Hello there everybody! Going in for my second story now, and I'm working on a couple more. But anyway in celebration of the film Magic Mike, I decided to do a stripper AU, it's not a film adaptation, the movie just made me wanna write about strippers. More often than not Castiel is a stripper in these kinda stories, so I thought I'd do it differently

Also there may be eventual Sabriel, not sure yet, but I'll set it up and go from there.

Anyways, I own none of these characters, the only thing that is my own is the mistakes as I have no beta.

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"Gabriel no! I am not going with you!"

"Why not little bro? It's been months since you went out. Let alone go on a date!"

"Oh and you think going to a strip club is going to help me get a date?"

"You never know!"

Castiel just groaned. It was the same conversation he and his brother Gabriel had for the last few weeks. He had been insisting on taking Castiel out at every opportunity. This time, it was to a strip club. Gabriel had even offered to take him to an all gay strip club; he was the most understanding family member when it came to his sexuality as Gabriel's was flexible to say the least.

Coming out to his deeply religious family was one of the hardest things he'd ever had to do, his father wasn't pleased at all, and neither was most of his siblings, all except Gabriel. However, after he'd spent four years at college without contacting any of them, his Father had sent the first olive branch and invited him over for thanksgiving.

Whilst it was still a strained relationship, it was good to have his family back in his life. Even though Gabriel was one of the most annoying people he'd ever met, he loved him, and he was the only family member he could spend more than a couple of hours with. Though, at times like this, he wish his older brother would leave him alone.

"Look, Cassie, I know it's been a while since you've been with anyone. You need to move on from Inias."

Inias was Castiel's first serious boyfriend, they had been together nearly two years, but in the end, Inias had chosen his career over Castiel. It wasn't a particularly bad break up, and he was over him, honestly he was, but since then, he'd never felt it was necessary to go out.

They broke up about five months ago, and in Gabriel's eyes, that was far too long to go without sex.

"I am over him! We've been through this Gabe."

"Please come out with me! Just this once. I promise, I won't bother you about going out for at least… two months!"

Now that was a tempting offer. Two months without Gabriel's constant whining? He was sold.

"Fine." Castiel sighed and lifted his hands as a sign of defeat.


And that was how Castiel, notoriously shy, found himself sitting at a grimy table at a strip club, a classy one, but a strip club none the less.

Gabriel was practically bouncing in his seat he was that excited, sipping a drink that could only be described as 90% sugar. Castiel may be gay, but there is no way he'd ever have one of those fruity drinks. A nice whiskey was more up his street, plus he has a weirdly high tolerance for alcohol.

"Cassie you're gonna love it. These guys are just the warm up. Wait till you see the main guys."

Although the guys on stage, and milling about the floor were pretty hot, none of them jumped out at Castiel and he was feeling rather disappointed. What was the point of being dragged to a strip club if all the guys were pretty mediocure?

"Oi Castiel! Are you even listening to me? Anyway there's this guy, and he huge. I mean like a fucking giant! Totally ripped. But he's my favourite so dibs. Jared is his stage name I think."

"I thought you said there was another main guy?" He was ashamed to admit he was mildly curious at this point; maybe it was time he found someone new. Try and live a little.

"Yeah, that guy's hot too don't get me wrong, but he's got nothing on my Jared. Hey I might even treat you to a lap dance if you're nice." Gabriel gave him a crude wink and nudged him a few times with his elbow.

Castiel groaned, he really didn't like the sound of that. In normal circumstances he would jump at the chance of having a lap full of hot guy, but this whole place made him feel dirty. He really wasn't used to this kind of thing.

"Not that I don't appreciate the offer-"

"Shut up Cas! The main show is starting."

Castiel scoffed, but did do what Gabriel wanted.

The lights around the stage dimmed, and then She's My Cherry Pie started playing. Castiel let out a small gasp when the most beautiful man he'd ever seen walked out on stage. He was wearing a cowboy hat and worn jeans with lots of rips all down the legs; they were tight and perfectly sculpted around the man's thighs and pert ass.

He was also topless, and his golden skin glistened under the stage lights, he was perfectly toned in Castiel's opinion. Broad shoulders and obvious muscles, but not overly so, just enough to make him look strong with over doing it. Castiel ached to taste this man's skin; he was the perfect embodiment of temptation.

Now his face was another thing altogether. Although he had a strong, obviously masculine, face, it had a feminine edge. Long eyelashes fanned over the tops of his cheeks and he coyly looked down, the longest he'd ever seen on a man, they framed his green eyes perfectly. Soft, pouty lips that begged to be kissed were definitely one of Castiel's favourite features on him. God, how he wanted to kiss him.

Castiel was so wrapped up in checking the man out he almost missed it when he began to move. A small smirk appeared on his face as he moved confidently across the stage. His movements were small and graceful yet they made a big impact on the crowd, the whole place was practically silent, everyone so engrossed on what the man was doing.

They had a table quite close to the stage so he had a good view of what was going on. When he reached the pole he reached down and pulled off his jeans revealing a small pair of boot shorts that left little to the imagination. This earned him a lot of cheers, and a lot of men threw bills on stage.

He gripped the pole and spun round once effortlessly, when he looked out at the crowd his eyes lingered at Castiel's table and when they made eye contact he winked. Castiel could feel his breath quicken considerably, his pants already started to grow tighter at the sight of this gorgeous man.

Once again he smirked, and grabbed on to the pole once again. He spun round gracefully lifting his legs off of the ground and wrapping them around the pole. Castiel had never felt envy towards an inanimate object before, but tonight it would seem was a night of firsts. Oh, how he wished he was that pole. The way the man wrapped himself around it and gyrated against it was practically sinful.

His dick grew harder, painfully so, at the breath taking sight before him.

All too quickly the song was coming to an end, in his big finish the man spun upside down before throwing his hat out in to the crowd. Said hat, happened the land right in front of Castiel's feet, without much thought he quickly picked it up.

He didn't noticed Gabriel grinning at him until he felt a sharp poke to his ribs.

"That was Jensen. And by the look on your face I'm guessing this trip was so bad after all?"

Castiel could do know more than nod dumbly.

"Well maybe you'll also rethink my offer of a lap dance?"

This got Castiel's full attention, and he twisted in chair to stare at Gabriel. He thought it over for a minute, what was the worst that could happen?

"Fine. But only him. I don't want one if it's anyone else."

"And who is this lucky gentleman that gets to give you a lap dance then?" a deep voice came from behind Castiel, causing him spin yet again in his seat much to the annoyance of his back.

There stood in front of him, still only wearing his booty shorts, was Jensen in all his oiled up glory. Somehow all the words Castiel knew just flew out of his brain leaving him stuttering like a fool. Why was he here? Oh god those shorts did look amazing, and they didn't hide much as he looked fairly well equipped…

Castiel's runaway thoughts were interrupted, for which he was quite glad, when Jensen spoke again.

"Cause I was kinda hoping to you a lap dance myself, as you took care of my hat and all."

Castiel couldn't quite believe this was actually happening to him. He finally found his words however and mumbled out a quick yes. Jensen's face actually lit up at this, giving him a huge grin.

"Well how about we take this to one of the private rooms then, I ain't too keen on sharing these y'know. I don't give 'em out often, so feel honoured." He winked at Castiel which did nothing to calm him down.

He hastily got up off his chair, almost knocking it over in the process. He could hear Gabriel sniggering behind him, so he turned and glared, holding out his hand to him expecting the money he'd promised.

Cash in hand Castiel followed Jensen down a corridor like a lost puppy. He was awestruck. How could one guy have such an effect on him, on his upstairs and downstairs brains?

Although Castiel wasn't complaining at the view he got from walking behind the stripper, he wished he would hurry up so they could get to it. His dick was getting very impatient, he was already achingly hard. He couldn't even remember the last time he'd been this turned on.

Eventually, to Castiel's relief, they reached the private room. Jensen held out his arm and gestured towards the chair in the middle of the room, he took the hint and all but ran over to the chair.

"What's your name?"


"Castiel? Nice name. right then Cas, do you know the rules?"

"Y-yes Jensen."

"Hey, I don't do this very often so I think you should at least know my real name." Castiel nodded quickly.

"Call me Dean."