Just Need Someone: Just Remember

Chapter 1

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==1 Year Later, Citadel Embassy, The Shepard's Quarters==

Aura sighed tiredly, the past year had been exhausting for her to say the least, not because of her new formed family. Samara's efforts there had seen that Aura had only the most basic of needs to attend to while she dealt with galactic politics. Between reports from Wrex on what his exploration teams were finding beyond explored space, the Quarians regaining an embassy on the rebuilt Citadel, and the new Volus Councilor, not to mention all the smaller fires she had to put out seemingly left and right she was quite simply exhausted and looking forward to a hopefully quiet as it were family evening.

As she opened the door and uttered her usual complaint phrase of hating politics she found a formally dressed Samara approach her with a pair of bags packed, "..Aura finally you are home." She said kissing her cheek lightly.

"..Uh yeah sorry, traffic was hectic, I take it you have somewhere to go?" She asked wondering if her bondmate had secured them a quiet evening alone elsewhere with having a babysitter. An idea that brought a smile to her face.

As if reading her mind Samara shook her head, "..Sadly not, I have been called to Thessia for a meeting of the remaining Justicars with the rebuilding of the War mostly finished our Order has finally found time to discuss what the remaining five of us shall do in rebuilding efforts. I should be gone at least two days, but given the temperament of the Relays at times perhaps four." she said apologetically, "..I have prepared dinner, but you will need to feed Sunra and Milra, I know you have off the next two days so I will endeavor to be back by then." She said rushing out where a hover car waited.

Aura blinked waving goodbye then heard the twin cries of her daughters demanding food. They had since moved on from breastfeeding and to simple soft foods. Normally by the time Aura got home from work such feeding was done with and she could eat her own with Samara, now she had to handle both, "..Well how hard could it be feeding two asari babies?" She said outloud.

As Aura came into view the twins quieted some sensing they were about to be fed, they were quiet most times, and fairly well behaved as far as babies went, so Samara told Aura. "..Well who wants to eat first?" Aura said pulling up the chair in front of both babies high-chairs. Taking out the blend of vegetables in each small bottle making sure there were no foreign particles and offered up both twins a spoonful of the coming meal Samara had readied for them. "..Here comes the Normandy." She said in a cooing fashion.

Surprising Aura the twins both clapped their hands and smiled, but then twin light biotic hues went around the spoons and tossed each at Aura slapping and messing her face up. "..Owe!" She said rubbing her cheek, the twins though found this hilarious and giggled.

"..Lucky me, you two decide to show off your first biotics while mommas gone huh?" Aura smiled to them, re-readying another pair of spoons with food. Sunra ate the first bite but Milra decided to have more fun it seemed and again Aura got a splash of gooey food on her face and in turn Sunra, again both twins giggled. "..Alright you two now daddy's got to eat too, and this isnt as nutritious as her own food ya know. Nor how we are supposed to eat." She huffed with a smile.

The twins just looked at her innocently now covered with splatters of the food from Aura. She prepared for yet a third time and it seemed hunger overrode their ideas of yet more play time. As the twins finished eating their full of half the food packet bottle Aura turned to wipe her face, only to her the hum of yet another biotic feed and giggling then the splattering of food in a whoosh of air. "..Oh Goddess come on!" She cried, seeing that the twins had seemingly warped the packet and caused the remaining food to splatter across the kitchen area. Shaking her fingers at the twins she said, "..No, we do not send biotic fields warping food." she said trying to sound cross but failing miserably as the innocent sweet looks of the pair caused her heart to melt. "..Urgh I cant stay mad at you two.." she muttered going to ready a bath to clean the twins up before putting them to their playpen.

As she returned minus her own uniform and clothes Aura found the twins enjoying splattering the small puddles of food on their trays around their faces like war paint. "..Urgh, your mother is right your just like me." She said shaking her head tiredly.

She picked up both twins carefully first weary in case either wanted to try out their 'new toys' of biotics on her. Last thing she needed was to drop her two babies. As the trio went to the bathroom and began to clean up sure enough no sooner had Aura settled them down into the water then little biotic fields rose up to splash water all about the bathroom sink area. "..For once in my life I wish I was a biotic." She muttered softly as she knelt down to begin to wash the twins off while they continued their games of water lifts.

Finally the task was done and even more because of their games both twins were soon fast asleep in their beds. Aura herself was now starving having to endure another two hours past her usual eating time, and she eagerly sat down to eat.

==4 Days Later, Shepard Residence==

"..Argh!" Aura cried as more food splatters adorned the walls from those she had cleaned up before the past two nights, the twins while sleeping more often after their bouts of biotic games left Aura little time for her own full rest, coupled with her already exhausted state and she was begging for whatever deity was above to have Samara walk through the door.

Sadly it was not meant to be, as a message came in telling her that the talks among the Justicar orders had been delayed for another day and that the relays were again playing fickle, as a result Aura had asked and been granted a reprieve of three days off till Samara returned.

Bath times were almost as bad with the water playing and worst still was Aura's confusion of how to keep an asari baby still while she changed diapers suffice to say she was at her wits end mainly because she had little sleep, little time for a proper basic eating, and not the least of which was she had forgone baths herself just to get in some rest time.

Finally Aura was awoken in the middle of the night by the crying of one of the twins, groggily she rose to attend to the matter, when she heard soft singing coming from the room. Recognizing it as Samara she sighed in relief and slumped hunched forward. Entering the room she found Samara softly soothing Milra back to sleep after changing her.

Samara turned and smiled to her, "..Forgive me, I had not wished to awaken you to deal with the matter, given the messes I saw around the apartment I assume they have begun to show their biotic talents?" she asked.

Aura just yawned heavily and nodded, eyes drooping. "..Uh huh." she said.

With the twins needs taken care of Samara cradled Aura to her in a hug and led her to their bedroom, a place Aura it seems had not been for at least two days, added to this was the galaxy heroes need for a bath of her own, which Samara aided her to do while she half slept in exhaustion through it. Mumbling she asked. "..How did the...thing...meeting go?" she said wearily.

"..Well Aura, I will tell you more of it once you have had a proper rest." Samara replied using a gentle biotic lift to ease Aura to their shared bed. "..Rest now I will return shortly."

When Samara did return after her own full shower and small quick meal she found the galaxy hero snoring soundly in a peaceful content sleep. Brushing back a lock of her hair she smiled. "..Peace and Rest Aura Shepard, I am back home." she said cuddling up with her and initiating a gentle bond to sooth the stress of the past few days away.

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