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"You didn't know who I was," Bruce pointed a fork at Katherine.

"And I think that was a good thing in the long run," Katherine argued back. "It meant that I wasn't about to ask for your autograph, or be afraid." Steve Clint and Tasha watched Bruce carefully for his reaction.

Bruce sighed a little and rolled his eyes. "You still didn't know who I was after I told you my full name." He seemed to ignore the afraid comment, and now the three were wondering how serious Bruce actually was with this girl. Thor, Tony and Loki had a pretty good idea.

"I'm a baby doctor," Katherine laughed. "I don't pay attention to every person who does an experiment on themselves. Now maybe if you would have come to my clinic at the time pregnant because of the it, then I would have known your name."

"You have to tell us about the time you found out he was an Avenger," Tasha told her. "I wanna hear how that went."

"No!" Bruce yelled at the same time Katherine said, "Okay!" Bruce groaned.

Kat looked in the mirror one more time, messing with her hair and sighed. "It's just coffee, you silly girl. You're over dressed." She groaned then walked out of the bathroom and back into the cafe proper. She sat down at one of the tables and pulled out a tablet to check her emails.

She glanced outside and blinked when she saw some people running by. There was a large crack and the ground started to shake a little. Some people ran inside, and a minute later Katherine saw several Doom bots crashing along the street. Her eyes widened as she got up from the table.

A couple more Doom bots appeared on the streets as she more people went running by. The glass of the windows shattered when the bots started firing up and past the cafe. She covered his head and backed up a little. Katherine looked out and saw a woman running holding onto her young daughter. She tripped over some debris from a couple of destroyed bots as a few more set their sights on her.

Without thinking Katherine hopped through the window and grabbed the woman's arm, pulling them both up quickly. "Get inside, hurry," she said as she pushed them towards the cafe. Some of the men inside quickly grabbed them and pulled them in. Katherine grabbed her bag and hit one of the bots that had gotten two close, but it didn't phase it in the slightest. She ducked when a laser suddenly hit the bots around her and she ducked.

"It's not so safe on the streets," she looked up and saw a red and gold suit above her. She nodded and ran back inside the building. ("Hey, I remember that!" Tony exclaimed. "That was right before we went to Italy." There were some groans.)

It seemed that the fight had been winding down and some of the Avengers had made their appearance on the street, but she blinked when she saw Iron Man land by the Hulk. Tony's visor flipped up and he pat Jolly Green's arm a couple of times before holding out a pair of pants. That when she saw Bruce as he calmed down and took the pants from Tony.

"That's how you knew?" Bruce looked at her. "I didn't know this part of the story."

"And for good reason, now shush, here comes the best part." She smiled. "He had called me about fifteen minutes later to reschedule at a different cafe. I had told him that was fine, because I was running late, and had caught on the news that it might not be safe down there anyway."

Having a excuse to change into something a little more casual she walked in and saw Bruce had gotten there first. She smiled and walked over and she hugged him quickly. "Sorry about having to reschedule," he shrugged a little, a nervous smile on his face.

"Kind of hard to control when some robots try to destroy the street your cafe is on," she chuckled a little. She frowned a little and took one of his hands gently. "That looks like a nasty little burn, are you okay?"

"Hm? Oh yeah, just a lab accident," he tried to cover it up.

"Sure you didn't get it when you punched some Doom bots?" Bruce looked at her, eyes slightly wide. "I mean, they are robots, and big muscled hands or not, that's still gotta burn." She let him pull his hand away but she put a hand on his arm.

"Well, yeah, okay, it might have happened to be a Doom bot." He watched her carefully. "And I can't help but notice that you're not running away."

"Well, no," she admitted, shrugging a little. "I mean, this doesn't doesn't exactly change who you are, and I still want-" she stopped when Bruce suddenly learned forward and kissed her softly and quickly. Her eyes were a little wide and she blinked. "I want a few more of those in the future."

"Bruce made the first move?" Tony looked a little shocked.

"You ran out to help someone, even though you could have gotten hurt?" Steve asked, blinking a little.

"Bleeding heart," Katherine shrugged a little. Bruce had pulled her chair a little closer.

"Have you met the Other Guy then?" Clint asked cautiously, not sure who's reaction he'd be more afraid of.

"Only once," Katherine confirmed.

"I wanted to test out the new cell while Tony was in Italy," Bruce told them. "Just to make sure that everything held up, even the door. JARVIS let her in and told her where I was, not like it was the first time she'd been to my lab."

"Obviously not the first time she'd been to the Tower," Tony commented, a little bitter that he didn't know this was happening under his nose.

"Things must have gone well, she's still around," Tasha commented.

"Define, well," Bruce said, wincing slightly.

"Bruce?" Katherine walked into the lab and looked around. "Hey, JARVIS told me that you were- oh." She stopped when she saw the cell in the corner. The door was buckling under the fists of the Hulk.

"Dr Innogen, I would recommend vacating-" JARVIS's voice was cut off when the metal door went flying into the cement wall, sticking there. The Hulk tried to push through the opening but couldn't break the glass around the frame. He started to bash into it and Katherine bit her cheek a little.

She jogged over and stood to the side. "Bruce? Can you hear me?" Nothing changed and she took a deep breath before reaching out a hand and placing is on the big green arm trying to tear the wall of the cell away. "Hey, can you hear me?" She jumped a little, but didn't pull away her hand, when he moved inside suddenly, looking at her. He looked at her and Katherine smiled tentatively at him.

"I uh, I came here to see if you wanted to grab a pizza, or something," she started kind of nervously. "I imagine that you'll need a change of clothes first. And we'll probably need a whole ton of pizzas if you insist on going out like that."

Tony started to laugh, almost tipping back in his chair. Even Loki smirked a little. "I like you, I like her," Tony looked at Bruce.

"You're braver than some of us," Clint said. "A few people still keep their distance when Bruce changes." He glanced over to catch Loki's glare.

"When there is a Clint sized shape in the floor, that is when I shall deign to talk to you about this subject," Loki growled out.

"I'm finding it a little hard to take you seriously when there is a child asleep on your stomach," Clint shrugged a little. "Just saying."

"What's not to like? He's just a little green under the gills, but he's got Hercules beat in the muscles department," she chuckled a little when Bruce hung his head a little. "I didn't have the heart tell him that if they were two different people, I'd probably dump him for his alter ego."

Tony snorted, but noted the way Bruce's eyes lit up when she referred to the Hulk as a person. Yeah, maybe this was the girl for Bruce, his Loki. Tony glanced over at Loki and the god raised an eyebrow at him, a hand on Leo's back as he had indeed fallen asleep on Loki's stomach as he was leaning back. Tony leaned back a little and leaned against Loki's arm as Katherine kept telling stories Bruce didn't want her too.

There was a knock at Katherine's apartment door as she stood in the kitchen, making some food. Glancing at the clock she thought that it was too early for Bruce to be here. "Hang on!" She yelled across the room and pulled the pot from the burner, turning it off. She tightened her pony tail and ran over still in her sweats, tank top and socks.

"Bruce, you're early!" She smiled and he leaned down to kiss her.

"I was kind of forced to come early." He shook his head a little when Tony peeked his head out from around the corner.

"Hey there, beautiful," Tony grinned and Katherine raised an eyebrow.

"I thought we explained this to him," Kat looked at Bruce. "There were going to be no orgies, no three ways, no partner swapping, no-" Bruce put a finger up to her mouth.

"Oh, I'll fix that one day," Tony vowed. "No, I made Bruce come early because I wanted to asked a favor." She could see that Tony actually looked a little nervous now. "I know it's only been about three months since you met us all, but uh," Tony seemed to shuffle his foot a little.

"He wants you to be Leo's personal doctor," Bruce said for him, not wanting to watch him flounder anymore.

"And my own," Tony mumbled. Kat blinked a little. "I may or may not have promised to Loki when he saved me that I would have more of his kids." He looked up at her, same sparkle in his eyes as before. "And then maybe we could try and negotiate a few bed deals-"

"To win your argument you tell me that it would be easier this way, because then you'd know exactly who to call when you start freaking out about when he gets sick," Kat finished for Tony.

"Oh, and you'd get to be around Bruce a lot more often." Tony grinned a little. "There's no way that my son's doctor would living a half an hour away when we're in New York. There's this nice Med Bay in the Tower, and the new mansion being built. And I'm building some condos in Malibu for the rest of the Avengers too, so you could stay there-"

"Yes, Tony," she interrupted him and he blinked a little. "I'll do it." Tony suddenly hugged her and her eyes widened slightly before hugging him back. His hand started to travel down her back and it was Bruce that whacked his arm.

"Okay, well, I'm off, gotta tell the the babe and kid," Tony grinned and gave a little salute before leaving the apartment, closing the door.

Bruce leaned over and kissed her softly. "Now, how's that dinner coming?"

"Better now that you're here to help me finish it," she smiled and slipped his jacket off, pulling him into the kitchen. Now how were they going to keep Tony away them when she moved into the building?