirked before his eyes rolled up showing the white, and he fell to the ground, unconscious.

Everyone was silent before Happy voiced out his complains about Gray's rough rescue.

"Would you rather be pierced to a tree than being saved?"Gray commented drily, annoyance showed on his face.

"But you didn't have to pull me in my tail," Happy wailed, making Gray roll his eyes.
"It's not my fault you were too scared to mo-," Gray stopped himself as he registered the sound of no-yelling-Erza. His blue eyes found her beside Lucy.

"Erza it's fine, it's just a cut," Lucy tried to reassure the knight.

"We should probably make Wendy take a look at it, when we get back to-."

"Seriously Erza, I am fine. It's nothing, really. And besides, Wendy shouldn't use her magic on something so small like this," she smiled. Erza looked suspicious for a mere second, before she re-quipped into some civil clothes consisting of a simple t-shirt and skirt and ripped a strip of the loose top clothing, then handing it to the blond mage.

Lucy thanked her before she slowly rapped the clothing around her hand like a bandage.

While Lucy bandaged herself, with Erza and Gray looking, and Happy still complaining about how his tail now hurt, nobody noticed Natsu who stared wide-eyed at Lucy's blood dripping from her hand. He turned his head away and gritted his teeth together; his hands clenched into tight fists at his sides.

"For the last time, Happy, this is not your or anyone else's fault," Erza said for what seemed like the fiftieth time. After cleaning up the mess they had made in the forest, the team had started walking home. The village, in which the assignment was located in, was only two – three hours walk from Magnolia and to spare Natsu from his motion-sickness they'd chosen to walk back by foot.

Through the whole time they had been walking, Happy had expressed his sorrow about how he should have been there to help Lucy, so 'she wouldn't have gotten hurt in the first place' as he said it. At first Lucy had tried to convince him of his innocence, but when it didn't work Erza had stepped in, trying to make Happy understand, so he would stop talking all the time.

"But-" Happy started, but was interrupted by Lucy this time.

"Even if it was anyone's fault, Happy, I would forgive them. When you go on missions things like this happens," Lucy said and truly meant it. No one was to blame for her getting hurt and especially not when the damage itself was so small.

The blond female smiled at the cat floating beside her, and his eyes lit up at her words. He made a small sound as if to tell her that he was glad that she felt that way.

As the cat flew over to Gray and Erza, who were talking about coming back to the guild, Lucy turned and found Natsu walking a little longer back away from the rest of the group. She stopped, waiting for him to catch up, before she continued now side by side with the pink haired dragon slayer.

"Natsu is something wrong?" she asked the boy. He was wearing a frown, his eyes looking thoughtful and hard lines around his mouth. She studied the features in his face, a habit she'd developed at some point though she couldn't quite figure out when or why.

Natsu slowly nodded; "The guy who threw the knife at you…..he was smiling even though he only scratched your hand with it. As if he knew something we don't," he said turning to look Lucy in the eyes. "Also, I should've been there to help you."

Lucy was about to blush at his intense look, but then understood what he'd just said and sighed in somewhat defeat.

"He smiled? Well….. but… seriously not you too," she said. "Happy's been talking about it almost since it happened, and, I'll say it again, it is no one's-"

"But it is," Natsu said with more force in his voice. "If I had paid just a little more attention I would've heard him when he got up and been able to warn you before he threw the blade. Instead I couldn't do anything, but watch." His voice was bitter and the frown deepened. "As your friend I should've been there to help you."

"You can't really say it like that since the others are my friends too, and I'm not blaming when saying this, but none of you could've done anything to prevent it from happening," Lucy explained in a soft tone.

"But I'm your best friend!" Natsu snapped. "As a best friend I'm supposed to be there when you're in trouble or need help!"

Lucy stared at him. Why was he getting so worked up over something so small like this? Before she could ask him, he had already walked up to the others as if they'd never had the conversation in the first place.

That evening Natsu didn't come to visit her as he normally did, as he probably still was upset about what they'd talked about on the way home. Lucy found herself waiting in the living room for an hour before she gave up and went to her bedroom. In there she was shifting the bandage on her hand for the fourth time that day. As she gazed on the cut that went from right to left on her palm, she couldn't help, but notice the yellow color around the cut.

Maybe I've caught some sort of infection. Maybe I should ask Wendy about taking a look and – no, I can't make her use her magic on something like this, and besides it'll probably go away soon anyway.

With that the mage went to sleep, not thinking more about the day. But she couldn't deny the weird feeling in her hand as if something was trying to move from there out into her arm. It only got worse as she found herself soaking with sweat and her heart beating fast from nightmares she couldn't remember.

And a pain in her chest.

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