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The next two days went by in a blur, but to Rin, each day was a thousand years. Everyone wanted to know who Crow or Wolf was or how Rin knew them, but just like Yukio hid the fact that he was an exorcist from Rin for years on end, Rin kept a few secrets of his own.

Bon, Shima, and Konekomaru had been trailing Rin like bloodhounds, which was getting on Rin's nerves. The others were simply trying to get a hold of his phone.


While all of this was happening, Rin was starting to make a plan, a plan to skip school the next day. The thought of sneaking out of the dorm at night had crossed his mind, but it wasn't the best plan in history or the smartest, but to Rin, it was worth a shot.


The night was cool with a slight breeze that wafted into the room. The sun had set long ago, and the stars shone brightly in the sky. Rin lied in bed, eyes barely open, silently waiting through the night, waiting till the numbers on his alarm clock hit midnight. Once they did, Rin's eyes opened wider and drifted to his brother's bed, in which slept soundly. Slowly and quietly Rin got out of bed and tip toed out of the room, and closed the door behind him. After the door clicked into the mantel, he broke into a run, speeding up the stairs to the third floor. Once there, Rin slowed to a walk, only to stop at an empty dorm room door. After opening the door, he was greeted with a dusty room, nothing inside except for a heap of clothes in the corner of the room. After stripping down, Rin got changed into a pair of running shoes, gray jeans, a navy blue T-shirt, and a black hoodie. Rin stashed the Kurikara under a dusty floorboard and made sure no one could find it. After getting changed, Rin opened the window and jumped down to the hard ground.


Bon, Shima, Izumo, Konekomaru, Shiemi, and the weird puppet kid (1) had been watching their friend since the time he had went out of his room to the time he had jumped out of the third story window(2). For some reason, Rin was on the move.

The group ran after Rin as he sped through True Cross, the group following him unknown, like a professional. After some time, Rin had stopped at a bus stop and boarded the bus which was to the city boarder, near the slums.

"Why would Rin need to go so close to the boarder?" Izumo thought out loud.

"Who knows? Maybe his girlfriend lives there?" Shima said with a sly grin on his face.

"Moron! What girl would live so close to the boarder? The danger of getting rapped would be extremely high." Bon plainly said.

"Unless she had someone protecting her, someone strong enough that even their presence alone would scare the enemy. Then she would be safe enough to even be in the slums." Konekomaru added thoughtfully, looking down at the ground.

Bon started to shout "That's not pos-"

"It is." Yukio said as he stepped out of the shadows. "It's possible that Rin has been that one strong person protecting her. Every year, on the same day ever since two years ago, Rin would leave the church for a whole night and come back in the morning without a scratch. I would try to follow him every year, but every year I would get lost before I even reached the slums. Don't try to follow him, it's impossible."

"What do you mean the 'slums'?" Shiemi asked innocently, her head tilted to the side.

"Idiot." Izumo started. "The slums are the slums. It's a place were you go if you have a death wish and where girls go to get rapped. The police have already completely given up. Murder happens everyday, and fights start over the silliest things. It's like a different world compared to the city."

"Show off." Bon muttered under his breath, but no one heard him.

"I still say that we go." Shiemi said, confidence in her eyes.

Everyone looked at the blond girl in shock, wondering if she really did have a death wish.

Izumo took out her phone and called a cab. Once in the cab, they sped forward to catch up with the bus, which was long gone. But, fortunately, because of the driver's crazy driving, they had caught up with the bus within a few minutes. The cab stopped right behind the bus as it stopped at the boarder. Bon, who was forced, gave some money to the cab driver and followed the others out of the cab of Hell.

They watched as the bus doors opened and out stepped gangsters, sluts, fighters, orphans, hookers, homeless, and last, Rin. They watched as he pulled his phone out of his pocket, and dialed a number. He put the phone up to his ear and said a few words, looked around, and kept talking to the person on the other end. Rin looked around once more, and started to walk to the boarder. The boarder was a thirty foot brick wall with barb wire at the top.

"This is where he lost me every year." Yukio muttered as they hid behind an edge of a building.

Rin squatted down and flexed his leg muscles, powering up, as if about to jump over the wall. Rin said a few more words into the phone and snapped it closed, then shoved it back into his pocket. He looked up at the huge wall, as if to determine how much power he would have to use to go over, and leaped through the air, only to jump low. In one swift movement, Rin stretched his arms forward and dug his hands into the wire. Blood started to trickle down the wall as Rin pulled himself up over the wall. Once up, he jumped over the wall and out of sight.

"Now what?" Shima wondered.


"The slums, huh?" Rin muttered under his breath, smiling to himself. People milled through the street as he walked by himself. His smile disappeared when he looked down at his hands, Wolf was surely going to kill him. Over and over she had told her boyfriend not to go over that part of the wall, since it was barb wired. The side and back walls that confined the slums that were near the more unpopulated area of the city had lower walls and no barb wire. But the front was faster.

The crimson on his hands and wrists kept bleeding. Either he was to let himself heal and get to the base around noon, or he could forget about it and head to the base then, and get to the base around 10:00. Rin pondered the idea, and then decided to take off for the base.


The base of Laughing Shadows(3) was cold and quiet, except for a room on the third floor, in which a soft humming was heard. Wolf lay on top of her bed, wearing a big white T-shirt and hot pink short shorts, cuddling a purple pillow while smiling like an idiot and blushing. Within twenty-four hours, she was going to see Demon.

Three months ago, Demon had called her (on Crow's phone) and told her that he was an actual demon, but only half. He had told her if she didn't believe him and thought he was insane, he would understand if she broke up with him. She had told him that she didn't care what he looked like, only the soul. But honestly, she was scared. Scared that if he was so different she couldn't even tell if it was him or not. Scared that his own soul was different. Scared of herself. Scared of herself that if she would reject him in the end.

A phone rang behind her, causing her to jump. Wolf tensed and slowly reached her hand into her pillow case for her knife. Wolf squeezed the cold hilt of the blade into the palm of her hand. For Wolf, time seemed to have slowed down. Her eyes narrowed and her breathing slowed, her heart pounding and adrenalin flowing. In a flash of black hair she whipping the knife out of the case and pinned her enemy to the ground, the blade pressed against their throat, ready to slash their windpipe at any given second.

Through the dim light, Wolf's eyes widened as she gazed at Crow, smiling, but fear held deep within his eyes. A black cell phone rang above his head. Wolf reached out and grabbed it, the words 'Demon' on the caller ID. Wolf, hope gleaming in her eyes, flipped open the phone and raised it to her ear.

"Hello?" Wolf said hopefully.

"Wolf, is that you? Its me, Demon." Demon's voice called, his voice hung in the air around her.

"Yeah, its me."

"So, um...ah..."

"Is it true?" Wolf rushed, then, the moment the words had raced out of her mouth, she bit her bottom lip, as if bracing for a punch.

"What do you mean?" Demon asked, not sure of the situation.

"Is it true...that you're a demon?"

"...Yeah, I got fangs, pointed ears, and a fuckin' tail." Demon said with a small laugh, trying to make a joke out of it.

Wolf Smiled at the thought, her boyfriend was an elf. "So, Instead of calling you 'Demon', we should start calling you 'Elf'?"

At that, Wolf heard Demon snicker. "Nah, I'll pass. Besides, elves are short, fat, and they live in the north pole. Seriously, I'm average height, skinny, and I live in flippin' Japan!"

Wolf howled with laughter, it wasn't the funniest joke in the world, but, the way he said it was hilarious to her.

"But, seriously, I'm kinda nervous to see you. Are you sure you wanna see me?" Demon said, as if bracing for impact.

"...Yeah, just get your ass over here. I'm tired of waiting." Wolf said with a bit of humor.

Demon laughed, she hadn't heard his laugh in months. Wolf smiled at the thought.

"Okay, okay. I'll get my ass over there. I'll be there in...What time is it?"

Wolf looked at her water-proof watch. "2:34 am."

"So, I'll be there around...9:15."

"Demon~. Your girlfriend has a knife at my throat." Crow said, almost as if he was bored.

"Good. Bye, Wolf. See ya' soon."


There was a long silence which seemed to go on forever, it was Rin who broke it.

"That's the first time you called me by that name, you okay?" His voice was worrisome, though he tried to keep it hidden.

"Yeah. Bye." Wolf quickly ended the call, shoved Crow out of her room, slammed the door closed, and collapsed onto her bed.

"What's going on? Why did I call him by his real name? Then again, we've been dating for four years now. But...Why?" Wolf whispered to herself as she buried her head into her pillow. Her thoughts swam throughout her mind, as if they had leapt from their rightful place and started to run about.

Absent minded, Wolf started to hum, then that hum turning into a soft song, whispered into the night;

"She never slows down,

She doesn't know why'

But she knows that when she's all alone

Feels like its all coming down

She won't turn around

The shadows are long

And she fears that if she cries that first tear

The tears will not stop raining down

So stand in the rain,

Stand your ground

Stand up when its all crashing down

You stand through the pain, you won't drown

And one day, what's lost can be found

You stand in the rain

She won't make a sound

Alone in this fight with herself

And the fears whispering that if she stands, she'll fall down

She wants to be found

The only way out is through everything she's running from

Wants to give up and lie down

So stand in the rain

Stand your ground

Stand up when its all crashing down

You stand through the pain, you won't drown

And one day, what's lost can be found

You stand in the rain" (4)

A few minutes later, the soft sound of Wolf's snoring filled the room. The sun raised and the chill in the room was slowly warmed.


As Rin weaved through the dark alleyways, and he was closely followed by his friends, who had climbed the boarder while he was on the phone with Wolf, just for the sake of finding out the truth about Rin. As Rin strolled through the passages, his presence alone had made anyone and anything hide in fear. As he thought this as normal, his friends, who were still unknown to him, gawked. The sun had already risen and a large cement building loomed in the distance, cover in blood splotches. Little did the Esquires know, that they were nearing the once best gang base in history of the slums and underground. (5)

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